Kim, Min Je "Angel"

The violinist who moved from Korea

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a character in “Face the Music: School of Sound”, as played by ICryForAFamily


Name:Kim, Min Je

English Name: Angel

Age: 17

Grade: Senior

Crush: Xavier Reinald

Instrument: Violin

Personality: Angel is a laid back and care free girl that loves to play around. You can rarely find her with a frown or with serious face on. She loves surrounding herself with friends and being the clown/prankster of the group.

History: Angel was born in Seoul, Korea to an average family. She was raised by her father and her big brother. Her mother had separated with her family thinking that she wasn't ready to have a daughter. For years Min Je tried to find her mother and one day she did. She found her mother playing a beautiful piece on a gorgeous violin. Her bother and her watched at shock as she finished her music, not even noticing her own children. Once they introduced themselves, Raven's mother simply stared at them in disgust leaving the two, forgetting to bring her violin with her.
Since then Angel learned how to play the violin wanting to be better then her mother. She wanted to show her mother how much she missed. She wanted to spit at her face to tell the woman that she would forever regret leaving her family. But the more she played the more she fell in love with the string instrument, she forgot all her plans on revenge and were replaced by love for music.
Her father noticed her talent and decided to bring her to School Of Sound wanting her to be great at her new love. For a while she focused on classical music, but soon she found a rebellious and artistic way to mix her violin's songs with techno beats and other "hip" popular songs.



Image Her Electric Violin

Image Her Normal Practice Violin (it's pink to make her stand out)

Image Her Performance Violin

Image Her mother's old violin (Se keeps the string as a necklace and a piece of wood is kept in side her violin case)

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Kim, Min Je "Angel"'s Story