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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-12 17:44:27, as written by KrazyTigger
Ebony watched definatly as the guards left the room for the final time, leaving them in silence. Last time we'll see those stupid perfect humans. She thought bitterly, flexing her wrists in the iron grasp that held them. Already her back ached from being pressed against the straight-backed chair. Moving her head, she shook her head so that her hair was moved from her eyes. Shifting she felt the uncomfortable sense that someone was staring at her. Glancing up and to her left she saw an almost identical copy of herself. Shocked ran through her as she looked at what could have easily passed for her twin. It's like looking in a mirror! The only difference between them was their eyes. This girl had a more brighter blue than she did, wheras Ebony's eyes were light blue. That is so weird! However, she did not feel intimidated by it. She understood that many of the "perfect humans" had genrations that looked similar. It depended on what the popular look was when they were created. Frowning, she looked around the others, taking in each of their appearances and memorising them with ease. Silence had now engulfed the room, wrapping its tendrils around all of them, none able to find their voice. Fear radiated from almost each of them, but there was a sense of excitement that lingered in the air. Tension was building between them, as no-one dared to utter a word and then...

"What is wrong with you people? Are you going to let them break you? Are you willing to give them that satisfaction? Because I am not."

Her head snapped up at the words uttered from one of the others on board. Glaring at him she realised that the act was pointless, as he was completely blindfolded. Opening her mouth to response, she was cut off by another of travellers, who spoke directly to him, addressing what he had just said and similar to what she had intended to say as well. Instead of adding to his point, she closed her mouth, deciding to keep herself to herself. It would do her little good to get on the wrong side of someone before the journey had even begun. Just as the same man shouted out that he wanted the journey to begin already, the engines fired up. With a rumble the ship took off, pushing Ebony back into her seat. She gritted her teeth, closing her eyes at the odd sensation of going upwards but being forced back down into the seat. After a little while the pressure was released and she relaxed once more. Or as much as she could relax...

So, fellow "freaks", what are going to be your plans for your new life on Mars? I for one will just want to run around, finally not having some closed in steel walls blocking my way anymore."

The guy who had spoken earlier piped up once more, his voice strong and confident, something Ebony certainly didn't feel. Her eyes were drawn to him once more, as she glared through her bangs. Meeting his eyes she allowed herself to relax a little more, her glare turning to a simple scowl. She held his gaze for a while longer, before clearing her throat. She intended to find her voice and speak, after all this journey was going to be boring if none of them spoke. Gathering the shreds of her confidence that she had left, she opened her mouth and spoke. "Actually I intended to land on Mars, gain leadership, arrange an army and then send said fleet back to earth and take it over." Sarcasm dripped on her every word as she continued to stare him through narrowed eyes. He couldn't have been much older than herself. In fact looking around they all had to be around her age, apart from the blind folded one, who seemed much older. She was the youngest there, though she didn't know that.

"Does that sound like a plan? Or maybe I should simply try and lead a normal life, well as normal as you can get on a faraway planet? Either sounds fun, I'm not too bothered." Cursing to herself she shook her head, struggling in her chair once again. She found it difficult to react normally around others and these were no different. You'll never make friends this way! She told herself, as she stopped struggling and fell limp in the chair. Her eyes returned to the man who she had responded to, as she waited for a response. Normally people glared at her, or gave her a torrent of abuse, she wondered if now would be any different. Naturally she was sarcastic and it took very little to annoy her. It was one of the traits that she disliked the most about herself, but it was something that simply could not be helped...