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a character in “Fahrenheit 13”, as played by WildChildFullofGrace

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Hair: Her hair is chocolate colored and reaches her butt. With straight across bangs and a noticeable sheen, her hair is her pride and glory.
Facial Hair: N/A
Eyes: Crimson
Build: Thin albeit curvaceous
Skin Tone: Typically caramel colored
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Voice: Though her phrasing and inflection is very child-like, her actual voice still has that smoky quality she's never been able to get rid of. See this song: ~.
Handed: Left
Body Markings: Absolutely none
Scar Tissue: Again, none
Unique Body Features: She is known for her unsettling, toothy grin and her creepy, crimson eyes. She always looks like she's brimming with madness.

Adelaide Adams




French (though living in England)

Visual Age
Late teens

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
It's either pansexual or asexual- she's not quite sure. She's yet to really love anyone romantically, but it certainly hasn't stopped her from taking prey to men and women of all different sorts.




Aide is sadistic and childish, two things when mixed together tend to have the product of fuckin' creepy. Her attention is hard to hold as she's easily distracted and quick to bore. The only thing that will catch her attention without fail is sweets, which can be used as a good bribing token to win her over. She's known for doing or saying awful things followed by laughing her signature, sinisterly delighted, melodic giggle. The only thing that really shows Aide's true age is her love and taste of music; it's very often you can see her wandering about whistling, humming, or singing elaborate melodies, usually of concertos or operas. You can tell Aide isn't all there in the brain just by looking at her, twitchy and erratic, all of her movements much too quick and strange, the malicious smile typically painted on her face, the wild glint twinkling in her crimson eyes. Indeed, through her overwhelming psychic powers followed by vampirism, she's gone quite mad.

She's obsessed with playing games, often making up riddles, competitions, deals, and bargains with her enemies. I guess no one ever taught her not to "play with her food". Should she not feel particularly attached to the people she's around, she's fickle and unpredictable, acting on whimsy and quick to betray. However, when Aide is fond of someone, she's really fond of them, loyal and affectionate. "Domesticating" Aide or so to speak is not as simple as being persistent, nice, or kind to her though. She can easily feel nothing for someone who spent their whole life trying to appease her while at the same time follow around a brutish stranger like a lost puppy. The child-like disposition Aide has adopted isn't always present. She'll often switch between cheering like a little girl, threatening to do gruesome things to you, and condescending you while revealing her true, calculative, bright side. Aide lives (er, exists, really) to kill fledglings of the dark. She doesn't kill the innocent, but positively loves to rip fiends to shreds- out of spite, revenge, hate. Before her clan of vampires got their hands on her, she just killed for the sake of killing, her instincts gone out of control. Since, she's learned to control and direct her violence.


  • Sweet Tooth: She adores sweets, specifically hard candies, and can be easily persuaded by using them. Though she doesn't need them, she likes the taste.
  • Tremors/Blacking Out: Whenever Aide is overwhelmed (something that can happen when she either doesn't have enough blood or is getting hit with overwhelming psychic visions) she begins to shake. To outsiders, it looks like she's convulsing with a seizure. Aide is very embarrassed of this.
  • Sustainability: Being a vampire that was turned as opposed to born, she doesn't actually need to eat or sleep. The only thing she needs to keep on chugging along is blood, a pretty easy living arrangement for the most part.

  • Fire: This might be the only part of war that puts panic pumping through Aide's veins.
  • Being Eternally Pigeon-holed: The thought of spending the next three thousand years doing the same thing over and over again- mindlessly working to pay for an apartment then mindlessly killing to ease the pain- terrifies her.

  • Slaying: Pure and simple blood lust to kill the demons that taunt her mind with supernatural vision.
  • Spiritual Freedom: She wants to find a way to cure her faults, get ride of these visions and the need to suck blood for the rest of eternity.

  • Candy: That's right, anything sweet.
  • Blood: Essentially, blood is everything to her. It gives her life, purpose, relief, entertainment.
  • Games: Both harmless and dangerous games apply. When not off exterminating darkness, she's begging the people around her to play with her- with boardgames and dolls and riddles and such. When she is, she's coming up with cruel games for her victims to play with her.
  • Fun: This is a loose interpretation of the word. Many people don't find the same things fun as she does.
  • Music: It soothes her soul. Beautiful orchestral pieces and operatic singing is playing her mind on repeat.

