Fahrenheit 13

Fahrenheit 13 Open

In a world, nothing like you can imagine. It is up to Asher Faust and a rag tag band of heroes to save the world from certain doom. Shit is getting hot, can you take the heat -- Dare to find out?

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Owner: Crooked Thoughts
Game Masters: Crooked Thoughts
Tags: angels, apocalypse, campaign, class, creed, d&d, demon slayer, demons, devil hunter, dungeon master, exorcist, familiar, fantasy, gate, grim reaper, gunslinger, hexer, human, last hope, magic, modern, mutant, original, post apocalypse, psychic, race, realistic, vampire, vivid-mind, war, werewolf, witch (Add Tags »)

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Posting Order


  1. Team 1 Leader - Asher Faust played by flysociety

  2. Team 1 character - Piotr Illya Kasprivev played by Smokescreen

  3. Team 2 Leader - Marcus Lionel Ballester played by Leli

  4. Team 2 character - Arely Serggeo Sukira played by Winds Of Fate

  5. Team 1 character - Andras Dorchaidhe played by AlexF


  6. Team 2 character - Agatha Gage played by Queen of Ice

  7. Team 1 character - Rachel Elizabeth Kerr played by Apollymi

  8. Team 2 character - Alexander Victorian played by Smith

  9. Team 1 character - Alice Cross played by Kurokiku

  10. Team 2 character - Adelaide "Crisis" Adams played by WildChildFullofGrace