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"The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough."

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Rachel Elizabeth Kerr


Physical Description
Hair: Long dark brown hair that appears black in shadows. Falls in very light waves down just below shoulder blades. Hair is very fine, but there is a lot of it.
Facial Hair: None
Eyes:Almond shaped with steel grey-blue iris. Pupils always seem a little larger than they should be.
Build:Tall and lean. There is a very limited shadow of a figure but muscles are lightly defined.
Skin Tone:Just beyond being called pale, but not tan. The skin is a very light “tanned” color.
Voice:A little deep for a female but possesses volume. She has a very thick Irish accent.
Body Markings:Light brown freckles on the shoulders.
Scar Tissue:On her right arm and hand there is a jagged and puckered that is a year old and still a bright pink color and very rough. Her back looks as if it was whipped with 50 lashes. Her left calf has another jagged wound, 4 parallel scars run across her stomach and one puckered scar over her heart where and on her back where she was once shot.
Unique Body Features:None.

Rachel Elizabeth Kerr





Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Devil Hunter



Guarded. Rachel was not always this way, but ever since her accident in Cork, Ireland she sees everything for what it really is. Before that night Ray gladly held to the phrase “ignorance is bliss” and that night took it away from her. The veil lifted from Rachel’s eyes, she goes through life now seeing everyone for what they really are. Including herself. Due to life never being easy and the fact that life truly is a bitch, Rachel bit down hard on life and forced herself to not judge others since she was now something most humans judge on sight if not kill immediately.

If Rachel is considered your friend, she is much more relaxed. She is twice as sarcastic but very witty as well. Even though she is open and cheery when with those she can be herself with, she is a different person when on the job. Rachel is a Defender for a reason, and anything dumb enough to attack an innocent shall receive no mercy from her. Beg or plead, you will curse the day Rachel is sent on your trail.


Clean Freak:Everything has its place and if it isn’t there it will drive Ray insane until it is fixed.
Blunt: Life is too short to beat around the bush so Ray will tell you how it is whether you want to hear it or not.

Loss of Control: Harming an innocent with her own hands. Losing control of her new “gift”.

Guard Dog:To protect the innocent from creatures such as herself so that no others will suffer her fate.

Quiet Night:A good book, a bowl of cherries and a warm blanket.

Trash: This includes people, the filth, peoples left over food and clutter. There is no reason for any of it and she tends to go out of her way to rid the World of all of it.
Dog Whistles: It comes with being a werewolf and the enhanced hearing…
Extremists: Be it religion, politics, food choice or anything else of the sort… Keep it to yourself. No one gives a damn.

Street Knowledge: Rachel learned long ago how to work the streets. Where to go, where not to go and how to handle most fights (Granted, this was before her accident).
Flexibility: Not only can she bend herself in half, she can be in any situation and mold to it to come out on top. Arguments, fights, or a card game.
”Accident”:The night she was attacked by werewolves was a “gift” in some ways. All of her senses are heightened, but especially her hearing, smell and night vision. Not only that, her body is stronger, strong enough to lift 500 pound with some strain, and it gets easier the closer the full moon comes; she is faster than a gold medalist and her endurance is incredible, finally her reaction times are off the charts.

”Accident”:Due to the change that happened a year ago, she is still trying to control her power. It is a lot to handle. Not only that, whenever the full moon comes around she loses control and becomes rather… bitchy.
Breaking the Creed: If Ray hurts an innocent, she become very solemn for a long time. Hating who and what she is and completely distracted. She is supposed to defend the innocent. Not attack them.



Necklace: Ever since she was a child, Rachel wore a silver trinity necklace.

Jacket and T-Shirt: A lose fitting V-neck t-shirt is about all Ray has and her worn dark brown fitted leather jacket. It’s easy to move in, she can breathe in it and it weighs nothing.



Right Hand

Left Hand
Gloves: Fingerless leather glove mainly to cover the scar on that hand and being left handed, she hits with that fist more often.

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

Belt: Dark brown leather belt to keep her pants up and to hold her cell phone case. Maybe her hunting knife sheath.

Jeans: Worn washed jeans. Again, easy to move it and easy to replace when ripped.

Boots: Leather boots that come up half way up the calf and a compartment for a hunting knife.


Hand-to-Hand:Ray grew up on the streets and had to learn how to fight. She never took classes but she knows how to take you out. Maybe with a few “cheap” hits but who fights fair anymore?
Pressure Points: This Ray picked up from an older friend who looked out for her once and a while. Through this friend she knows where one gentle nudge will bring the toughest man to his knees.
Magical Combat: Having her powers for a bit, Ray learned how to used them when needed but she is nothing special with them. They are usually used as defense.

