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Death is a gift, and to those who abuse it, shall meet Death's Door

a character in “Fahrenheit 13”, as played by Winds Of Fate

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He dresses in black all of the time. Nearly every stitch of clothing he owns is black, apart from two or three outfits that are completely white and others that are various colors, still the majority is black. He doesn’t know why he’s drawn to the color black, perhaps it is because the color holds so many mysteries, but his usual dress consists of black pants, black knee high boots, a black tank top, a black button up shirt and a black jacket. The Jacket can range in length from being short to long and can be made of various materials. He has an array of footwear, but his favorite is the various knee high boots he has.
Hair: Silky in texture, Black in color
Facial Hair: A bit of Upper Lip Hair
Eyes: Soft Magenta (he hides it with contacts)
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Soft Tan
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: One hundred Eighty Five Pounds
Voice: Medium Tone (not too deep, light, and not too high; soothingly subtle)
Handed: Right
Body Markings: Scars from Hunting. Has Various Tribal Tattoos on His Biceps and Triceps. Kanji tattoo on his back that represents Fire.
Scar Tissue: Other than his body markings…None
Unique Body Features: Self-healing and regenerative.

Name: Arely Serggeo Sukira

Nickname: Ary or Sergei

Alias: Black Phoenix

Race: Demi-Being {Nephilim – Half Demon/Half Angel}

Nationality: Chinese American

Visual Age: 19

Factual Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Class: Reaper



Personality: Arely is an individualist who follows his own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although he promotes the ideals of freedom, it is his own freedom that comes first. Good and Evil come second to his need to be free, and the only reliable thing about him is how totally unpredictable he is. Arely is free-spirited and does not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others, but if he joins a team, it is because that team's goals happen to coincide with his own at the moment. He invariably resents taking orders and can be very spontaneously dangerous in his pursuit of personal goals. Arely has specific goals in mind, but the methods of achieving those goals are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable. He is strong willed and determined when he sets his mind to something. He speaks his mind regardless of the individual he is speaking to. Rank doesn’t matter to him, and experience doesn’t either.


Quirks: Has an unusual habit of chewing gum and popping said gum rather loudly.

Fears: Claustrophobia.

Goal To rid the world of those who abuse death. To harvest the souls of the God of Death of whom he serves, and to finally gain back his soul he had given to see his wife one last time.


Loud Mouthed People
Show Offs


Wisdom and Knowledge - His intellect has gotten him out of many jams and situations, so many that he’s lost count. He is a walking talking textbook of knowledge, though he chooses to hide it amongst others. He can adapt to nearly any situation with ease.

Courage - His straightforward personality allows him to bypass danger in his mind, even though danger is always present, but by doing this, he doesn’t have to psych himself up.

Weaknesses: He can’t shoot a gun to save his life. He has trained so long with pole arm and sword weaponry that his skills with guns have diminished to the point that he avoids them at all cost. He has to focus in order to use some of his abilities. His rash behavior causes him to rush into battle, sometimes without thinking, and though it is a brave notion, it ends with him being wounded in some way. He is claustrophobic.


Upon transformation into his Reaper form, Arely will wear a skull mask. When looked into by the living, the mask will cause them to see their death. Aside from this, in his normal form Arely wears nothing on his face.

Nothing.... Covered by the black cloak when in Reaper form.

Normal clothing.... When in his Reaper form, he wears a black cloak that seems to have been torn at the end and covers his entire body. A hood covers his head and shadows his eyes.

Nothing.... Covered by the black cloak when in Reaper form.

Nothing.... Covered by the black cloak when in Reaper form.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

When in his normal form, he wears a holster Belt that is used to harbor his various accessories, however when in Reaper form, he no longer has the belt. It is as if the cloak is a pocket dimension of which he can pull his various accessories from.

Normally he would wear skinny jeans and regular pants, but in his Reaper form, there is nothing that covers his legs aside from the large cloak that covers his entire body. It seems to cast a shadow that prevents his nude form from being seen.

Normally he would wear knee high boots made of a lightweight material. In Reaper form he wears no shoes, and floats rather than walks, though he is capable of walking, and moving at extreme speeds.


