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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-22 18:45:30, as written by echored
((Lets get the show on the road to Mars! This post will be a tad shorter, just so I can get the ship to land and have the guards come to free them))

The inner workings of what was going on in the ship with the six new arrivals was trivial to the overall picture. Their new life on planet Mars was about to begin any minute. The massive ship roared through the silence of space, picking up speed when Mars was in view. In a blink of the eye, the ship could have travelled 100 miles it seemed. The technology of the shuttle was very impressive, but didn’t it have to be? It was the very vessel that was used in transporting some of the most powerful humans ever created, those of the malformed race. The six on board were only tiny dots to the scale of the skeletal frame of the ship. They would see it in full once they were taken off at the landing station.

As ShipX continued getting closer to Mars, an automatic message was sent to the soldiers on Mars.

“Warning, landing in ten minutes,” an electronic voice sounded over the intercom, on Mar and inside the ship simultaneously. Katrina sat in her seat, still in a very uncomfortable position by the cuffs looked behind her back and hooked to her chair. As much as she wanted to stay on Earth, even Mars seemed better than the pain she felt from the steel digging into her skin. They locked her cuffs too tightly, and the slight pain was gradually making her have a headache. The headache then was leading to slight built up anger. Growing very steadily, her anger was what kept her distracted from the rest of those on ship. Most of them seemed to get quiet after a couple minutes of watching Tildy be free. Soon enough they all would be, and it wouldn’t matter anymore. Instead, Kat’s thoughts collected on how cruel the people might be on Mars. If they all held resentment to the people of Earth, what would keep them from feeling resentment to newcomers landing? She would have to defend herself and be strong when they landed, as best she could.

Her ming also travelled to thoughts of the unknown. What kind of powers did those on this ship with her have? Her gaze rested on each face around the circle, wondering if she should be afraid of them or not. Her power itself seemed like nothing to Kat. She, after all, didn’t even know how to use it, or to what extent could it reach. She was able to open up a highly guarded and locked door, which still puzzled her beyond belief. When she touched it, she could feel a buzz in her finger tips, beckoning her to select the right numbers, the right password. Could she hack locks? Or was it more of an electric ability? The lack of knowledge on her own power made her feel helpless, and still very much like a normal human still. What if it was some freak accident and she was in reality normal, without any powers? Katrina sighed to herself, figuring it pointless to get bent out of shape about it. Instead, she went back to wallowing in her growing anger at the situation she found herself in.

On Mars, alarms began to sound. It was a warning that the Ship had indeed arrived. Those in charge of managing the landing got into their positions, turning on the massive light pad that would signal the Ship on where to dock. ShipX creeped up to the planet, slowing its speed drastically so not to crash into the planet. Those on board were shaken in their boots and thrust around in their chairs at the quick stop.

Leon and his crew were at the docking bay, in place for their routine pick up. As the ship finally halted to a stop, the fuel jets temporarily turned off. A high pitch beep sounded off as a garage type entrance began to raise. It would lead down a hallway to the passenger corridor. Here, a special key was needed to open the door into the circular room of where the six were held.

Katrina’s body slammed roughly to the back of her chair when she ship stopped. Where the cuffs gripped her skin, blood was beginning to bubble up. The land caused the cuffs to cut her wrists slightly. Not enough to cause any damage, but enough to make her cringe in pain and hatred for being treated like so. She looked around the circle again, knowing this was it. They were to be freed on Mars. Would she ever see these six again on this planet? Was this a short meeting until they all reunited one day? She didn’t even know any of their names, so she was leaning more towards forgetting these five. They didn’t mean anything to her, only that they all shared this same traumatic experience of being taken to Mars.

“So this is it...” she muttered, as her ears caught noise of the high pitch ringing that signals the ships opening doors. She would stand her ground, but still cooperate with whoever unlocks her. She would just about do anything to get these damn cuffs off.