  • Boredom: She cannot stand the mundane and does everything in her power to add excitement to her routine.
  • Losing: She is a very sore loser, as you could probably imagine.
  • Religion: After being cast out of the church when her psychic powers peaked, she can't think of religious worship without feelings of hate arising.
  • Pity: Whenever anyone dares throw their sympathy in her face, she has to restrain the urge to tear their throat open with her canines.

    • Speed: Aide is extremely fast, able to go bounds in the blink of an eye.
    • Psychic Powers: Naturally, her abilities come in handy.
    • Flight: Or, to be more precise, it's more of levitation or floating than anything else. It's a typical vampire ability, not too uncommon at all.
    • Immortality: The gift of immortality certainly has an impact on how much Aide is willing to do.

    • Endurance: While she wishes she could go on killing for hours and hours, she can't fight very long without becoming too fatigued by due to the nature of psychic powers.
    • Blood Frenzy: This might help her kill more efficiently, it also puts her life in danger all the time. When she tastes blood she can't stop, even when danger arises.
    • Defense: Aide isn't exactly the biggest power house. With a large blow, her body practically crumbles. Thanks to her regeneration this doesn't mean death, but it still hinders her from fighting.


      She'll occasionally wear a bow.

      Around her neck is a ruby red pendant on a silver chain that is one of the two keepsakes she still has from when she was a mortal.

      She wears the strapless, flowy black dress seen in the picture.



      Right Hand
      She wears the lacy black glove with sea green trimmings.

      Left Hand
      Same as right, only with a silver dangly bracelet as well.

      Right Accessory

      Left Accessory


      She has lacy stockings that reach all the way to her upper thigh that match her gloves. Furthermore, on her left leg she has a holster that carries her back up dagger.

      Though she'll often go barefoot, she has a pair of black combat boots she'll wear when she's out.


      • Close Combat - Tank: Definitely not Aide's strong point. She cannot withstand heavy damage .
      • Close Combat - DPS: This is what's she's best at. She deals effective blows in between stealthily dodging and evading attacks.
      • Long-Ranged: She's never used a long ranged weapon and has never tried to use long ranged psychic powers.
      • Magic: She doesn't actually have any magic. Psychic abilities and magic are very different.

        Natural Talents
        Vampiric Advantages: You know the drill- heightened senses, flight, ultra speed.
        Being Unsettling: Aide being so unpredictable and creepy often makes the enemy unsure of what to expect from her.

        • Psychic Powers: Including probing other's minds and getting visions for the future.
        • Blood Sucking: Simple enough. She latches onto your neck like a leech and doesn't stop 'til you're drained to your last drop.
        • Silencing her Presence: Aide can hide herself in the shadows and attack unexpectedly rather well, able to be completely still and silent. She doesn't need to breath and she has no heart beat so not even that can give her away.

