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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-13 01:19:18, as written by MercyKilling
She watched as the last of the soldiers left, her eyes for once not warm. This was not due to any untoward hatred of the men, more that she wanted them gone; if she were caught with her knife now, it would be beyond a failure on her part. The flesh around the wound began to numb, never enough to make the pain bearable. She tried her best to hold still, if she began to shiver or go into shock no one would help her from the ridiculous mess she had created. She hear the plicking of the knife over the grain of her jacket, barely touching as it poked out of her chest. If she was lucky her body would push it out with its pulsing that would soon become convulsing; passage eased by her slick blood. She had closed her eyes for quite some time, focusing her entire being on the feeling of it, drowning out the words that had been spoken around her. Her head swayed, chin resting on her chest as she waited.

When the rocket set off a small scream burst from her lips, she had been trained to bare pain with their torture but the pressure was unbearable. Her fantastic green eyes snapped open as she tossed her head skywards, her glittering white teeth showing as she bared them to the ceiling. The metal that encased them was dull and did nothing to take away from the knife that slide back into her body at the pressure, the hilt pressing against her ribs. In her mind there came the sound of metal scraping bone, she could see the white bone grating against the shiny red silver. Her heart beat as fast as a birds in her chest, thumping so close to the weapon that could so easily sever it from her engineered body. Each metal link that stayed forever half an inch below her flesh tugged in an excruciating manner as they attempted to burry themselves closer to her center, to their safety. Her eyes darted around the room feral, unseeing as the pain came in gentle disquieting waves. Eventually a long hank of hair fell across her vision stilling her to any further movement.

“Can you reach me?” She asked in a now rusty voice, turning to the people that had been placed beside her. The girl had long dark hair, beside that fact she could not see her face. Had she been speaking earlier? She had no idea, it could have been days or minutes for all she felt outside of her skin. She turned to the man on her other side, watching his movements fearfully. The people around her were so different; all broken in her eyes, whether they would see it that way did not matter. Each one seemingly unwilling as any to be in the rocket, wanting to be home or away did not matter, being shut in such a place was cruel. She wondered how long till they would be there now? The guard, her guard had told her that it would only be for a day, if the knife stayed like it was she would be dead or close by then. She reached up to her zip, forcing herself forward into the restraints, a grimace of pain on her oddly natural face. Her hand pressed against her legs and she struggled to reach pulling her zip down. In her mind she distracted herself with the idea of such a symmetrical face, they were all so perfect looking, so unnatural from how she had been taught and made. Eventually she reached the zip, pulling it down with a swift smooth movement.

“Can you reach and pull it out?” The words were thin, barely heard above the heavy roar of the engines. The dirty white cammie beneath it was stained with her blood, red pooling where it met her jacket. She tried her best to smile at the two beside her, they would have to brave if they were to take it out. If they were not then they would be too skittish and cut themselves trying to take it out; she did not want to cause these people pain. She looked up at the ceiling once more, waiting for there responses. The ship had not released them as she had expected, had not unlocked their hands. It left her utterly unable to deal with the beautiful metal that resided in her. Her head rolled down slowly, looking between them in desperation.


Peng stood outside the entrance of the domes, where the ship would soon be landing. The long bandages that made his hair blew before his token eyes but did not blind him, only blocked his grey cogged eyes. He had been sent by the beast people to be their symbol and show them what kind and welcoming people they were. His cotton lips smiled, if he was the most human of them what did that say? Still he walked slowly back towards the main dome, he would give the message to Leon and ask him silently if he could accompany them to meet the new people. Though he himself had never been taught how to be considerate or respectful he tried to act as meek and pliant as possible. As he walked towards the thick glassed dome the bandages came down from his chest, where his heart might have once been and flickered out. Around him they shimmered and flew in the cold winds of mars, slowly forming his arms and legs; as he came close to the settlement the rough cotton became like flesh and clothes. He was the hollow creature with no true body.

When he was finally at the edge and entrance of the glowing dome he stopped, resting his hand against the cold glass. He would wait till someone came to meet him or he was called in, too timid to make the first move himself. While he stood silently for a second, watching the world that he had been born into, always watching and remembering everything. Eventually he opened his mouth, revealing the cogs that twisted and turned inside him; no one knew why they did this, it was not necessary to keep him alive, but spin they did. From his mouth came no sound this time, but inside the minds of all those within range came the soft fluty notes of his true voice. He sang to the silence of his world, mourning the silence of the outside in comparison to the rich empire that had risen within the domes, filled with laughter and life. When his song fell on the ears of the small creatures that resided outside the dome they came closer, revealing themselves from the red dust that swirled in the cold air. A Spoun came out first, thankfully only a young one, as he would have had trouble with a fully-grown creature. Its soft red brown feathers touched his cotton skin as it flapped down to earth beside him. It looked up at him from his knees interested at his song.

“Peng, please come to the inner gates.” The sharp voice came from a hidden speaker somewhere above him and he closed his mouth. He reached down stroking a hand over the little Spoun with gentle thanks, it’s reward for him was a nip to his cotton hands but he paid it no heed. He moved with slow graceful actions, everything about him yielding and gentle, the little creature following him. As soon as the outer gates opened it skittered away, afraid of the loud noise. Such a creature would likely never make it inside these walls as was likely for many of his kind, he was a rare exception and only because he was born in the dome. His bandages rippled around him uncertainty before settling once more as he waited.
(may i add that with your chains on none of you can save me :) please dont!)