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The journey of six 'malformed' humans from all across the globe, created in science labs, are exiled to Mars for their special abilities during scientists' attempt to create the perfect human beings.

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Setting: Mars2010-05-25 02:59:11, as written by Rötshreck
Leon stood there at the docking bacy just outside of it, the loaders and what not didn't tend to like when he walked through the space before the ship loaded, something about the machinery and not messing with it. He couldn't help it, he liked looking at extremely difficult machinery, though he liked how to find out how it worked even more, Cait had rubbed off on him through the years, with her interest in Machines and such, it was now an interest to him, he had built his own rifle after all, he looked at it and smiled, well he had most of it built, Cait had done the rest.

The PDA alarm went off letting him know that the ship was coming in, about 10 or so minutes to go. He motioned back to the small group he wanted his men in their first just in case there was something that went down. He looked to Peng. "Stay out here at first, just in case there are combatants, I'll let them know about you and send them out as we let them out of their restraints." He stepped toward the docking bay and entered with the other 4 behind him, his rifle in hand slung over his shoulder. Now to see what they had coming.

The ship landed and opened, Leon smiled at how much that looked almost like a garage door opening, then the smile faded as he saw the long hallway that lead to the corridor where the passengers were. "Be friendly, but don't let your guard down, now matter what." He didn't look over his shoulder knowing that his men could hear him as they walked, they had done it before and he knew they could do it again. They knew the routine, do their job get things done and they'd be back home in a sense. He paused at the door to the passenger room taking a deep breath and find that calm place, that place where some people would be afraid to enter, but Leon had walked through it tons of time, it let him be cold if he had to, and he didn't know what this encounter would take.

The door to the ship opened as he stepped forward with his little team behind him. Leon stepped into the center of the room looking at the passengers taking in what everyone looked like, trying to put names with faces, some he could some not. He slung his weapon to the side. "I'd take it everyone had a devastating journey right." He caught glimpse of the one with red hair. Tildy he thought, why were her hands free? That could cause troubles. "Either way, in a few moments you'll walk through these doors and into the docking bays, there are paths that will lead to the exit into the dome of mars." He paused a moment looking as if he had a headache. "Life is not bad here, regular food, in a way, living quarters and such." He started walking around the circle behind the chairs, unlocking cuffs starting with Kat's. Making his way around the entire room. "You can release yourself, from your boots, this is how you do that." He stated squatting by Kat's boots and fiddling with it, it coming open after a moment.

I will be in back making sure that no one stays aboard, there is this nasty habbit of newcomers staying on board and blowing the ship up in the process." He stepped back allowing the room to do as they please. "My men will accompany you, the first two will lead you if you want to be led otherwise they're there for show." He smiled at his men knowing that they didn't mind. "There are also a few diplomatic beasts out there to welcome you to the planet also, their appearances are somewhat unique so to just warn you. There are vehicles out there also those are ours to take you to the 'town' so to say, it will be a short ride, or if you feel like it you can walk." He was starting to get a headache now, he didn't like doing this stuff, good thing was there weren't any tears.....yet.

The two male 'soldiers' walked out of the room, waiting a little ways down the corridor for the passengers. Leon still with the two female soldiers. "If you have any questions I will be happy to answer what i can to my knowledge, any pains please talk to Keeley there, she would be my medic. And before you all ask the same question the answer is 10 years." Keeley looked at Leon in a concerned way, she knew he would get a headache and she had the meication for him, though why he didn't ask for it she didn't know. Though she quickly looked back to the group as Leon finished talking.

"You're free to do what you want from this point on," He paused. "Any questions seek me out after you leave the ship and get out of the docking bay area." HE turned to the center of the room, looking at them all, cept for the black haired girl in fron t of him., motioning towards the door.