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Well, it would be sort of like shooting a mockingbird, right?

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Name: Lucile
Nickname: Harper Lee
Age: 23
Personality: a Tom-boy, loves adventure, gets into trouble, acts like a child (laughs a lot, has a bright imagination), tries crazy things like jumping and swinging from trees, stubborn, determined, doesn't mind getting dirty, sees everyone as an equal, things she says don't always come out right (what she says makes her seem rude though that isn't what she meant), over analyzes things sometimes, optimistic, and a learner (she loves to learn new things, thus she loves reading)
Past:Unlike the other kids, Lucile would like to stay outside and look at the clouds or swing upside down in trees. Her parents tired to "fix" her, but she was too stubborn. Her neighbor was an avid, secret reader. Lucile found out and as a bargain for his life, her neighbor made a deal to teach her how to read and learn to love it, if she didn't turn him in. She went over everyday after school to learn, shortly after she fell in love with Harper Lee's book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Her neighbor laughed after her favorite choice saying that she was exactly like Scout. A month later, Lucile found that her neighbor had died in a fire along with his books. Since he was like a father to her, Lucile fled town after finding his burnt copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. That's when she ran into the nomadic readers. She felt she belonged there right away and ever since she has been determined to recruit more readers and save other books.
Birth place: New York, New York City
Books memorized: To Kill a Mockingbird and Arabian Nights
How they've become part of the "Readers": ran away and stumbled upon their camp
Physical appearance:
Weapons: a shotgun and a hand knife

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Lucile (Harper Lee)'s Story