Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

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Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

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Setting: Albion2011-01-13 01:24:42, as written by Demented
The smell of the food Ezio had made Duke go rampant as he chased after him. "DUKE GODAMMIT WA- OH HELL NEVERMIND RUN BOY!" Namira said, quickly moving ahead of Jack as she searched for Ezio. With Jack pretty much tailing behind her Namira did something that she hoped would give her and Duke enough time to get to him. She grabbed a small potion of Slow time from her pack and quickly struggled to run and uncap the damn bottle. As soon as it was open she swallowed a few drops held some out to her finger and watched as Duke licked it. Time did actually slow down, except for Duke and her of course, giving them enough time to follow and see Ezio with a very large and profitable looking Diamond. As soon as they made it to where Ezio was the effects began to wear off and they could hear Jack in the distance.