          • Probing & Mimicking
                Tier 1- Stream of Consciousness: getting flooded with all the memories of a person's life upon touch- very overwhelming
                Tier 2- Tactical Sifting: going through a person's mental recollection and pulling out certain ones upon touch. Essentially understanding the map of the brain and using it to your advantage.
                Tier 3- Nonpareil Enlightenment: understanding a person's being upon touch, including all desires, motives, goals, feelings, etc. Knowing them inside and out.
                Tier 4- Copy Cat: mimicking a person both physically and mentally- doppleganging. You must have touched the person first.
                Tier 5- Morph: taking any particular trait from all the people you've ever touched and combining them to create a new identity .
          • Notification & Manipulation
                Tier 1- Pulse of Life: knowing there's a living being within a 1 mile radius
                Tier 2- Eavesdropper: hearing a person's thoughts within 10 ft
                Tier 3- Influence: being able to control a person's emotions, either calming them or making them more frantic
            Tier 4- Control: making the decisions for a person, though they're unaware they're being manipulated
            Tier 5- Mental Torture: implanting foreign and horrific thoughts, ideas, images, and clips inside a person's brain until derangement occurs.
      • Insightful Visions
            Tier 1- Erratic Flashes: getting random, incomprehensible visions of demon activity either in the past or future. It's not very helpful, usually only making the seer upset or distracted.
            Tier 2- Precognition: seeing relevant visions that show future demon activity
            Tier 3- Track: being able to track one person's future and getting visions whenever their fate is majorly changed, typically by a big event or decision
        Tier 4- Constant Feed: seeing an opponents future attacks in battle just before they act them out
        Tier 5- Complete Insight: getting notified of any relevant future events, either on precious people or enemies
  • Blood Lust
        Tier 1-Super Strength: with the taste of blood, becoming exponentially stronger
        Tier 2- Heightened Senses: with the taste of blood, being able to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel things almost 90% better than before- dangerous awareness of surroundings
        Tier 3- Metal: with the taste of blood, your skin becoming as hard as metal- boosts up defense a ton
    Tier 4- Speedy Recovery: with the taste of blood, healing 60% quicker
    Tier 5- Stealth: with the taste of blood, becoming so fast that everything around you seems to be either paused or in slow motion depending on the amount of blood consumed
  • Call of the Wild
        Tier 1-Levitation: being able to hover off the ground for about five minutes at a time
        Tier 2- Fight or Flight: when in critical danger, sprouting small wings and fleeing- a defense mechanism
        Tier 3- Reliable Wings:being able to sprout bat-like wings on command. Still can't fly very high or for very long
        Tier 4- Learning to Soar: an upgrade of sorts, getting wings that are larger and more efficient- able to carry you as far as you like.
        Tier 5- Pecking Order: being able to call on any winged creatures to attack the enemy

    Weapon Name: Sanglant
    Weapon Type: Dagger
    Material: silver, leather, gems
    Ammo: N/A
    Length: 13 inches
    Weight: 0.48 kg
    Weapon Description/Info: The dagger Aide stole from her dead father's body.



    Special Items

    Regular Items
    • a plain, black purse containing:
      3 flasks, the first filled with juice, the second with blood, and the third with tequila.
      a small velvet bag holding a plethora of candies
      a cell phone
      ID, money, and a passport


    Group Affiliation
    She is the rookie of a clan with four other vampires who basically taught her proper vampire etiquette as well as the path of destroying dark spawn. They have no name but live in the same apartment, though most of the time everybody is off doing their own thing, away from home. They don't see each other all that often because of this but at least a couple members of the group will go hunting together typically twice a week or so. They aren't particularly affectionate and lovey dovey, but they have each other's backs and will save them should they be in peril. They're a perfect dysfunctional family.

    Religious Affiliation
    She has no faith in anything.

    Marital Status

    None of her real family is alive anymore, though she does have her clan that is kind of like family. That consists of
    • Damian Primas
        Appearrance: ~
        Age: 841
        Description: Damion is the oldest in the group. While he is the wisest and strongest he is also the most care free. His lackadaisical disposition can be a nuisance sometimes, but nobody in the group dares to challenge him as he could end them easily and he is the founder of their clan. He's like the brother figure to Aide and he is one of the people she considers special, as he humors her silly requests to play games and is tolerant to her craziness. Damion's old vampire family was killed five hundred years ago by demons and he feels this is his fault. He fights to bring honor to their deaths. When Damion is serious or angry, you know you're in trouble because almost nothing can faze him.

      • Friday Zimmerman
          Appearrance: ~
          Age: 478
          Description: Friday is quiet and nonemotive. She doesn't smile or laugh and refuses to play with Aide. This being said, she isn't mean or cynical... just apathetic and empty. It's almost like she's a ghost sometimes, as she just stands there without talking, pale as the moon. Aide doesn't bother her anymore as she realized a long time ago that she'd never get a reaction out of Friday. She really means well and whenever a person in the group goes missing, she's the first to go searching for them. She just doesn't know how to connect. She hunts darkness only because her clan does, not actually having much of an interest in it at all. Friday and Layre are an item.

