AntarcticaJuno Tochigi

"I don't know about you... But I plan on staying alive."

a character in “Exposure: The Hunt”, as played by Inno

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Name: Juno Tochigi
Gender: Female
Role: The Survivalist
Age: 24
Appearance: Image


Skilled at: Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Weapons; specifically knives, Mixed- Martial Arts


Fears: Being caught off guard, getting locked in a small room
Likes: Silence, Learning, Meditating
Dislikes: Loud people, Being tricked, Being Lied to, Getting caught off guard

Equipment: Knives in both boots, a hand gun, gloves, things given to her by the leader: 5x flairs, rope, harness, torch 2x batteries, compass, duffle bag

Back-story: Juno is an only child. Raised to be strong by a marine father, and intelligent by a neurosurgeon mother. Failure was not acceptable in the Tochigi household and Juno learned the hard way... many times.

At five, her father struck her for the first time, by seven she was being treated as though part of the marines. Her mind works faster than most thanks to her persistent mother.
By the time she was thirteen, Juno was surpassing eighteen year olds in SATs and ACTs. She had training days when she would practice for hours on end, finally leading to tournaments with men twice her age and twice her size; she would beat them down... or not eat the entire day.
Juno strived for perfection, so friends were never on her mind. At eighteen she was officially what most claimed as the “Weird One". She was perfectly content with that, seeing as no one knew or understood her to begin with.

Juno by the time she hit eighteen had been to twenty-one different schools. Because she got into so much fights and hurt so many people.
She still lives with her parents, seeing no reason to leave when the pool house is hers only.


So begins...

Juno Tochigi's Story