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Places in Facility

This is a list of locations that can be found in Facility.

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         While still laying on the floor the sound of soft, but uncontrollable giggling sent shivers down Tom's spine. Coming to his senses he could see a light in his room, it seemed to be a television screen. Since he hadn't seen light in days, he was not able to focus his eyes on the screen just yet. Hearing the giggling Tom was sure there would be nothing funny to see, it sounded off. Hearing the giggling continue, Tom got the strong feeling that he was lucky he couldn't watch the screen, and even luckier he wasn't the one giggling. Tom forced himself to continue listening, the least he could do for the person being tortured was to stay strong. The punished person had probably defied the Facility in some way and if his torture would make people more obedient, it would not honour him in the right way. Tom sat back on his knees and squinted his eyes to try and see the TV screen. When he could almost see what was being done to the unlucky prisoner, he could hear that an announcement was coming.

Let this serve as a warning: Do not bite the hand that feeds you. 1926 is less than one day into its punishment. It has earned three. If it dies, it's its own fault for disobeying. We only want the best for you, but we will not hesitate to bring order to this environment. That being said...

As the words end, the light in Tom's cell finally came on after what must have been about 4 days. As the wailing faded away as well, Tom could not help to feel relieved. The lights had never been out this long yet and Tom dreaded the day that the lights would never go back on. Seeing what was coming Tom backed up to the wall that was furthest from the door. The door opened and more food was placed on the floor. Tom did not get a good look at the person bringing the food, but he knew for sure it was not the same guard as earlier today and he didn't hear the sound of a cart this time. The door closed and Tom moved closer to see if they brought him some more grey goo. To his surprise he recognised different kinds of vegetable and even a small piece of meat. Without realising what he did the words escaped his mouth: Thank you....

He picked up the food and moved toward his bed.

... good behaviour is rewarded. Disobedience is punished.

As Tom attacked the food he thought about the words that came over the announcer. Do not bind the hand that feeds you. This seemed to be the motto of the Facility. Kind of the 'Arbeit macht frei' that the Nazi's used for the concentration camps. The motto was ridiculous. If the Facility hadn't locked him up he would have been able to get his own food. He hadn't done a bad job on the stock market, he would be able to live his life without hurting anyone. You can hardly consider me dangerous.

1926 was the number of the prisoner that was being tortured. Tom had been called 1942 by the guards, this must mean that he had a cell close to Tom. Tom half expected that he would have heard something, if it was so bad that it deserved this treatment. He blamed it on the wailing that his cell was still exposed to at the time the disobedience must have happened. What does that mean for me? Would he ever see this prisoner? Or any other for that matter.

The announcement had stated that this was only day one of three of the punishment.If it dies, it's its own fault for disobeying. Tom thought about that. No dipshit, it is not. It would definitely be the fault of the Facility. He hadn't locked himself up in something that was not even worth of being named 'cell'. It was not more then a box. And they were stored away as storage in that box. Although this place had unscrewed a few things in Tom's head, he was sure that he would always remember that his imprisonment and all bearings that came with it was the Facility's fault.

We only want the best for you was the last thing of importance that Tom would put up for questioning. If that was true he again would not be in a box, more in a penthouse in Miami beach. Surfing during the day and partying at night. Surfing, he missed it. He always caught the best waves since he could see them coming before anyone else. Tom's mind went to a better place while finishing his plate. I don't even know if I will ever see the sky again, let alone the ocean.