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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-19 00:35:40, as written by MercyKilling
Tildy let out a gasp of shock as she fell, eyes wide as she rushed to put her arms out before her, minimizing the blow. Her elbows hit the floor with such force as to jar them painfully, skidding up she landed chest first, knocking her head. With the air pushed from her lungs it was too painful to scream, the knife digging into her ribs; wanting to meet her heart. She lay there on the floor gasping for a few minutes, her mind attempting to muddle through the chemicals that now flooded it. She need to calm down, this was little worse than the pain she had succeeded to bare while they tested her abilities, though her body had enjoyed it no less. She took deep shuddering breaths turning to her side. The noises around her seem dizzyingly loud, echoing through her mind like ancient drums of war; making her heart pound. Slowly she came back to her body, rather than swimming in a sea of chemicals telling her the thing she inhabited was in pain.

Slowly she tried to get up, one of the restraints clicking free of her wrist as she propped herself up. She looked down at it in awe, now kneeling and sitting back on her heals; still captured painfully in the boots. The cuffs swung free only on one side, but she hoped deactivating the damper on her abilities. She reached up with deft hands, flicking the zip down the final click so it parted over her chest. She shed it over her shoulders, not wishing to get blood on her beautiful thing; it had been with her for to long to lose it to blood on her away from her old home. It fell to the floor with a dull thud, muffled by the noises of the ship and people; she paid it no heed. She pulled up her white cammie, baring her ribs without revealing too much. She sucked in a breath at the devastation the knife had wrought on her tanned skin, eyes fixed on the deep gash. She ran her hands over it nimbly, the knife tip sinking onto the tips of her fingers without leaving a flicker of pain or blood behind; clasping the tip of it between thumb and finger she pulled out a knife that measured from fingertip to wrist, made almost wholly of silver; to keep the blood clean.

“Uh, that’s gonna hurt for ages.” She grimaced slightly looking up at Ebony, the pain had already begun to ebb; her body healing over where the metal had been. Her eyes glanced over the girl, her hands reaching out instinctively to touch the person closet to her, trying not to be creped that two long black haired girls were before her. She touched the edge of the other girls chains, hoping to free her of her chains. As soon as her fingers touched the other girls chains she froze, a shiver running down her spine as its effects took over her body, making the metal beneath her tattoos ache once more. She shook her head glumly, pushing herself back into standing, She hitched herself up onto her seat. Her jacket sat over her lap, she nodded in thanks to the second black haired girl (kat). She placed her knife over the back of her forearm, away from the veins it might knick if something went wrong. Her short hair flew up about her face, flickering wildly as though in a gale as she placed her other hand over the weapon. Pushing the knife down into her flesh, her hand was hot as the silver slide beneath her skin, tugging on muscle and sinew as it went.


Peng looked up when the door opened, standing silently at the fare more restrictive force of gravity that was in place within the domes. He nodded to the other man, allowing the final pieces of his heavy bandaging to fall into place for the journey. The dark grey eyes looked round and actually eye like rather than empty slits like normal, he was the ambassador; he had to look good enough to make the new batch to want to trade with his kind. His gears ground where his heart should have been, he was nervous; they always asked what was wrong with him to be called a beast, most did not like him afterwards. With smooth weightless footsteps he walked behind the other man, contemplating what he had asked; whether it needed a reply or was more to make Peng feel more at ease; which it didn’t. Peng had never spoken a word, he had a voice in his true form, but had never learnt to use it. Talking would always seem unreal to him, but at least not he only had to use his mind.

“We make sure to know of new traders, it is for the best for us to send someone like me.” His words sneaked into the other mans mind like the hint of mist in the morning sun, uncomfortable for the way he referred to things. “Yes I have not seen Cait in some while, it has been some time since the last settlers.” His voice floated in and out, not really talking to the other man as much, but showing willing to be ‘human’. He stepped up into the vehicle without hesitation, if something went badly today he would need to tell his people and in truth it was unlikely anything would happen to him. He liked Leon, he had at least always tolerated Peng; not as harsh as those who had turned him out as a baby, not wanting something that was never truly there. He was the lost child, ever wandering in the dark of the world. He was humble and obedient to the best anyone would allow him, his heart honest and pure. He looked up to the man before him, not an outcast, yet nor the same as those of the Dome.

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