        • Layre Yeager
            Appearrance: ~
            Age: 519
            Description: While Layre is equally as stoic as Friday, he does this in a cynical, judgemental, superior-than-thou fashion as opposed to Friday's well-intentioned ways. Layre is hard to please and easy to annoy, and it has become Aide's eternal goal to make Layre as angry as possible. Layre becomes irritated when both Aide and Damion tag team him or goof around as he likes to get straight down to business and despises wasting time. Layre hunts demons out of spiteful revenge as he despises being a night walker and feels it is their fault he is the way he is now. While he likes to pretend that he doesn't have feelings, he is head over heels, sucker-punch-in-love with Friday.

          • Essence Latimer
              Appearrance: ~
              Age: 392
              Description: Essence is the most patient, friendly, passive, and sane one out of all of the clan. She is the clear voice of reason in the group and a mother-esque figure to all of them. When anyone has been injured, she's always the one to care them back to health or watch over them while they rest/regenerate. Essence is always calm, even in the scariest of situations, and is alarmingly selfless to the point where it's a hazard. She is the only one in the group to kill dark spawn to "end their suffering". While Essence doesn't play all of Aide's games (it's not in her nature to be playful), she is always gentle and caring. So while Aide enjoys being cheeky with Damion more, when she needs to be comforted she goes to Essence.


Before Aide was changed, she lived in France with her father, mother, and two younger brothers. Now she's located in Liverpool with her clan.

She works at a candy shope in the day and has fun during the night. She doesn't sleep unless out of sheer boredom.

The First Time
Adelaide Adams lay on the floor with her belly pressed to the carpeted surface beneath her, tossing her legs back and forth while humming a melody that had become one of her favorites. No one could ever touch her heart the same way Shostakovich did. She thought this while sucking on a lolly and trying to piece together a puzzle that Damion had bought for her the other day. A few moments later she was rolling over onto her back and grabbing her face like she was in pain. "Ugh, I'm so sick and tired of being alone in this apartment! It's not fair! Why do all of them go out without me all the time?" she whined, her lips pouting while she rolled around in her own loneliness. Just as she began to pound her head into the carpet, she heard the sound of the window popping open and felt a strong, cold gust wrap around her. Someone had just entered her bedroom. Gasping dramatically, she leapt to her feet in one move and spun around, skipping down the hall until she reached her room with a delighted smile matching her wide, wavering, crimson eyes. When she got closer to her bedroom, she began to tiptoe all the way until she reached her closed door and then crouched down to peek underneath it, smushing her face against the wooden frame. "Come out, come out, wherever you are~" she called from under the door before finally taking the initiative to jump up and snatch the doorknob in her hand, practically yanking her door down.

Just as she did she caught sight of a man with golden eyes just a few feet away from where she was standing, cigarette smoke trailing from his mouth, gun pointed at her. "Did you come here to play with me, mister?" she asked, positively beaming. His response was simple. "No." With that answer, her face dropped, a deep scowl setting on her face. She went over to her dresser and preoccupied herself with a set of Russian dolls- the kind where there's a doll inside a doll inside a doll- and didn't pay the faintest of attention to this strange man. Who did he think he was to break into her room, point a gun at her, and then refuse to play? That's just down right rude. He started talking, his raspy voice drifting about the room the same way the stench of cigarette did now, going on and on about this or that- that or this. Aide really couldn't be sure. "I am Asher Faust, Devil Hunter." This, she latched onto, a smile bubbling onto her clear face. Maybe she should be listening to what the man said after all. She opened the last doll and... low and behold, there was a jelly bean inside! This was excellent! A devil hunter in her room and a jelly bean in her mouth. The circumstances couldn't have been better. "I need your help." the man said and "Alright!" Aide had cried in return, though mostly directed toward the jelly bean. She turned around, now in an exquisitely good mood. She didn't even care about the man's insolence any longer. But, alas, he was gone, leaving her nothing but the stench of tobacco and a very loose understanding of what he had said. Well, if it involved hunting then she was almost positive she would love whatever mister had said in any case. The details probably didn't matter. Details never matter, right?

"...Oh. This ought to be oodles and noodles of fun!" she squealed, dancing about with the taste of strawberry still ransacking her mouth. Perhaps now she wouldn't be the one stuck in this damn apartment all the time.

