Fable: Revenge of Jack of Blades

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Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

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Owner: Aniihya
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Setting: Albion2011-01-13 09:48:15, as written by Aniihya
Lily sighed. "I had to stand Jack in the hellish void for 600 years. I am used to him. He even tried to seduce me into becoming the Queen of Blades, but I declined. I hate that guy. But now we are finally away from him. As soon as he's dead I can finally... uh nevermind." Lily said almost telling her plan. "We should maybe go somewhere safe life the heroguild. I havent been there in ages." Lily had only killed three heroes back then, who had tried to force her into cooperation. The other 40 were because of evil reasons.