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Jack of Blades has returned again and wants to destroy humanity out of revenge. Only new heroes can beat him and get rid of him once and for all.

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As soon as the name Reaver was brought up, Ezio had his hand on his gun and was alert. He then calmed down, and noted "Lets at least get to Albion 1st. The docks are this way...." he told them, as he got near the entrance to Aurora. Within the last 50 years since the darkness, Aurora had been repopulated and modernized somewhat. Mainly indoor plumbing. A large statue of the Hero King and Kalin was in the center. He then noted "And Reaver cant be trusted. Ever.". And that was probably the biggest truth ever.

Ezio also realized "Hey, its amazing, we ran itno Hollow Men, Jack of Blades, and a Demon Door, but not Desert Furys. How does that make sense?". As he walked through Aurora, he noticed a variety of things. The first is that they appeared to be making a clock tower in the center of it. Another would be a great assortment of all kinds of music. Along with this a bustling of tourists and stuff. Another would be this one person trying to steal his stuff, who soon got kicked in the face and moments later arrested. its amazing how populated it had gotten.

And then finnally, Ezio turned the corner to the docks. A huge ship that was preparing to sail to Albion in record time was preparing to set sail. Of course, now a new problem arose. Dragging Ezio, who of course remembered he was afraid of the ocean (but just the ocean) onto the boat. Ezio found himself unable to walk. Too many bad memories. He might actually prefer going back and fighting a pissed off Jack of Blades over getting on that boat. Might.