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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-12 07:21:00, as written by Rötshreck
Leon leaned into his desk the PDA sitting on his limp hand in front of him. Six. That was the number posted up on the system, in a month there were six more malformed humans created. He puffed on his cigarette as he looked over the small office room where he didn’t spend a lot of time, the others off wandering mars while he sat waiting for the new shipment. The smoke filling the smaller room quite easily. He looked over the names and pictures that were sent forward before they arrived, most of them were the mug shots that the scientists took when the person became a certain age usually 16-18, and read of the malformations in their DNA.

Katrina -Able to manipulate electronics
Age: 18
Borris- Pyrokinesis
Age: 19
Tildy Bedwyr- Can assimilate metal into her body
Age: 20
Sikes-Able to morph his arms and hands into beastly claws
Age: 18
Ebony-Able to control and manipulate water and fire
Age: 17
Jacob Serrivin-Attuned to the space around him, and is able to manipulate it
Age: 27

It never really surprised him on how much information he didn’t get about the people coming in, he remembered in the past that a man came to mars for being a malformed human, though they never said that he had a fascination with killing people for no reason only to watch their fear and pain, and they see the relief in their eyes when they finally passed on. That was a nightmare, it took him and his team several days to track the man down, and about 4 deaths later they had him and executed him. He looked over at the Tesla rifle that he called his own, they were getting better at making weapons, now, and with a little more time they could probably have the components to build better ones, or even a lab of their own to see if they could correct the malformations in their bodies. He took a hard drag on the smoke and breathed it into the small room, standing and walking to the door opening it and looking out into the small vastness of the dome. Why was he still having pipe dreams? Something he thought that all humans would have malformed or not. He leaned into the door frame as he looked out, it would only be a few more hours before he’d have to take off and get to the new ship. He drifted off into thought….

10 Years Ago
Leon awoke abruptly from the lights turning on, it reminded him of the simulation of Basic. He had been in the simulation for weeks doing the training and what not, though he never went through it in real life he had the experiences, VR was good for that reason. He jumped out of bed thinking that he forgot to unplug himself and realized that it was just the doctor coming in. He smiled as he approached the doctor, knowing that it was time for his vitals to be tested and blood work, it happened regularly, since there were some perfect humans that had failed before he knew it was a necessary nuisance. “So, doc. What’s the training going to be like today, he smiled, he liked doing this stuff, the military was promised to him since he was old enough to talk, if he completed all the training and passed they would let him lead his own men into battle someday, a life of honor and glory. It sounded so promising, he had heard the stories of past war heroes and wanted to be one of them, a man whose name went into the history books.

The training for the day was supposed to be the hardest training, it was the Special Forces simulation, it had been known to test the hardest and run the hottest, it took a lot of juice to power this simulation because it took the longest and had the biggest effect on people, it was almost as if the real thing, pain everything, it all felt real for the sake of the training. He jumped into in ready for the training not knowing what would happen to him. A day into the training, the machine over heated, and began to spark, though no one really paid that close attention to it, they were more surprised at the evaluation of Leon, he had passed some of the training and was well into the more dangerous training, in only a day. The machine sparked one more time, causing a disrupt in the VR, long enough for Leon to wonder what was going on when it exploded into his face. He let out a yelp from the heat, and the hot metal tearing through his flesh, his eyes were closed long before he had seen the explosion, he ran from the flames, and rolled on the ground to smother the flames. How did he still have the will to do all that? He didn’t know, but he heard the door open and the extinguishers go off all about the room. He heard someone say over there, and then when someone got closer he heard what the….. And then nothing. He woke up the next day, his doc in the room looking rather disappointed. The doc explained everything that happened, the accident, and the malformation that Leon had, his abnormal Regeneration. The doc wanted to study it but the head of the R&D wanted nothing to do with malformed humans, so the next day he was being escorted from his cell to a ship destined for Mars. That had hurt him, he wasn’t wanted anymore, but what had gotten to him more was the fact that the soldiers that he was promised were the ones that were beside him going to mars, they had all been malformed in one way or another. No room on earth for anything other than perfect, he snorted at the thought, his hands cuffed. Nothing to do but wait for the end and see what was on Mars.

Leon came back to reality as the Humvee pulled up, filled with his soldiers, he smiled as he flicked the cig that was now dead, he pulled another and lit up again, walking out to greet his brothers and sisters in arms. They were the reason he had made it so far, they had backed him up, given him a reason to carry on, and most of all they had trusted him to make things go smoothly. He loved them for that, all four of them, enough for a firing team. He smiled again, the smoke in his mouth, he had things to fill them in on, and they needed to get ready for the newbies. There were six of them, they needed three vehicles prepped for Trans, they only had a few more hours to go might as well start now.