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"Modern Earth, with a twist."

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Modern Earth
"Modern Earth, with a twist."


It's true, this is the world we live in and have grown to love. However, there is something a bit off about this planet. You have always sensed it, the feeling that there is something inhuman out there lurking. That feeling in the pit of your stomach, that fiction in movies and books, aren't just figments o the imagination. Well in this world, you would be right. On this earth, monsters, myths, lore, and supernatural creatures are all real.
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The shit has hit the fan! The world as you know it is gone. Your family, friends, loved ones -- all gone, never to return... Unless? Unless, you can stop The Orchestrator's and bring the world back from the brink of an apocalypse. It's getting hot out there, can you stand the heat?
Time to prove yourself.


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  1. Team 1 Leader - Asher Faust played by flysociety

  2. Team 1 character - Piotr Illya Kasprivev played by Smokescreen

  3. Team 2 Leader - Marcus Lionel Ballester played by Leli

  4. Team 2 character - Arely Serggeo Sukira played by Winds Of Fate

  5. Team 1 character - Andras Dorchaidhe played by AlexF


  6. Team 2 character - Agatha Gage played by Queen of Ice

  7. Team 1 character - Rachel Elizabeth Kerr played by Apollymi

  8. Team 2 character - Alexander Victorian played by Smith

  9. Team 1 character - Alice Cross played by Kurokiku

  10. Team 2 character - Adelaide "Crisis" Adams played by WildChildFullofGrace