Arely is well versed in different Chinese Martial Arts. He enjoys fighting free hand, using his abilities and skill to overwhelm his opponent, but should he need to use a weapon, he has it close by and it does come in handy. He is well versed with his Reaper weapon, so much so that he bewilders the mind of his opponent most of the time. He is well versed in elemental combat.

Remember those Chinese Martial Arts movies where the individual would kick a stool and it would go flying across the room and land perfectly atop another stool or strike another individual and send them flying? Well Arely can do that. Also, have you ever seen those movies where the martial artist can scale walls and seemingly float from roof top to roof top? Well guess what….Arely can do that as well.

Natural Talents:

Assimilated Language: With just a touch or kiss, Arely can learn the complete language of that individual's nationality.

Demon Gift: Because he is half Demon, he possess the innate knowledge and skills of a Demon. As such he can sense when demon are nearby.

Angel Gift: Because he is half Angel, he possess the innate knowledge and skills of an Angel. As such he can sense when angelic entities are nearby.

Expert Acrobat, and a Deductive Intellectual. He has enhanced speed, dexterity, strength, agility and enhanced senses. He has impeccable aim, so much so that a throwing star thrown miles away will hit its target if enough velocity is put into the star. He has extensive knowledge in magical lore and mythology due to the teachings of the Sorcerer as well as the many books he read that belonged to the Sorcerer of which he still owns.


Reaper Form: Like all those who sign up for the job of a Reaper, they're given the Reaper Form. In this form they done a black cloak and their flesh takes on an ashy appearance. They float slightly above the ground and therefore ignore all difficult terrain.
  • Tier 1 - Fear: Whomever looks upon Arely in this form is stricken with fear regardless of how tough or courageous they are. If they gaze upon him too long, their fear becomes permanent and they'll see Arely wherever they look even if he isn't there. He can bestow false fears into his victim's minds and cause them to go mentally insane, even so far as to take their own life.
  • Tier 2 - Dimensional Teleportation: Gives Arely the ability to teleport, but only a limited distance, and only to places he can see. He can open portals and travel between the world of the living and dead.
Tier 3 - Death's Door: This ability allows Arely to summon a red portal beneath the targets feet. Their soul is then immediately sucked from their body and goes straight to judgment.
Tier 4 - N/A
Tier 5 - N/A

Angelic Gifts: His innate abilities that his holy parent embedded in him include control over the element of light.
  • Tier 1 - Photokinesis: Photokinesis is the ablility to manipulate and control light. One can concentrate light particles/waves into lasers and concussive blasts.
Tier 2 - Healing: Arely's body becomes self healing. It will heal, but the time it takes depends on how severe the wound. Mortal wounds take nearly thirty minutes to heal, while minor cuts and gashes heal in thirty seconds or less.
Tier 3 - Natural Cure: Hailing from his Angelic half, with a touch of holy energy, any ailment can be healed.
Tier 4 - Photons: Using light, one could create light fields/force fields.
Tier 5 - Revenge: Calls forth holy fire from the heavens to rain down and consume life. When struck, a victim's energy is sucked out of them and their soul is damaged. It also causes physical damage each time it hits, wearing down the victim's body.

Demonic Gifts: His innate abilities that his unholy parent embedded in him include control over the element of Darkness.
  • Tier 1: - Umbrakinesis: Umbrakinesis is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness.
Tier 2: - Shadows: Can summon shadow creatures. These are goblin like in form and are made out of pure condensed darkness and shadow. They do the bidding of the one who summoned them and can cause harm as well as be harmed by man made weaponry. Only 2-3 can be summoned at once.
Tier 3: - Dark Plasma: Can condense the dark plasma and use it in the form of dark bolts, causing said bolts to explode on contact. The more energy put forth into the condensed plasma, the more destructive and draining it is.
Tier 4: - Darkness: One with this ability can blend in with the shadows.
Tier 5: - Doom: Hell fire surges from the ground and consumes the victim, burning their soul completely. It does no physical harm, only attacking and consuming the soul.