For a long time, Aide couldn't remember her past at all. All she knew was that she was fueled by an intense, insatiable, unquenchable desire to kill every malevolent spirit that roamed the world. Well, not only the malevolent. She would kill anything, everything, anyone. It didn't matter as long as she felt blood trickling down her throat. It wasn't until she was 60 that her blind rage was interrupted. She had just finished murdering the whole lot of a gentleman's club, all the mistresses and sleazebags included, and she was stalking up toward her next victim. He was a scrawny old man who must've been 80 or so, dressed in a sharp blue suit that looked as if it had the potential to be nice if it weren't on such a pathetic man. Sweat and tears dribbled down his face and into his scraggly mustache, and Aide couldn't tell if his hair was slicked back with grease or sweat. "Disgusting..." Adelaide thought as she dipped down to squat face to face with the cowering man huddled in a mess on the floor, the train of her large, extravagant dress billowing out between the two of them (1780's fashion wasn't known for its minimalism, you know). Her dangerous smile gleamed eerily in the dark, her pearly white canines on display for him to see. Blood lust danced in her eyes.

"Lets play a game!" she cooed in her squeaky, high pitched voice, cocking her head to the side and grinning deviously at him. The old man stuttered through incomprehensible nonsense for a couple seconds before Aide cut in once more. "I'll go through your memory. If I think you've lived an interesting life, I'll let you scamper out of here. You can call the police, write a novel, get famous! Oh, goody, how marvelous that'd be! It sounds terribly fun, doesn't it?" she asked, still positively radiating delight. He barely gulped out a feeble "indeed" and Aide nodded as if she was pleased. "Yes, yes. Indeed. But," she paused here, taking the time to run a finger down his cheek, "if you end up being a boring piece of lowlife garbage, which I expect you will," suddenly here, her voice dropped off, her smile disappearing and her eyebrows darting down to meet her eyes in a sinister glare. "I'll rip your goddamn heart out." Her voice had changed from its original cutesy form to a dual-toned, sinister sneer in a heart beat. She removed her glove and pressed her now exposed flesh onto the man's forehead, letting his memories consume her.

She felt herself slipping away into this man's many years of life, everything he'd ever experienced rushing through her like wind through tree branches. A childhood in Brazil, the death of his grandmother, marriage, children, love, happiness, tears, loss- all very trivial things, really. Until suddenly, one memory slammed straight into Aide as if she'd just run into a brick wall, the images flashing bright stark red in her mind, excruciating strong, unexplainably detailed. Here, the man was about 20 years old and sat beside a young woman in a carriage, the two of them chatting idly. "Dear, I'm scared." the woman said to which he cooly responded, "Fear not, love. I doubt you'll catch the plague now, here in France, after so long of remaining clean. Besides, we're not stopping anywhere. We're going straight through. I bet you won't even see anyone. This place is a ghost town..."

In a flash, the carriage stopped, the horses going wild, heaving in different directions, trying at all costs to escape their bindings. The cart flipped, tossing the two lovers onto the gravel road. Crawling out of the rubble, he turned and saw the most horrifying event he'd ever seen. A family crying out woeful French things the man did not understand were scattered about their front lawn, their house burned down. There was a husband, wife, two children, and a teenage girl. The man was covered in buboes, lumps swelling painfully along his neck and armpits. Two of the children had the same. Their moaning pierced the passerby's mind as sympathy rocked him in waves. Then, a beautiful man clad in black appeared, followed by a woman who was equally as stunning. Beautiful yes, but normal no. The two were bloodied and obviously injured. "Oh, do we have to? You do know I hate the taste of the sickly..." the woman cried, looking at the frightened family with disdain. "Eliade, we need to heal. Stop being such a spoiled brat." and then the two of them attacked like carnivorous creatures, latching onto the man and woman first. Henry could only watch as the two monsters drained the life from the parents of the sobbing children, dropping the limp bodies after they were finished. The most horrifying of all, they continued, swooping down to claim two little boys- twins it looked like- for their own. Dead. They finally went up to the last one, a teenage girl, who at this point was wailing at the top of her lungs. Her hands and clothes were charred from the fire, fear drenched in her eyes. "Shhh, little one. It'll all be over soon. I'm sorry the demons set your house on fire. I'm afraid that might have something to do with us. You see, we don't exactly play nice." The lady declared, taking the struggling girl into her arms with ease, despite how hard she fought. Her long brown hair whipped about as the blonde vampire woman cradled her to her chest and brought her lips to the girl's exposed neck.

