Roger Reeds

"The best way to solve a problem is to make it go away."

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a character in “Fallout”, as played by Comrade 47


Name: Roger Reeds
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Weight: 136 lbs
Height: 5''7
Appearance: A plain middle-aged man, completely unremarkable except for his eye patch. Shaved blond head, with thick eyebrows.
Marital status: Single
Strongest statistic: Intelligence
Weakest statistic: Perception
Specific physical traits: Blind in left eye, wears black eye patch over it.


Attitude towards others: Suspicious and distrustful.
Pros: Easily avoids being screwed over.
Cons: Easily avoids relationships.
Overall Demeanor: Evil
Orientation: Straight
Habits: Chain smokes when working with hands, compulsively searches the bodies of fallen enemies/allies.
Addiction: Tobacco
Faction: (see "Factions" in wiki)
Occupation: Scavenger
Perks: Demolition Expert, comes in handy with working with explosives.
Light Step, aids in quiet movement and avoiding setting off his own traps.
Pyromaniac, comes with the territory of being an explosives buff.
Educated, comes from studying historical, religious, and scientific texts.
Cannibal, from when there is absolutely nothing else to eat...
Finesse, having a certain charm to what he does.
Theme song: Gone Guru, by Lifeseeker


Weapons: Scoped hunting rifle, hunting knife, 10mm pistol, frag grenades, frag mines.
Supplies: A plethora of wires, casings, and shrapnel, a tattered backpack, some river water, some dog meat.
Apparel: Up-armored leather jacket, combat pants, knee pads, two gloves (his left one full, his right one's fingers torn off at the knuckle).


Birthplace: Megaton
Place of residence: Megaton Outskirts
Background: Born to loving parents in Megaton, Roger had a reasonably happy childhood. His parents died within days of each other from natural causes when he was 30, and he left to salvage what he could from the Wasteland. Naturally skilled with his hands, Roger quickly discovered that he preferred setting traps, as opposed to getting into firefights or brawls. Not too long ago, Roger was attacked by raiders and used up much of his arsenal of explosives defending himself. He met his match with a raider by the name of Rusty Nails, and the two were at a stalemate for three long hours in the cold, rainy night. Roger threw the last of his grenades at the raider, who threw them back towards the original thrower. The deadly game of Hot Potato went on for about five 'rounds' until Roger was blinded by shrapnel. Fulled with rage, fear, and adrenaline, and low on weapons, Roger rushed the raider, and after a brutal struggle, killed him. Now forced to wear an eye patch, Roger lives alone in the rubble of the area around his hometown, waiting for a chance to avenge his eye on some more raiders...

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