Reaper Vision: Reapers can see souls and the chords that attach them to the body. Using their chosen weapon, they can then severe said chords and remove the soul. However this method requires a lot of focus.
  • Tier 1 - Specter Sight: Allows Arely to adapt his vision to suit the environment.
Tier 2 - Specter Vision: Allows him to see the age of the soul and see how long the soul will continue to live before death claims it.
Tier 3 - Life Line: Needs no focus to accurately slash the chords that attach the soul to the body, killing the victim.
Tier 4 - Intentions: Allows Arely to see the true intentions of an individual. He can sense when someone is up to something, if they are under enchantment, an impostor, if they are trustworthy, etc...
Tier 5 - Penance Stare: By staring into the eyes of a victim, the evil in their soul is completely incinerated, voiding the body of said soul and leaving only a flesh soulless carcass behind. This only works on those who have committed an act of EVIL.

Angel of Death: The concept of death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of history, serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body.
  • Tier 1 - Wings of Death: Black wings sprout from Arely's back and can be used to allow flight.
Tier 2 - Death Ripple: Arely can produce energy known as "death" energy that immobilizes his victims and causes them extreme pain, resulting in unconsciousness unless stopped by Arely. He must touch his victim in order for the Death Ripple to take affect.
Tier 3 - Decompose: Shooting a ray of black energy, whatever is struck begins to decompose rapidly.
Tier 4 - Supreme Age: By touching a victim, he can suck the life out of them and cause them to age rapidly, only stopping when he releases his hold.
Tier 5 - Death: By touching a victim with his "Right Hand of Death", Arely severs the soul from the body and sends it straight to judgement.


Weapon Name: Yama
Weapon Type: Long Range Staff
Material: Titanium
Ammo: Basic Reaper Weaponry.
Length: Around 5 feet in length.
Weight: It has a bit of weight to it, weighing approximately 2.5 pounds.
Weapon Description/Info: This particular weapons can be summoned with a simple thought from Arely. It is his reaper weapon, the weapon given to him by the God of Death. The weapon's name is derived from the Buddhist dharmapala and judge of the dead.


Special Items
None at the Moment

Regular Items
None at the Moment


Group Affiliations: None

Religious Affiliation:
God of Death - known by many names, Arely simply calls him D.

Marital Status
Single - Widowed

Mother – Deceased
Father – Deceased
Wife – Killed in Battle

Origin: Beijing, China

Occupation: He used to be an assassin when he was younger. When he isn’t hunting, he can be found teaching at the local University. He teaches Mathematics and Psychology.

The First Time:
He stood, in front of several hundred pairs of eyes that glared at him, eager for class to be over. He began writing something on the board. An arithmetic sequence. When he finished, he began his lesson. Today’s lesson was obviously on arithmetic sequences and he often loved this part. He wasn’t teaching his normal class today, but a class of high school students, those who would be graduating this year and partaking in a journey to better their life at the University he worked. The spotlight was obviously on him as he explained that what they learned in High School would be further delved into in college. Silence befell the room, but one courageous student raised his hand to ask a question.

“Sir, why do you look no older than us?”

Arely simply smiled and nodded. He looked to be nineteen in age, but he was actually twenty-seven going on twenty-eight and he couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment.

“Well young man, I’ve discovered the fountain of youth and every other year I drink from it to keep looking this good,” Arely replied causing an eruption of laughter to ensue. He smiled and returned to the board. Eventually, the class ended and Arely was left alone. He had another class in about thirty minutes and decided to get a snack from the machine in the lobby. It would only take him a few moments, but he had time.

As he reentered his classroom, he smelled cigarette smoke. This particular cigarette smoke was very invasive to the nostrils and caused him to turn his head in the direction from which it came, but before he could, the lights went out and the door slammed shut. When the lights turned back on, Arely was looking into the eyes of someone he hadn’t seen before. This man was rather interesting to say the least, but what he held in his hand made Arely really uncomfortable. A gun, a very odd looking gun, hung loosely in the man’s grip as he smashed the lit end of the cigarette into the wall.

“Good evening Professor, or should I say Black Phoenix.”

How does he know alias? Who is this man?

“You’re probably wondering who I am and what I’m after right? Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.

Damn skippy you’ll fill me in.

