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Adventures seldom turn out as planned, especially when your trapped in a facility miles underground in the Arctic.

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Setting: Antarctica2012-02-10 20:28:41, as written by Inno
Dark eyes wandered around the area as the leader David spoke; her ears perked to what he was saying.

"The others are downstairs unpacking their things, I suppose you would like to do the same as well as get to know each other?" David asked politely.

“Oh yeah, that sounds about right.” With a light chuckle, Juno nodded towards them both before she focused on the other female and reached her hand out in greeting.
“Hello, name’s Juno.” With another slight nod, Juno released the woman’s hand, paused a moment to listen to the other’s name, then hooked a dark lock of hair behind her ear before she silently followed in the direction David gestured; towards the rest of the group.

She ducked into the doorway, hands pressed against the sides of the entrance, and a smile pulling at her lips as she watched the males silently by the door before stepping in, her boots clicking loud enough to get the attention she wished for from them.

“Hello everyone.” She greeted, strolling easily past them and headed for the beds. She passed a lanky male whom she nodded at, then a very well built male, and finally a silent one that seated himself on the bottom bunk. ‘Bit... young..’ She thought silently to herself.

With a shrug, Juno moved closer to the slender looking person, a smile on her face as she slowed to a pause in front of him. “Mind if I take the top one? I’m Juno Tochigi, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She stuck her hand out and glanced up at the others. “A pleasure to meet all of you.”