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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-17 23:30:26, as written by echored

Zooming through space nearly at the speed of light, ShipX was well on its way to Mars. The blue jets that lit the black sky was leaving a long trail of light. Stars dotted the empty nothingness, creating a subtle beauty unlike anything other. Though the massive ship had sparse windows in the front and back, there was no way the six could see these magnificent views. They were inclosed in their circular room, around their circular chairs. The events that were happening aboard the ship were indeed getting interesting. Tildy, the red vixen of the six, was now free of her disabling cuffs, powers restored. With the restraints off it probably saved her life, the blade being able to mesh with her flesh again.

Richard, the intern from Earth, was fired immediately and taken to prison. The rest of the crew watched in the control room as the hidden camera viewed everyone’s reactions, mixed of shock and anticipation. If hers came off, what would stop from theirs coming off? Luckily Tildy was still locked to where she sat, with the boots that held her to the floor. Another girl was making the scientists anxious. Looking at the file, they determined it was Katrina. She was looking around the ship, up and around the corners, as if she was on to something. Being watched after all wasn’t anything new to Kat. Back at her lab in Germany, cameras laced the halls every few feet. Nothing went unnoticed.

“Stay seated, um..” Katrina said, looking across at the girl who was uncuffed. She wasn’t sure of her name, none of them had introduced themselves. She continued on quickly, figuring names didn’t matter, “The ride might be dangerous.” That was all she said before she quit speaking. Her gaze then looked back to the ground. Though she was interested in how the cuffs might have been unlocked, it still didn’t change the course they were taking to Mars. Sooner or later all their cuffs would be off, and they would be living on Mars. What would she do with herself was something that bothered her. On Earth, she planned on going to a college and doing something in business as a career. On Mars, things would be more than different. Nothing on that planet would be sufficient. Her goals and aspirations would only be a dream unreachable. After all, what was there besides unwanted human experiments...


Hours were passing, each minute adding miles to their distance from Earth. Mars was in the distance. It was only a tiny bright dot, but at the rate the ship was flying, they would be there shortly. Katrina’s stomach as empty, the lack of her three daily meals getting to her. When she would get to Mars, she only hoped they had similar food to what she has had on Earth, in her lab. If they were forced to eat bugs on Mars or anything of that sort, Katrina would hate her life tenfold more than she already did.