Outta ThpaceElizabeth

"So you think you know me?"

a character in “Experimental”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


So you think you know Elizabeth? She is a fighter and has been since she was 12. They put her in the ring and she showed promise and potential. Ever since she'd train non-stop, letting out emotional turmoil and pain into her fists. She is known to claw, bite, spit, punch, and kick. Her dark brown hari is uneven and ussaully ends in split ends. she has greenish Gold eyes. Usaully wearing a scowl she throws her opponent off gaurd by her seemingly innocent nature and then brings them down. She stands tall at 5'10 and is willing to fight anyone who gets in her way.


Despite her rough and tough nature she has a very sad soul. She lets out all her inner angst on her opponents and lets them suffer while she takes the title. But the title is empty. No reweardd, no praise. Just a pawn in her owners little game. She fights to stay alive, and dreams of being free one day.

So begins...

Elizabeth's Story