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Aren't I too old for this?

a character in “Fahrenheit 13”, as played by Queen of Ice

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Physical Description
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Hair: Whispy and slate gray, rarely pulled up.
Facial Hair: N/A
Eyes: A freckled pale green that varies in different lighting.
Build: Slightly overweight, the stereotypical squat, stooped old woman. However, though she is old and wrinkled, she by no means appears at all fragile.
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5'0" (1.524 m)
Weight: 115 lbs
Voice: Raspy, no strong accent. Sharp and higher pitched when she's very angry, but usually low and calm.
Handed: Right.
Body Markings: N/A
Scar Tissue: N/A
Unique Body Features: Slightly stooped posture due to osteoporosis.

Agatha Gage

"You'd damn well better call me Ms. Gage."




Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation




Agatha's personality contradicts itself. While she demands the utmost respect and insists on proper manners and etiquette, she is just as quick to blurt out an expletive or say something crude. While she maintains the facade of the type of old woman little kids are scared of, she is actually kind with the biting sort of wit that only comes with age.

She has a "seen it all", "been there, done that" attitude, and is rarely shaken. Perhaps it can be accredited to her Foresight, but she is virtually immune to surprise. Even when things she didn't expect to happen occur, it is more of an "Aha" moment, as though puzzle pieces have finally fallen into place rather than true shock.

She can come to care deeply about others, but rarely shows it in the conventional way. Despite how she may treat the people in her life with scolding and sarcastic remarks, she truly would do anything she could for them and is extremely protective.

She enjoys conversation as she has lived alone since the loss of her husband, Arthur, but has come to appreciate silence as well.


Sweet Tooth: Agatha loves candy and chocolate, and is always sure to keep something sweet to snack on with her.

Cane: Agatha carries a cane, though she does not necessarily need one to walk. She says it gives her a certain sense of security.

Losing a Loved One: After her husband's death, Agatha became deathly afraid of losing anyone else she was close to. This makes her more guarded and difficult to get close to, and also affects her ability to think clearly in when someone she cares about is in a dangerous situation.

Protector: Agatha just hopes more than anything that she can help as many people as possible and protect them from harm as best she can.

Candy: And chocolate. Anything sugary and sweet, really.

Children: She loves the innocence of children. However, out of fear of passing on her abilities to another poor child and forcing him or her into the life she'd lived, and simply due to the danger she'd be placing a child in, she never had any of her own.

Disrespectful People: Probably about the only thing that can really throw her into a fit is someone who doesn't give her the respect she feels she deserves. If she isn't referred to as "Ms. Gage", or if her intelligence, logic, beliefs, etc. are questioned, she will most likely spend the next few minutes scolding whoever did it.

Sarcasm: When it doesn't come from her of course.

Cruelty/Aggression: She has no problem with a fight, only with the person who started it. She feels there is always another way to solve a problem than violence, but she is not totally against it. As long as it is used to defend, she has no problem with force.

Intelligence: Whether it's finding out information, forming strategies, or simply giving advice about life, Agatha is undeniably wise.

Tricky: With her intelligence comes a natural ability to "smooth talk" and occasionally manipulate others. People often underestimate her because she's an old woman, and Agatha uses this to her advantage whenever she can.

Old: With her old age come the problems of lack of mobility, agility, and physical strength, along with slight deterioration of her senses of sight and hearing. Luckily, she can usually make up for what she lacks physically with her mental abilities, but at times her physical state and osteoporosis make things difficult for her.


She likes large hats, hoods, or wraps to help her keep warm. She rarely leaves home without something on her head.

Scarf: Occasionally she wears a black scarf she knit herself.

Long, Heavy Coat: Agatha insists on wearing thick, heavy jackets to help her stay warm, and because she likes the feel of the fuzzy linings embracing her. Regardless of the weather, she is always completely cloaked, though depending on the temperature she may opt for coats made of a lighter material.


Purse: For storage purposes.

Right Hand
Cane: Though she doesn't necessarily need it, she enjoys walking with a cane.

Left Hand

Right Accessory

Left Accessory
Silver Watch: Her husband Arthur's old wristwatch. She cherishes it.


Skirt and Stockings: Of course, these cannot be seen due to the length of her coats.

Casual Shoes: Everyday, casual black shoes with little gold buckles.


