Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

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Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

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Ezio had it about a third charged up when Namira appeared out of nowhere. And then he heard Jack, who sounded pretty pissed, right behind them. "Hold on, stand back" he told her, pausing from charging the Cullis Gate and then focus his attention to the entrance into the room. He put his force into closing the 2 huge doors, and locked them from the inside. Soon, large poundings were heard against the door. "That will hopefully hold him off long enough!" Ezio told her, returning his focus to the Cullis Gate and continued charging.

He had it about half way charged when fire began to pour through the edges of the door. "Well thats not good. Cmon Cullis Gate, Charge up, Charge up...." he noted. He sighed. "Well, i suppose this is still better then that little incident in the Sewers...." he mentioned. Of course he was talking about the time when they had found a map to treasure, only the treasure was buried right under the sewage system, and they were soon attacked by mercenaries. Enough said, a pipe broke, and a bunch of sewage fell right on them. And the treasure turned out to be all topaz.

Ezio then noted "You know, it would be really nice if for a change something convenient happened....". However, soon after the Cullis Gate became fully charged. However, the door stopping Jack was also about to break. "Quick, lets get out of here!" he shouted, running onto The Cullis Gate. Jack then broke through the doors. "You cant escape me! No one ever escapes Jack of Blades!" he roared. Ezio activated the Cullis Gate, and simply said "Well we know you can be beaten, so i highly doubt no one can escape you...." Ezio told him, quickly taking out his Bonesmasher as Jack charged toward them. He shot Jack right in the eye, and then they teleported. But they did hear Jack say "YOU WELP! I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE! YOU SHALL ALL DIE!".

And then, they found themselves at a Cullis Gate right near Aurora. Only then they heard that same voice, a Demon Door voice, say "You got the Diamond! Just give it to me and il open!". Except Ezio decided on a different plan. He then told the Demon Door "You know Jack of Blades is back, and possibly even more powerful right?". At this point the Demon Door looked particularity scared, then said "Sorry, your on your own!" and then opened up. "Well that was easy..." Ezio noted, and stepped inside, then coming out with 10 thousand gold. He then noted "Now lets get back to Albion....".