Aide's heart hitched. That was her. That little girl was her. She was witnessing how she'd been turned. She was witnessing how her whole family had been mercilessly slaughtered, her house put aflame. It went back to the vision from sixty years prior, Aide being unable to keep it from swamping her entirely. "It's a shame I have to kill such a beautiful girl. Your hair is so pretty, you know that?" she murmured into the crook of her neck before her canines pierced into her flesh and the girl slowly went limp. "Eliade, we have to go. They're coming now." the man demanded with urgency but the pale woman just kept drinking. It wasn't until the man pried her from the girl that she stopped and glared. "It couldn't wait?" "No, they're close behind us." Without another word, the two of them fled the scene. Henry lay there, traumatized, staring at the bloody scene just 50 feet or so away from him for a good while before finally getting up, fixing his wagon, calming his neighing horses, picking up his unconscious wife, and getting the hell out of there. From that day on, he would pretend that the massacre of the French family had never happened. No one would believe him anyway. Still, he couldn't get that agonized look the girl with the long brown hair had out of his mind. Shaking his head, he whipped at the horses until they began trotting away. Finally, Aide was able to tear herself from the man's mind. She stared at him with horror, disgust, rage, grief- absolutely flooded with emotion- and then slashed his neck. It wasn't long before Aide's body became racked with convulsions, the wear and tear of remembering her past taking a toll on her body. She began shaking so violently that he head bashed on the ground several times. She blacked out.

Aide woke up to the smell of cinnamon and the face of the kind Essence staring down at her. "Oh, good. You're awake." she cooed. She could hear hearty laughing in the background (Damion) and a pissed of "tch" sound to follow (Layre). Naturally, Aide freaked out, sitting up abruptly and snatching her hand away from the orange-haired lady's. "Where am I?" she demanded, voice fierce. "I'm sorry I frightened you. You're in Liverpool. I found you blacked out when I checked the gentlemen's club. The place was soaked with blood- I could smell it for miles. Did you do all of that, dear? All of those people?" she asked, concern ridden in her voice. Aide couldn't think of anything to say, so she stayed silent, looking like a trapped animal. Realizing her fault, Essence continued."I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I'm sure I can find out later. Are you alright?" she asked, a smile forming to reveal her extended canines.

And that was how she had been introduced to the clan. Within a couple days, Aide was back to her usual self, her childish demeanor shining brightly. They taught her the rules of being a vampire, taught her that it was more efficient to kill demons than humans. After that day she'd blacked out, she remembered all of her past. Adelaide had been born in the 1720's in France right when the Great Plague of Marseille had struck, the last explosion of the bubonic plague taking its toll and killing 100,000 in the city. In the midst of this all, she was struggling with the psychic visions haunting her at night. Dreams of killing, blood, core, demons, and everything else that goes bump in the night. Of course, they thought she'd been possessed, a child of the devil. Her town had blamed the plague on her existence, like she cursed them all with her dreaming. She had even been exorcised and kicked out of the church. Her family had been forced to move away to a rural area so that Aide didn't disturb the citizens there. They caught the plague in the moving process. It didn't matter that the vampires got them, really. They would've died in the end, after all. When the vampire "Eliade" had accidentally turned her, she had woken up in the yard of her home, the blood of her family all around her. Believing she'd been the one to kill them, she fled with nothing but the bloodied clothes on her back, her ruby red pendant, and the dagger that was her father's. She then dealt with the pains of blood thirst and guilt for killing alone until she had gone insane. That's when her rampaging began, the reign of her mindless murder resurected. She was only lucky enough that her clan found her when they did or else she'd probably still be hacking away at anything with a pulse like a savage animal. Aide swears that one day she'll hunt down the vampire named Eliade as well as the suave man that accompanied her. She will kill them for what they've done to her.

So begins...

Adelaide "Crisis" Adams's Story