“Do you really think that you’re the only one? That you’re the only one who is able to do the things you do? Well you’re not, there are more of us.”

Wait, did he just say what I think he said? More like me? Well no sense in cutting him off, might as well listen.

“I am Asher Faust, a demon slayer. There are things in this world that go bump in the night Mr. Cruz, and I am one that bumps back. I trust you’ve noticed me these past days on your way here? During your normal routines? In the shadows, vanishing at a second glance? Trust me, I wouldn’t be coming to you if it was necessary.”

Wow, talk about a lot to take in. Demon slayer, stalking, who was this man and why was he here? Recalling back to previous days, he remembered seeing a man but when he looked again he was gone. He looked closer at Asher Faust and noticed him to be the one he had seen so many times before. Recalling the times of his old life, he couldn’t help but sigh. He was a Nephilim, a being that was either half human and half angel, half demon and half human or half angel and half demon, the last of which was the most rare and most forbidden of unions.

“You realize that the world is in danger right? Haven’t you seen the signs? Things are going downhill fast and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse unless others like YOU and I come together to put an end to it.”

He could remember all the glimpses of shadows moving and people coming up missing. Could this man be telling the truth? I think I’ve heard enough now, it’s time for this man to leave.

“I’m afraid I need your help.”

Just then, the door open and the lights in the room turn off. The lights turn on and Arely looks at the door and notices one of his students walking in. He then looks to where the man had been sitting and only saw a lighter. Somehow Arely felt that he hadn’t seen the last of this man. Was what he spoke true? Demons slaying? He’d thought all that stuff belonged in movies. Sighing, he greeted his oncoming students and prepared for the next lesson, picking up the lighter and stuffing it into his pocket.

Arely was born into a world that knew little about his race. He was born from the union of a demon and an angel, or rather a fallen angel. You see this particular demon met secretly with a female angel, one who was part of the holy pantheon. Their union was severaly frowned upon. The angel was cast out of heaven, to live her days in the human realm forever, while the demon was slain by his master, never to see the abomination that grew within the fallen angel’s stomach. When she birthed Arely, clouds rolled in and darkened the sky. Lightening streaked across the dark and winds began to blow. The earth began to quake as if angry at the fallen angel for birthing such a creature, such a forbidden creature. She was killed a year later while trying to protect her son from hunters. All through Arely’s life, he has had to fight or flee.

Soon after his mother's death, an old Sorcerer took him in, informed him of what had happened and what he was when he came of age, and protected him. He was a friend of Arely’s mother and had promised her that whatever happened, he would keep Arely safe. He trained Arely to be able to fight back and taught him both human knowledge and the knowledge of lore. The old Sorcerer’s home was the only safe haven the young man had until he was able to fight back. Here he learned of his abilities and strengthened them. He grew up having no friends but the old man, and having nothing to read but spell books. Life was on a constant routine that made Arely wonder why he was so different from others. Eventually, the ones looking for him somewhat silenced their search for him and he was able to roam free. Still, he has had close encounters with both kinds. Thankfully, he was able to do away with them before they could alert the others. He took up a job as an assassin, and kept it a secret from the old sorcerer, but time eventually caught up with the old man and upon his ascension, Arely was left alone at the age of eighteen.

Never in his life had he felt so alone. His mother was dead, his father was dead, his grandparents were never known and he had no siblings. Eventually he met a beautiful woman while working for a client. He was supposed to assassinate her, but rather than assassinate, he fell in love. This love lasted for many years, even though he had to keep her in hiding. Eventually she too was murdered by the group that hunted his kind. He took on the alias as the Black Phoenix, an alias that has followed him wherever he has gone. The day his wife died was the day he gave his soul to the God of Death of whom he serves freely as a Reaper. He was given the chance to see his wife once more before she was sent to her final resting place. The God of Death instructed Arely that he must obey his commands and do as he instructs and in time his soul would be returned to him.

Even though he was home school by the old Sorcerer, he learned far more than he would have ever learned in a normal school. He went on to get his degree in Mathematics and Psychology. It was a way to keep him occupied and help with the bills and an effort to live a normal life. He has no longer seen or heard from those who hunted him......YET!

So begins...

Arely Serggeo Sukira's Story