AlbionLirriah Beivla

"Size is hardly of issue."

a character in “Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades”, as played by Vio-Lance

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Name: Lirriah Beivla
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Clothing - Lirriah hardly changes from her Armor of the Damned

Weapons - Lirriah's most obvious weapon is her scythe. The massive weapon can make easy work out of even chainmail. However, she carries a flintlock pistol, just in case. It's hidden, behind her back.

Magic skills -
Summoning: Lirriah is the Queen of Hollow Men. She can summon wisps to take the bones of the earth, and fight for her.
Blades - Lirriah knows of the "Blades" spell.
Alignment- Chaotic Neutral - Lirriah doesn't really care what happens to the world. As long as she is allowed to have fun.

Personality - Lirriah is much as her appearance lets on.... A child. However, the hero blood that runs in her viens allows her to be a very worthy foe for her age. She wields her weapons as if they were weightless, and it doesn't seem that her armor is heavy to her at all. She is kind, and actually very eager to see living people in her sancuary...because if they can get past hollow men, then they might could keep her company.

Background - Lirriah was abandoned as a child, said being some sort of monstrosity for having hero blood inside of her. Banished from her home at age 9, she wondered the world, unsure of how to do anything in this world. However upon running into a cave (seeking shelter from rain), she stumbled upon a rather odd shrine.... The blue orbs above her light the cave.... And guided her footsteps untill she was upon a pedistal. Upon it was a crown....wrought in steel and bloodstone. It felt as if the spirits around her urged her to adorn it upon her head....

So she did.

The wisps stormed around her glowing their foul blue aura... and she felt cold suddenly.... And as she turned around, countless hollow men stood behind her. She nearly wet herself. But slowly...they all started to kneel to her, rather than attack her. She soon learned that this shirine lead to a deep cavern, home to the dead that called themselves the "Un-Undead". And she was their new queen. They were thousands strong, and that the reason they hid away in such fashion is because they were the only dead not being affected by the Normanomicon.

For four years, Lirriah was the queen of the Un-Undead, her minions serving her on their hands and feet, bringing them all she could ever want. Except company. They simply killed humans. And she could not leave her sancuary without an entire company of hollow men following and protecting her. What she'd honestly like is socialization with someone whom didn't respond with "We have died to serve", or some comment like such.

So begins...

Lirriah Beivla's Story