Larke Mavis

"Siren. A funny word, isn't it? It lets on more than one would think, for it's not a blaring noise. It is a melodious harmony that lures one away to their fantasies' desires, and eventually, their oblivion. A funny, interesting word, isn't it?"

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a character in “Fairy Tail: Endless Adventure!”, as played by reveries


Name: Larke Mavis
Nickname: The Siren; Songbird
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18Image
Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'4", Larke has a thin, almost petite if not for her average height, frame that has no great physical strength as compared to more buffer Mages, but to make up for that, her lean body is able to squeeze through small, tight spaces and is easily flexible, with great agility. With peachy fair skin, Larke has a set of eyes that are purple-blue with thick lashes, also having a mole on her left cheek, underneath her eye. She has a messy fringe with long, dark hair that reaches up to her back, that is left down, despite not being good for combat; she allows it out to keep up the delusion that she uses either air particle magic or hair magic - til the enemy realizes that . Her guild mark can be found above her right hip.

Rank: B

At first impression, Larke is seen as an easy-going, apathetic individual, with her soft, dead-panned tone and general lack of caring when presented with a dilemma, when in reality, Larke is quite the opposite than how she lets on - it's just a matter of how hard it is for her to show so. Having an elegant and small flower charm about her, Larke is mostly a logically thinking girl with a naivety towards common sense that could be considered eccentric. Despite apathetic attitude, Larke has an occasional splash of a sadistic side, occasionally saying a generally innocently said disturbing things, having a somewhat macabre side to her, and often points gross or morbid facts.

Usually, in desperate moments when interacting with her fellow guild mates, she expresses moments of wisdom that isn't often seen in her mass confusion whenever she says something that disturbs the others. With the difficulty with expressing her feelings properly, Larke is hard to provoke unless it involves her guild, being mostly calm, mature and a quiet most of the time individual.

Always having a bored expression on her face, her feelings can only be told though her eyes - which reveal all, from bright fascination to dulling boredom. Larke sees the world through a shattered glass's eye, from varying colors and lights, and varied opinions that make her a complicated and yet as well as a simplistic character. When in combat, her apathetic outlook is changed to a more fierce and serious girl who makes sure that she fights and sings with her all with great determination.

  • Long, whip like hair
  • Apathetic personality
  • Her strong, vibrant singing that contrasts with her normal tone

  • Singing at a level above amateur
  • Flexibility; Amateur acrobatics and agility
  • Parkour amateur
  • Enhanced durability
  • Keeping all that hair combed and untangled

  • Singing, humming, keeping rhythm or beats by tapping on surfaces
  • Lemon mint tea
  • The scent of mint and kiwis
  • Music in general ("As long as it's good.")
  • The rowdiness and enthusiasm of her guild and its members; the guild itself
  • Cute, small, defenseless-looking creatures (Though, in her case, she thinks all small creatures look 'adorable', whether it's a rabbit or a tarantula; as long as it's smaller than her.)

  • Ignorance of good morals
  • Overly sweet, bitter, sour or spicy foods
  • Off kept beats; "bad music"
  • Green vegetables (Peas, spinach, broccoli)
  • Those who insult Fairy Tail or Roseluck or comrades
  • Cowards
  • People trying to touch her hair freely or trying to cut it
  • People who stare too long

Magic type: Caster Magic: Sound Magic | Sleep Magic | Transformation Magic

Example of spells: (Give me an example of a few of your spells, and what they do.)
Sound Magic:
  • Songbird's Delusion: Supplied by her singing, as long as there is a sound source, she can manipulate the sound wave energies that travel through air particles to be able to concentrate onto a target - which feels like an air manipulation spell; but really isn't. It is the sound waves in the air that she uses. It has powerful blasts, and can deal out some good damage.
  • Wave Adjust: Using a sound source's waves and changing it, she changes its frequency and pitch, allowing even small hums to be turned into intense and extreme painful noises to the target - either stunning a target or destroying buildings/areas.

  • Sound Tracing: The start of all of her offensive spells; she requires an amount of area that won't be too hard onto her, and since there is always sound energies about and she cannot control all of those particles, she needs a simple space to start with. It can be traced by how far her mind can reach, which requires a huge amount of concentration. It can trace up to a radius at most of 50 feet - her being the center. Once the area becomes secured, it becomes a dome, and she is free to manipulate the sounds within the area.

  • Noise Carrier: A relatively harmless spell, she can carry conversations that require speaking and sound over the waves like a radio wave, and then send it to receivers.
  • Siren's Lure: Her signature spell; being both offensive and defensive, when her target hears the specific chanting that she must sing while casting the spell with extreme concentration, the target is cast under a sleep like daze, and their body is free to become a puppet like thing for her play.

Sleep Magic:
  • Dream Knock:User creates bubble-like bullets, which immediately make the enemy fall sleep.

Transformation Magic:
  • Intermediate Level: Aside from its similarities to the basic level, this level of transformation is used by Mages to change their clothes and voice.

How/Why did you join Fairy Tail?:
She joined to hold a better purpose for her magic and to prove to her idol/mentor/father-like friend that she can be able to preform magic - where else better than Fairy Tail/Roseluck, where it is fun and rowdy? How, was when she demonstrated a rudimentary and basic ability to preform her signature sound magic when she was 13.

  • Improving singing ability even further
  • Improving her magic ability as a Mage
  • Enjoying life and to forget the bitter past experiences

History: Larke grew up quite normally as normal as it could be to be part of a magical traveling street performance could get. Like a circus but with magical users and non-magical users, Larke grew up in a happy environment with love and happiness, seeing the group of performers as her own family. Being around the group for as long as she could remember, she had originally performed without magic.

As the group continue to travel, they were beginning to be faced with troubled times as they begun to run out of money, and then the head leader had died. Without their leader, many went their own ways, and Larke was left with only a few members of their supposed family, and she was soon eventually left behind in some town. Abandoned at 11, and hopelessly lost as to why her family would abandon her, she was taken in by some traveling independent Mage, Velone, who took pity on her. Larke, grasping onto whatever person she could could as a way to not become abandoned again, did not leave the Mage's side, despite many attempts to get rid of her after a while, she became inseparable with Velone.

Larke began to self teach herself magic, as a ways to make up to the Mage who had been kind enough to pity her and take her along, and to be a part of Velone's love for magic. She demonstrated a very basic and rudimentary form of sound magic from her love of singing, and eventually, Velone traveled to Fairy Tail, his previous guild in which he had left for some unknown reasons.

Velone had confined in Larke that she was to stay in Fairy Tail, and eventually, Roseluck, until he was to return for her. She's honed her skills, made her stay in Roseluck, and is still waiting for the man who had helped her step back on her feet and the influence of her being a Mage to come back and acknowledge her abilities.

Theme Song: (Just for fun.)

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