Natural Talents
Accident: Since becoming a Werewolf, Ray is now naturally gifted with reflexes any human athlete would envy. Her strength is incomparable to any human. She is fast and even faster as the full moons comes closer. All of her senses are heightened but especially her hearing, sense of smell and her night vision. Finally, with her change, she has an animal instinct that almost never steers her wrong. Unless she’s hungry.
Observation:Rachel is highly observant and very few things escape her. She will take note of your limp, or your habit to chew a nail and even the subtle movement of your eyes. Because of this, she is a walking lie detector.

Street Smarts: Moderate knowledge in street fighting, or “bar brawling” would be more accurate. That, and she can get any information she needs on nearly anyone.

Werewolf Transformation: As a Werewolf, Rachel has the ability to turn into a Lycan.
Tier 1- She has no control over changing during the full moon and can rarely change on command.
Tier 2-Beginning to control herself more in her wolf state and changing on command is much easier. The Moon is still a curse though.
Tier 3- Rachel can now change on cue but it is still a fight in her mind of human versus animal. She can begin to resist during the full moon now.
Tier 4- The beast and human no co-exist so long as the full moon is not in the sky though Rachel can fight the change but does not always win.
Tier 5- Rachel has full control over herself. She is no longer a prisoner to the Moon; in fact it gives her power.

Regeneration: Ability to heal rapidly from an injury.
Tier 1- There is no disease or poison that is strong enough to attack the body and any open wound will knit itself back together. A paper cut will take a few seconds, a bite/gash/bullet wound will take a few minutes and the scar will go away in a few days unless there is Werewolf saliva. Finally, a broken bone will take a few days but must be physically aligned properly. If cut or injured will silver, the rate of healing will take as long as an average human and it will scar.
Tier 2- Paper cuts heal as fast are they are made. A bite/gash/bullet wound heal in a few seconds, but takes longer depending on muscle damage. Again, scars take a few days to go away unless there is Werewolf saliva. Bones mend themselves in about 24 hours so long as they are aligned properly. Injuries by silver will only heal slightly faster than a human and will scar.
Tier 3- The body will push foreign objects out of the body before it heals and properly realign muscles and bone before healing.
Tier 4- Pain is a rarity now. Dislocations pop right back into place. Cuts knits themselves neatly back together leaving almost no scar so long as there is no Werewolf saliva or silver.
Tier 5- The only thing that can cause any kind of pain or permanent damage is silver and even now, injuries from silver can take up to a week to heal if it is nothing major or life threatening.

Cranial Nerves:All 12 nerves in the brain are extra sensitive and wired a little differently giving her superhuman senses. Her olfactory, optic and vestibulocochlear nerves are especially sensitive.
Tier 1- Sense of smell is powerful enough to follow a trail that is 2 hours old and can pick up on scents so long as the smell is about 40 parts per million. She has 300 million olfactory receptors. Her optic nerve has changed making her red-green color blind and she has a more equal amount of rods and cones in her retina. Due to this her vision in day light is less acute but she will pick up on subtle movement that most humans cannot such as a curtain flicker at 50 meters away. She can also see clearly in a dim room when a human would have to adjust. Finally, her vestibulocochlear nerve has made it so she can hear a whisper (20dB) from 50 meters away. Thus 40dB from 100 meters and so on.
Tier 2- Her nerves are developing and her olfactory can now pick up a trail that is 3 hours old so long as there is a concentration of 35 parts per million. The optic nerve has grown but she still cannot distinguish red from green. She will pick up on a subtle movement from 100 meters away. Her tapetum has grown enough that light will reflect back out of her eyes like any other animals eyes in the dark. Her vestibulocochlear nerve allows her to now pick up on 20dB from 100 meters away.
Tier 3- Her olfactory nerve growth is slowing so not much has changed with it. Optic on the other hand has grown. In a dark room where most humans will have to feel their way around she can see clearly in. Her vestibulocochlear nerve has slowed as well but she can now easily pick up on 10dB from 50 meters away.
Tier 4- Olfactory has slightly grown letting Ray pick up on a trail that is 5 hours old so long as there is a concentration of 20 parts per million. Optic is still ever changing and growing; she can pick up on many shades of gray and see very subtle differences in the landscape that most humans would miss. Her tapetum has grown some more making her eyes more reflective and she can now see clearly on a moonless night. Vestibulocochlear nerve has made it so that Rachel will hear frequencies that humans cannot hear.
Tier 5- Not many smells can escape her now. She can catalog them and know what she smells. A trail that is 8 hours old she can track. Her optic nerve is highly sensitive even though she is red-green color blind. She can see clearly in the dark, very few things will escape her if they move since not only will she hear it she’ll the movement. And there is almost nothing that will escape her acute ears.

