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2x2 then subtract 25 then multipy it by 57.2..... Eh screw it! This is what C4 is made for!

a character in “Exposure: The Hunt”, as played by jericho193

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Gender: Male
Role: Engineer
Age: 25

Square jaw, tan skin, works out. 5'11 in height and 220 in weight. Blue eyes and black hair, just exactly what you see in the picture. What you cant see is the scar going down his brow over his right eye and ending about the middle of his cheek.

For this expedition John is wearing the ECWS layered system. Which is a layers system that includes black long johns, black shirt, black pants, grey liner for the top and bottom, ACU goretex pants cover and a goretex parka that is colored black. He does wear his gloves and liner and also wears a pair of goretex ECWS boots.

Before they go and when they meet in London he is just wearing a blue shirt and jeans.

Coming from being an Army Combat Engineer for 6 years John has extensive knowledge of how to build things, how to move around things and most importantly how to destroy things. Has knowledge of how to shoot and can be very physical. He was in the Army Combatitives competition and knows how to fight.


John can be a fun guy to be around, he likes to laugh, talk, flirt or to just make verbal conntact with someone. But do not piss him off. He tends to forgive but not forget. He also loves adrenaline, thats why he joined the Army and why he is here now.

Likes: Hard hitting football, Fast cars, big guns, bigger explosions, beautiful women, and pandas

Dislikes: Cons, whiners, moaners, etc

Fears: Burning in a fire


Basic enginner pack consisting of various tools and equipment that would be too extensive to put down here and I'd hate to explain what each one does. He carries this in the form of an ACU Level III Assault pack.

Everything else is located throughout his body: 5 flares, Surefire torch with 2 extra batteries, Gerber tanto knife, digital compass, Motorola radio with Bowman headset, emergency kit, and a special demolition pack that consists of C4 and semtex.

Also carries a Kimber Covert 1911 .45 with 3 mags of 8, not telling where this puppy is ;)


Not alot to say about John, average guy. Played college football, decided to join the Army at 19, liked blowing things up as well as building them so he decided to join the Engineer Corps. Left the Army a few months ago. He felt he worked for them long enough. He heard about this expedition and figured he could use the money and the experience so he signed up.

So begins...

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Setting: Antarctica2012-02-09 22:57:12, as written by jericho193
John noticed both of the newcomers, how this wreckless American got here before anyone else he will never know. After some brief greetings John figured the younger boy was the Medic, he didnt catch his name so John named him Medic. The other kid at least introduced himself as an... Amos. He looked tough enough, the medic boy on the other hand... he looked extremely fragile. But maybe that was because he was tall and thin.

David told the crew to go ahead and head down to the crew quarters. John didnt argue, his stuff was getting heavy anyways. He didnt have any questions yet. A briefing would come sooner or later so he would just wait. John entered the door to go deeper into the boat and made his way to the crew quarters. Being the first to enter he took the bottom bunk and threw his stuff on top of it. Using his pack as a makeshift pillow he layed out on the bed, boots and all.