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Adventures seldom turn out as planned, especially when your trapped in a facility miles underground in the Arctic.

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Setting: Antarctica2012-02-10 06:23:36, as written by SinAngel
Dimka's eyes flash as the men surround her in her ripped black pants that go half way up her calfs. She licks her lips her ice blue eyes bright with anticipation. The woman slides of her large, black, and leather trench coat revealing a white spaghetti strap zip up vest over a red tube top that shows her breast are almost falling out. Dimitri tosses her trench coat while pulling out two butterfly knives. The young woman charges kicking one of the three street punks in the face. He gets sent flying on his ass as a crack is heard where his nose was hit. She flips the knives into their least lethal form and attacks slicing across their chests. When she's done Dimka catches her trench coat and pulls it on with ease. She replaces her knives picks up her bags then continues on her way.

As the woman walks she tosses her hair into a high pony tail. She hears a crunch and looks down to see her black, leather, and steel toed combat boots stepping on one of the three's hands. Dimka shrugs and keeps going again as she wonders where she was suppose to meet her new boss again. A sigh leaves her full rosy pink lips as they lower in a frown, as she tries to remember. She walks faster and ends up there after 20 minutes. Dimka watches as the boys head downstairs. Dimka walks out and smirks at her boss. She walks up to him and grins seeing as her file had no picture.

"Hi I'm Dimitri Amar Amit, but most call me Dimka," Her grin widens as she crosses her arms under her ample bosom.