Weapon Name: None
Weapon Type: 2 Hunting Blades
Material: Stainless Steele and Stag
Ammo: Stamina
Length: 13”
Weight: 11.7 oz
Weapon Description/Info:


Special Items

Regular Items


Group Affiliation
Acceptance: To be with others who are different is great, but Rachel just wants to become part of the “pack” if you’ll excuse the pun.

Religious Affiliation
For what has happened to her and to millions of others. If someone was really out there watching this, they were sick bastards who need to get their heads out of their asses.

Marital Status

None alive

Listowel; Kerry, Ireland

Guard Dog
As Rachel likes to call it due to her accident.

The First Time
It was just after a full moon, Rachel had fallen asleep naked in the middle of a field in Dublin Ireland. She was covered in blood from her latest kill which thankfully was not a human this time. As she came awake her nose was assaulted by the horrid smell of cigarette smoke. When she came away enough to locate the source of the smell she found herself trying to look directing into the morning sun with a body standing over her and a trail os smoke coming from the figure. Not only was she naked and a man was standing by, but he had a weapon aimed right at her. The man took in a deep breath, taking in the toxic fumes then she spoke.
“Don’t bother moving. It’s loaded with silver,” was the first words out of his mouth. From there he explained that his name was Perish and he was here to recruit her. So, choosing to learn how to control the abilities she possesses and to protect other innocents from her fate, she accepted his request. Under the condition he got her clothing in the next few minutes. He proceeded to throw and bundle of clothing at her that were neatly tucked under his arm at her.

Born a poor girl in Kerry Ireland, Rachel never really had much. She never had a father and her mother died when she was only four. With no other family, Rachel became a street urchin and had to learn to fight to survive. Which she did very well. It took her a year or so, but she quickly toughened up and was able to stay alive. At the age of 6 a man named Patrick O’Neil found her asleep in an alley way. Her eyes sunken in, no shoes and clothes that didn’t fit.

She woke up and found new shoes, clothing and a loaf of hot bread sitting on top. Cautiously, Rachel inspected everything and looked around to see if there was anyone watching. There was. A lean man with dirty blond hair was sitting on a stoop watching her with a smile, his grey eyes curious. Cautiously, Rachel picked up the pile and walked over to him, and asked if they were his. He told her no, that they were for her. It was a start of a strong friendship.

Patrick was a scholar studying anatomy and whenever he had to study he would do it with Rachel, teaching her and helping himself as well. Ten years past and Rachel is now 16 and she takes a job in Patrick’s bakery to make some money and to get herself on her feet. At this time Rachel began to notice that she was changing and she felt things inside her, like a presence inside of herself. It was then she discovered her powers.

Two years later Rachel saved up enough money to stay in an actual apartment and has taken up another job as a barmaid and a few illegal dealings on the side. She gets by like this for years, helping her dear friend Patrick when she can.

Now, at the age of 31, Rachel is still in the same apartment, she is a manager at the bakery and the bar she works at and her illegal operations have also continued and improved. One night, after dropping off a deal, she was walking home, taking a short cut through a path in the woods she takes frequently. This is where she was attacked by 3 Lycans and her life changed forever. The three attacked with all they had, and there was nothing Rachel could do. When she thought she was going to die she passed out expecting nothing but death. Rachel came awake in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. Patrick was sitting by her bed, watching over her with real concern. That was the first time he kissed her.

Rachel recovered at an incredible rate and was back to work 2 weeks later. Her and Patrick were officially together. Rachel moved in with him above the Bakery and thought her life was finally perfect. Until the full moon. Something came over Rachel that night, and she changed, Patrick was cowering in the corner of their room. Out of fear, he went for the gun by the night stand and fired. Not knowing what she was doing, Rachel attacked. And killed Patrick.

That night, Rachel ran away, leaving all she knew behind. Hating herself and what she had somehow become. A year later was when she woke up to Perish standing over her, offering her a chance at something to live for.

So begins...

Rachel Elizabeth Kerr's Story