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Adventures seldom turn out as planned, especially when your trapped in a facility miles underground in the Arctic.

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Setting: Antarctica2012-02-09 01:14:17, as written by jericho193
Moving at what seemed to be the speed of a locomotive, the red blur was approaching John. John moved to the right by a step and stuck out his left foot at the last second. The blur cursed and tripped over John's foot. It continued to move forward but without the lower half, thus tumbling towards the floor as well as taking out everything else that was in its way. Which included a wood table, a couple of chairs, his drunk buddy and a couple glasses of whatever they were drinking. Dazed the man wearing red looked up at John and held up a fist just before dropping his head back to the floor knocking himself out.

John shook his head and said out loud to the leggy British blonde standing next to him," I was just complimenting your skirt, why would your boyfriend do that?"
In her British accent she looked at John and replied," One, he is not my partner. He is just some bloke who has wanted me since 4th grade. And two, for being a rather rash American you handled that quite well," She went a little closer to John and put her right hand on his left pec," So are you going to try and seduce me by buying a drink?"
"Well I was just gonna flirt with ya and I really don't drink anyways. I was just passing by looking for a... Shamus O'Donnaly. Do you know him?"
" Oh... He is my brother, he owns the bar. Whenever you're done with him let me know. Because I have some business with you that I want you to take care of..." She said with a wink as she went behind the bar counter and into a door.

John shook his head and thought to himself "Why do they always have to have smoking hot sisters?" He looked back at the unconscious man and chuckled as Shamus came out.
" You bloody yank! Coming into my bar causing a fight and trying to be fresh with my sister?! Who do you think you are!" Shamus yelled as he pointed a handgun at John.
"I'm the guy who dragged your ungrateful ass out of Lebanon!"
Shamus laughed and came closer to John and embraced him in a bear hug. As John was getting the air squeezed out of him he noticed his sister licking a sucker and winked at John. Shamus continued "Well I had a tough time locating a .45 with what you wanted but I found it! Here she is! Clean, oiled and ready for some balls to the wall action!"
John replied "Thanks Shamsy! So what do I owe ya? 2000?"
"For you? Just 200, it wasn't that hard to get."
"Shams you're kidding me, let me at least give you 1G."
"Naw, it's the least I could do sense Lebanon and that's really not enough either!"
After pulling out his Expedition wallet John gave him 300, hoping he wouldn't notice the extra bill. Because honestly he felt guilty. John was a man of honor after all. Shamus took the money and put it in his pocket. He didn't even check it.

Shamus smirked "Stay for a drink? Lay with my sister? I think she fancies you!"
John laughed "Well you know I don't drink! But maybe when I get back I might have an intelligent conversation with your sister! Well I really got to go! I'll see ya bud! Thanks again!"

The blonde was in the back frowning and walked away as John and Shamus shook hands. They said their good byes and John went back out on the street and entered his rental and drove towards the designated dock. After a few minutes he parked the Ford GT in a hidden spot. Stopped to admire the class of his hot little Kimber 1911 holstered it and grabbed his bags and put a cover on his rental.

John noticed the boat, it said "adventure" on the side and he walked towards the ramp and noticed a man on the boat. John thought "Well this better be an adventure..."