Lily Oncoraud

"Jack of Blades wont take my victims away because he will be my victim."

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a character in “Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades”, as played by Aniihya


Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lily has long white hair and has red eyes. She is 5'5" tall and still looks like a normal exceptionally pretty girl.
Clothing: A black turtleneck and a long sleeved, short dress, black thigh highs and boots.
Weapons: A huge blackened cleaver and a long rifle.
Magic: Dark and Fire
Alignment: Evil
Personality: She is gentle and kind at the moment you first meet her. But if you get to know her better, she is a cold blooded killer with a passion to see heads roll. Lily is a hero gone psychotic.
Background: Lily was born long ago in a town called Oakvale. She visited the Heroguild where she was trained to become a hero but she didnt want to become famous and left the heroguild and the other heroes behind. One day her help was needed but she refused. A couple heroes marked her as a traitor and killed her family. Soon after she got her revenge but then she became a criminal. She noticed that if she couldnt live in peace, no one should. Then she began to kill people at random and began to love it. But sometime she was caught and she was beheaded in Bowerstone. Centuries later, two men found the necronomicon and found her grave. They saw the words: "Here lies a beauty..." on the tombstone and decided to resurrect her. But when she came as a beauty with demonic powers and a creepy laugh, they noticed they should have read the whole tombstone: "Here lies a beauty with a horrible and brutally corrupt soul. Six feet under is the corpse of the serial killer Lily "The Butcher" Oncoraud." After killing the fools who resurrected her, Lily wandered off into a changed world only protecting the truly innocent and pure people but killing the rest.

So begins...

Lily Oncoraud's Story