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Adventures seldom turn out as planned, especially when your trapped in a facility miles underground in the Arctic.

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Setting: Antarctica2012-02-10 08:40:50, as written by Lukipyon
Amos frowned when the leader nodded his head towards him. It had been years when somebody had last done that, it was at his mother's funeral. He bit his lip, not now, that's not important right now. Amos fell silent when David asked for any questions, his mind had turned blank for anything of a logical use. H walked slowly down the stairs into their quarters. It was slightly cramped but he couldn't complain. At this point, the rucksack just became too painful to carry around so he slipped it off and lowered it onto the floor. He made sure it only created a muffled thump. He look around at the room, two bunk beds.

He dragged his rucksack to the side of the other bunk bed and sat on the bottom bunk's mattress. The top bunk caused him to lean over. He saw that the Engineer had already claimed the other bottom bunk and the Medic had just traveled downstairs. Suggesting by his cheery tone, he expected the Medic, who had no introduced himself as Aiden, to be a rather naive figure. He couldn't tolerate those kind of people, but he thought it was unreasonable to assume such things and then suddenly have grudge against a team member at such an early stage.

He ignored the last statement and seeing there was nothing for him to say, since he had already introduced himself, nodded courteously and then remained silent.