AlbionEzio "Ace" Lucas

A hero of Skill, some Will, and more Skill. Mainly The Hero of Skill.

a character in “Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Ezio "Ace" Lucas

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has Brown hair and Brown eyes. However, his eyes turn crimson when using Will. He has white skin and he is about 4'9. He is also very light.

Clothing: He is usually wearing a white shirt and blue pants, along with some black boots. He always has a red hat, and he has a special strap around his shoulder for both his weapons.

Weapons: He has a specially made Pistol called "The Bonesmasher", which is his preferred weapon of choice (and yes it has all the upgrades :D). He also has a hero sword which was made by his father, Argon Lucas, Hero of Bowerstone, and a major Will user.

Magic skills: He mainly uses his lightning and slow time spells (slow time also can also short range teleport him in the direction of his choice. I remember that from Fable 2). However, he can use some more sophisticated Will uses since his father is a massive Will user.

Alignment: Good....mostly....

Personality: Ezio is pretty straight forward. He is a kind and sweet person at heart, and has yet to encounter a tough decision. He wont back down from a challenge, and will sometimes meet danger head on. The toughest fight he has been in so far was against 20 hollow men while searching in a still run down area of the Guild. This notably was also a discovery that there were Hollow men in the Guild, which soon became a problem as they swarmed the place after the unsealing of a doorway. Ezio seems to have a soft spot for Children younger then him, as well as a dislike for large bodies of water, for reasons he wont tell anyone, although the rumor is he was once captured by slave traders whos ship then blew up after almost leaving port, and that he almost drowned.

Background: Ezio is a major skill user, with a secondary with Will. He will use his sword when they get close, but they barely ever get close. His room where he sleeps in the Guild is decorated with Trophies. The Bottom shelf of his Trophy case would be for his though, which contains few, but still some. One of them is his Guild Seal, allowing his father or anyone else with a Guild seal or is in the guild to contact him. Another would be the skull of a paticularly nasty Hollow Man that he got trapped in a room with. He also has a key in there, but he wont tell anyone what it is for. His father, who has achieved the title "Hero of Bowerstone, is also a massive will user. He was one of the few heros to return to Albion and re open The Hero Guild. Ezio knows however that his father is nearing the end of his life, and knows that everyone is expecting him to carry on as the New hero of Bowerstone. Lately most of his quests have been in Bowerstone and its area. Lately he has found himself aiding architects exploring the Catacombs underneath Bowerstone, as it provides the most enemies, money, and experience of most places at the moment.

Ezio knows Bowerstone like the back of his hand. He has only one person that he is careful of, one person that is his rival, occasional enemy, and the person he has angered most. Reaver. After destroying his plans of forcing everyone in Bowerstone to buy his goods and no one elses, nearly costing him his deal with The Shadow Court, and stopping him on a few other occasions, Reaver has taken one thing the most annoying out of all of them. Ezio is just a good as shot as he is if not better, and Reaver isn't letting that down. While Reaver can still walk through the Guild easily, they will lock eyes if they ever see each other. Unfortunately for Ezio, fighting is Prohibited in The Guild, excluding Hollow Men and other non heroes. Lucky Reaver.

So begins...

Ezio "Ace" Lucas's Story