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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-12 05:08:53, as written by Adriac
The ship took off. Jacob sat there silently even as another man began to speak. What a fool, Jacob thought, to be happy to leave this world for a cold, desolate one where domes were required to sustain life. But then again, Jacob was probably the only one here who had seen the outside of a laboratory..or a city full of people living lives that weren't filled with tests and scientists. He missed his home. He missed the girl who put him here.

That's not logical, he told himself. How can you care for the one who exiled you from the face of the Earth? How can you love one who despises you so greatly? And yet the same emotions that led to his downfall were taking over now. That surge of emotions right before tears form in your eyes..that was the only thing that convinced Jacob that he should be crying at the moment, but his empty sockets could not form the tears that would be building up behind the cloth that hid the destruction that had been dealt to him. No, the missing eyes were not the destruction done to him, they were merely the physical representation of the injustice done against his very soul. Logic failed once more and Jacob found himself in terrible pain, the pain of losing everything.