Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

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Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

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Jack ran down the hall, and his blade was still at Ezio's neck. If he could just reach his gun. Of course a variety of things happened then. One of which was he picked up the pace. Another is that he then stopped as temple fell right in front of his. And what Lily said somewhat frightened him. But only somewhat. Ok, he was getting really tired of doing nothing. Ezio looked for something that would help. Jack may be restraining his arms, but Ezio had one trick just for that. Ezio tried to toss Jack over him, of course then realizing that wouldn't work seeing as how Jack is stronger. So he just slammed his foot on Jacks. Again, nothing. "Dammit, that usually works...." Ezio thought to himself. Of course, then he thought of something that would work.

Ezio shouted "Its the Hero of Oakvale!" as loud as possible. Jack froze in his tracks, holding both of Ezio's hands in one arm and his sword in another. However, this got Ezio thinking. "Wait, if he wants to kill all of us, why isn't he killing me. Why would he need me alive...." Ezio began to wonder. Of course Ezio decided to figure out the rest later. He jumped up and kicked Jack, pushing himself away and causing Jack to let go. Ezio looked at Namira and then another hallway, and started to run down the other hallway. He could hear that Jack had realized he tricked him, and began to run after them. He turned a corner into a large room with a large Diamond in the middle, and behind it a Cullis Gate.

Ezio picked up the Diamond, and hoped Namira was in front of Jack. He wasn't sure what to think of Lily at the moment. He did know something that would make sure Namira would find her way here though. He took out some dog food and said "Duke, Dinner!". This would have Duke lead Namira right here. Dogs love to eat, and have a great sense of smell. He looked back at the Cullis Gate. He then realized the Cullis Gate was not charged. "Dammit" Ezio said. He sighed, noting that at least he knew how to charge a Cullis gate. It was one of the many things his dad taught him, seeing as how many of the older Cullis Gates were old and running out of Power. He began to charge it up.