Psychic Power: Her only effective method of fighting is through her psychic abilities. Physically, she is too weak to wield a weapon in heated combat, but she can use her abilities to wield one fairly well. She will be easily outdone by a master however. If you gave her a gun she'd be able to shoot it, but with poor accuracy. Her best option in combat is telekinesis to attack, and creation of psychic shields to defend.

Natural Talents
Magic Step: Agatha can utilize this ability to move at not only normal speed, but surprisingly fast. With each step Agatha teleports slightly, allowing her to move impossible distances in steps. She is very slow when not using this ability, and cannot use it if she is too tired/weak.

Mind Mimic: Agatha can quickly pick up and mimic an opponent's fighting style or personality. However, she can only copy one person at a time, instantly losing any past abilities she's picked up. Her copied ability is a lesser version of the original and when pitted directly against who she copied will rarely succeed.

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind.

Current Tier: Tier 2

Tier 1- Extension: This power is simply an extension of the body of the user. With it, Agatha can move only objects that she could move herself and with the force that she could put behind them.

Tier 2- Added Force: Agatha can throw objects with additional force, but with the same weight restriction. Helpful when wielding a weapon with telekinesis.

Tier 3- Telekinetic Strength: Agatha can lift heavier objects such as large crates, park benches, etc. Weight limit is around Agatha's own weight. This grants her the ability to use telekinesis on herself to float.

Tier 4- Super Telekinetic Strength: Agatha can lift and maneuver very large objects with power and skill. Weight limit is around that of a car if she is at full power. This grants her the power to throw people/monsters to an extent.

Tier 5- Psycho Crush: Allows Agatha to cause objects and people to implode given enough time to focus. The larger the object, the more difficult to crush, and the stronger the foe, the more difficult to crush.

Telepathy: The ability to communicate with one's mind and hear thoughts.

Current Tier: Tier 1

Tier 1- Mind Reader: Allows Agatha to read others' thoughts and send messages with her mind.

Tier 2- Mind Probe: Allows Agatha to search the annals of one's mind as though it were a library of thoughts and memories. Someone concentrating could potentially thwart her efforts if his/her mind was strong.

Tier 3- Influence: Allows Agatha to use her powers to alter thought processes, project images, and persuade people to do things they might not normally.

Tier 4- Mental Block: Allows Agatha to restrict thought, movement, or action. If the victim's mind is strong, they may only feel difficulty moving and thinking and not be completely paralyzed.

Tier 5- Mind Control: Allows Agatha to take control of a person or creature and force it to do as she wishes. While controlling another, her own body is vulnerable.

Illusion: The ability to create objects and illusions with one's mind.

Current Tier: Tier 1

Tier 1- Basic Illusion: Agatha can use this power to create a still object or person. It dissipates if touched.

Tier 2- Psychic Shadow: This power obscures an object or person in an invisible shadow, making it impossible to see; it tricks the eye into believing nothing is there. She can use this ability on herself to hide.

Tier 3- Moving Illusion: This ability creates a more realistic illusion. For example, a person that blinks and walks, or a flag that waves when the wind blows. It still dissipates if touched.

Tier 4- Complex Illusion: A more powerful illusion, this ability allows Agatha to create an entire scene and project it into a victim's mind. The victim will believe the scene is really happening around them and interact with the people and objects in the scene. However, it is limited by the environment around the victim (for example, if there is not really a chair but the victim attempts to sit, he would fall to the ground and the illusion would be broken).

Tier 5- Perfect Illusion: The ultimate illusion. Puts the victim into a sleep and immerses him/her in an illusion in which everything appears tangible. Extremely difficult to escape.

Foresight: The ability to view the future.

Current Tier: Tier 1

Tier 1- Dream Visions: Visions of the future appear only during sleep in the form of dreams. They are confusing and cryptic.

Tier 2- Random Visions: Visions of the future can happen at any time now.

Tier 3- Fortune Teller: With the proper concentration, Agatha can force a vision to come to her. She can attempt to interpret this vision as she would her previous visions.

Tier 4- Intuition: Agatha now has the ability to sense impending doom and trouble. This gives her an increased ability to judge people's true intentions, make good decisions, and avoid danger.

Tier 5- Clarity: Agatha's visions are now more clear and accurate; they are less cryptic, and it becomes easier for Agatha to determine what will happen.

Forcefield: The ability to create a tangible manifestation of psychic energy. Dissipates if Agatha is not concentrating on keeping it in existence. It can be shattered with force. The larger it spans, the thinner it is and less weight/force it can take before breaking.

