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"Hey, I'll make you a drink. What's your poison?"

a character in “Fairy Tail: The Winds of Change”, as played by Baby

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Appearance- Image

Name- Avola Balboa

Age- 24

When Rapture awakens, Avola loses all of her clothing except for her snake skin boy shorts. Her breasts are almost always covered in Raptures body. Avola's tongue is purple and is split like a snake's. Her fangs also resemble a snake's.

Name- Rapture

Age- 107



Personality- Avola is very friendly but also licentious. She enjoys people physically and emotionally. She doesn't fight often, unless it is for a competition or in a mission. Avola takes a liking to people she think is funny or friendly and when she has free time, she is the bartender of Fairy Tail. Avola is never without her cobra, Rapture. He is mostly dormant inside of Avola's snake skin clothing and only awakens when on a mission or when he desires, which is not often. When Rapture does socialize, he is very quiet but at the same time vicious, usually violent towards disrespectful people. Both Avola and Rapture take a liking to good humor, beautiful things, and wonderful scents.


Mage Type - Poison Dragon Slayer

Mage Rank- S

Magic Spells/Abilities -

Poison Dragon's Twin Fang- Avola and Rapture both bite into their opponent(s) with fangs that drips corrosive acid. This attack is primarily used to kill multiple enemies but can be used to attack an enemy that is very strong or large.

Poison Dragon's Roar- Avola or Rapture will blow out a purple mist that is either corrosive (Avola) or debilitating (Rapture).

Poison Dragon Storm- Avola and/or Rapture fires poisonous bullets from their mouth at enemies. The bullets are either corrosive (Avola) or Debilitating (Rapture)

Poison Dragon Claw- Avola's fingers or hands or arms resemble a dragons that drips poison. Strongest physical move and can break walls.

Poison Dragon Armor- Avola and/or Rapture is either coated with liquid corrosive poison that makes it hard for others to touch her physically (Avola) or becomes a purple mist silhouette that makes the user intangible to physical attacks [like punches and kicks] (Rapture)

Avola and Rapture can interchange their poison, Avola can use mist and Rapture can use corrosive but Avola's mist is far weaker than Rapture, so she leaves it him to perform that duty.


Bio - Avola was raised by her female dragon, Caust, who was very strict and demanding. Avola was given a tutor by Caust, Rapture, who controlled a stronger poison, the mist or debilitating poison. Though Avola's speciality is corrosive poisoning, it has a lot more weaknesses and less refined than mist poisoning. Before Avola could fully master mist poisoning, Caust disappeared, leaving Avola lonely and depressed. She stumbled upon the lively Fairy Tail Guild by pure chance, and decided right then and there to join to gain friends.

Avola specializes in espionage missions, since it requires the least physical violence and her magic works best there. Other times she takes group or partner missions, usually the one to distract or completely take down large groups of enemies or doing the spy parts.

So begins...

Avola Balboa's Story