Current Tier: Tier 2

Tier 1- Mental Pathway: The ability to create a tangible floor or other such surface out of psychic energy.

Tier 2- Psychic Shield: Allows Agatha to create a stronger forcefield to protect herself or others. Can take a bit of gunfire or a few blows from a weapon before shattering.

Tier 3- Imprison: Grants Agatha the power to trap an enemy in a sphere of psychic energy.

Tier 4- Psychic Mirror: A stronger version of her Psychic Shield, allows Agatha to deflect projectiles and magic attacks. Take heavy gunfire or more battering before shattering.

Tier 5- Psycho Armor: Creates a thin but incredibly strong second skin of psychic energy over the target that must be destroyed before the target can be harmed. Also grants Agatha the ability to sustain forcefields without devoting all of her energy to them (allows her to multitask).

No weapon.


Special Items

Regular Items
Wooden Cane: Just an old wooden cane...
Purse: A large, mostly empty brown purse with a few items such as hard candy, money, and an old photograph of her late husband, Arthur.


Group Affiliation

Religious Affiliation
Agatha has no interest in or thoughts about religion.

Marital Status

Her husband is deceased, she has no children, and she was an only child.

New York City, New York, United States.


The First Time
After the initial shock of having a gun to held to her head in her own apartment, Agatha actually found herself smiling and somewhat relieved that this man was in her apartment. She had been having a recurring nightmare for the past year, and she believed it to be a premonition of this man's visit. A window would shatter, the smell of smoke would fill her nostrils, and all she could see was the barrel of a gun. Each night she had the dream she would wake up sweating with terror and find herself unable to return to sleep. Now that it was happening around her, she found herself unafraid; if the man decided to shoot her, she had lived a full life hadn't she? But surprisingly, he began to speak of war, other people like her, the drunken man that had stumbled into her a few nights ago, things that confused her. What could an old woman like her do to help? Sure she had thwarted a few random attacks from the supernatural… or at least minimized the damage and casualties in her day, but she hardly felt qualified for war.

She closed her window and went to bed. As soon as she closed her eyes, her dreams were filled with bright, shining light, the darkest of shadows, and a deafening noise. She felt herself running, falling… or was it flying? She felt horrible pain, and inexplicable joy. And in the middle of this vortex she could've sworn that damn boy's face flickered for a moment. She awoke the next morning more tired than when she had gone to sleep. Never before had she had such a vibrant and taxing dream. Whatever future the young man offered her, it was certainly… chaotic. She feared for her life and immediately decided she would stay home where it was safe.

But as she sat in her old apartment in front of a picture of her late husband, she began to think. She stared into the eyes of the old man in the photograph and a few tears welled up in her eyes. She had moved back to New York City to blend in and spend the rest of her years in quiet… but would she be happy with that life? The way she'd felt in that dream… it scared her, but she hadn't felt such strong emotion since Arthur had passed away. After a few hours of deliberation, some tears, and a couple hard candies, Agatha began to pack her purse.


Agatha was born in New York City to a poorer family. One night, when she was seven years old, as her family was walking back to their little apartment, they were attacked by muggers, and Agatha's father was shot and killed. The man would have shot her and her mother as well, but watching her father's death activated a strange, and until then dormant, power within her, and she and her mother somehow appeared back inside their home, both shaking with fear and sorrow.

Since that day, Agatha began having vivid dreams and discovering new and strange abilities that frightened her and her mother. Her mother hid Agatha from the world and home-schooled her herself until she died when Agatha was eighteen.

Agatha met Arthur, a rich man eight years older than her, a few years later in a library. Both were researching the supernatural, Arthur due to his genuine interest, and she in vain attempt to learn more about her powers. The two married a few years later and would stay together until Arthur's death.

Agatha began to have stranger dreams, visions of creatures, monsters, and destruction. Then in the news she would hear of strange sightings, mysterious deaths, and bizarre phenomenon that reminded her of her dreams. Becoming aware of so much death, Agatha felt an obligation to do something. She told Arthur she wanted to travel the world, and she began to hone her abilities and learn to interpret her dreams and attempt to stop supernatural disasters before they occurred. She followed her dreams and found ways to protect people, keep them from harm, mostly warning them of impending danger.

When Arthur died she donated most of his money to charities and returned to New York City to live out the rest of her years in a modest little apartment like the one she'd lived in as a little girl, avoiding any more encounters with the supernatural. She's been "retired" for ten years, but still has a decent mastery of her skills.

So begins...

Agatha Gage's Story