Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Guilds have existed for many years, magical users coming together as families going about on jobs. But recently other races have been exposed, causing turmoil and hunters to arise to come after them. Because of this the guilds are in danger.

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The world has always been filled with magic, and in that world of magic lay many guilds which members reside as families with tight bonds. In guilds people do many things such as daily jobs which upon completion give them gold, protect those in which cannot protect themselves - not everyone in the world possesses magic, or sometimes they entertain the public. Until recently it was believed that only humans lived in this world, any other race was something found in a fairy tale. But recently, there have been people claiming they have seen vampires and werewolves, causing great commotion in both the guilds and general society. Most people thought these were just pranks and jokes, or in the least, people who were all and all wrong. But one of the chairmen of the guilds decided he was going to investigate the whole ordeal. He came across what ended up being a werewolf guild, realizing that those stories were in fact true, he told the news to his guild which sometime later became news to the rest of the world. Some months later, several things happened. Hunter have now made themselves known as well, these people are people with a hatred towards the other kind, with every intent on killing them or turning them in for cash. As well as, Fantasia has been letting in these other races into their guild as new members, but they are only taking a few, as Fantasia is a guild that gets in enough trouble on a daily basis already. Fantasia is the guild known to be one of the strongest if not the strongest guilds around. They have a bad reputation because they have many young members, but also do a lot of good along side that. But somewhere far away the dark guild, Shadow, as been recruiting new members as well. Their goal is unknown, as are things like their location, and half of their members.

So what is going on then? Hunters are now looking to take down everyone not human in the world, and the most notorious dark guild is looking to cause trouble, which usually means they are looking for blood. That knowledge not known to anyone, what will happen?

Meanwhile, new members are just joining Fantasia and Shadow, and the rest of the guilds going about their daily lives. Jobs are being done, and hunters are getting their new 'jobs'.


Human: The most common races are human, it's what you will see around most places. Humans have no special ability nor looks.

Vampires: Most keep to themselves, or stay near other vampires, however there have been exceptions recently. Vampires range from pale, to extremely pale. They are usually sensitive to sunlight, though it doesn't physically harm them nor does it mean they dislike it. They are more adapt to the night, and yes they do drink blood. However, it can be from anything which bares blood. Not all vampires are evil nor are they all good. They tend to be more agile and fast than most people (no not super fast like twilight nor do they shine in the sun.) It is also said that vampires can taste the feelings of their mates when drinking their blood.

Sub info: Royal vampires. Royals are extremely rare and there is only a few of them in the world. They are the most powerful of vampires, and sometimes though at later ages, can learn more than the average magic user. (Example: Can adapt to more than one element, more spells, or more summons.) However, they are usually the first to be in danger because of the imbalance in power they bring. Most royals have one or two wizards or mages which watch after them.

Demons: Because they have no distinguished traits they look just like humans, however they can be figured out by their personality. They are dark and twisted most of the time though not all entirely evil. However most tend to be. Demons are rare and have a great amount of physical endurance.

Werewolves: A dying breed. Werewolves are more like shape shifters, and change into their wolf form at will, not by the presence of a full moon. They tend to be more muscular and have enhanced senses when in their wolf form, along with they pick up the traits of a wolf. They come in all shapes and sizes when changed.

Sub info: Pure breeds. Pure breeds tend to be children of two full werewolves whom are extremely strong magical users. They tend to be good in defensive magics. However, there are very few in existance.

Types: There are four different types of magics in existence. There are mages, summoners, weapon masters, and there are wizards. Mages, are also known to be elementalists, in which can control one single element and manipulate their element in many different ways. There are summoners, who have contracts with monsters they eventually tame which they summon for battle and fight with. There are weapon masters (think requip) who are able to equip and change different armors or weapons (rarely both). Then there are wizards, who know specific spells and are also known as castors because their spells are recited. Wizards must learn there spells from books, and can only know a certain amount of spells depending on their level of training.

Abilities: For mages, they can control one of the following elements: Wind, water, fire, earth, ice, lightning, light, darkness (or more rare things like metal and poison). The first four being the most common elements, and the last three being the rarest and hardest to control. Most do not master lightning, light, or darkness until an older age. However, they do not start out knowing and mastering the element. They first, know a tiny bit of wind, water, fire, and earth. However their control is lacking and the power is limited, in their teenage years they then gain control of one, or some the more rare elements are replaced. From then they progress with their element.

Dragon slayers: Dragon slayers do exist, they are of course rare (and I do not want everyone to be one.)

For wizards, they are able to learn spells, however can never control any element. Nor are they able to heal, no one is. from 14-16 they can learn up to 3 spells. 16-17 4 spells. 18-20 5. From 21 onward it depends on the individuals solo training and the amount of power they hold.

For weapon masters, which are somewhat rare, they are able to requip weapons or armor (sometimes but very rarely both). They then take on the property of said armor or weapon and can change multiple times in battle. They are extremely talented with their weapons specifically but are overall masters of most weapons.

For summoners, who are extremely rare and for the most part the weaker of the mages or at least undervalued, they are able to summon creatures whom they have created contract with. Once they create a contract with a creature, they are contracted with them for life. They must choose carefully. They can only have three in a life time. They can only also summon one at a time.

Hunters: Hunters are normal humans with no magical abilities whom have a hatred for the other races. Though they do not have magical powers they tend to be skilled with weapons and tactics. And recently, some have gotten their hands on some pretty interesting weapons..they may even hold their own with the magical users.


Guilds are places in which all magical users die to get into. They house magic users, consist of a chairman to guide them, give them jobs, and have mentors which help them progress with their magic. Usually, humans stuck to human guilds, vampires in vampire guilds, etc. The same went for intentions, those who had back intentions were hidden away in their own guilds. Now, one of the most notorious guilds Fantasia, has been accepting all kinds of members. Granted, all their old members are humans, but their chairman has decided it is unfair to not let others in. However along with this another guild has been letting anyone in, Shadow...but because they are hidden away and keep to themselves no one knows their intentions just yet.

Guild List:

Fantasia: The most notorious and popular guild around. It is full of youngsters though still houses it's old timers. It is now letting in all races. This is one of the most powerful guilds around. However, they tend to cause trouble now and again. The chairman however is carefree and can be oblivious too it at times.

Amaranth: A human only guild, they are of normal size and are on good terms with Fantasia. They are slowly becoming weary of their new members however, as they do not accept non humans themselves.

Shadow: Known for the darkest and worst of witches and wizards. They show no mercy and are always up to no good. However, whenever they are not up to something, they seem to never be able to be found. They have been letting in new members recently.

Witchblade: A vampire only guild, no one knows much about it because they tend to keep to themselves, or at least they used to.

Eternal Wings: An all demon guild. Tend to get themselves into trouble a lot. Not too friendly.

Moonlight: The Werewolf guild. Small in size, but the members tend to be friendly. However because there are so little werewolves in existance they tend to be on the downlow should a situation arise.


There as such jobs that are posted on the bulletin boards of the guilds that can be done to earn currency. Some people go alone and some people on a team. Jobs can involve fighting or no fighting, they are for all different types of things, the harder they are the more money they give.


No god modding
No one can heal with any element don't make yourself a healer
Please tell me if you are leaving try to post everyday
Max characters two
Anime pictures only
This is a literate roleplay, I except no less than three good paragraphs each post
No speed posting or one liners
Use the OOC for and ideas or questions
All mentors must be 21+ in age
We need chairman for Fantasia and Shadow most importantly
We need hunters, they are important in this roleplay

Magical user profile

Abilities: (Also, rank your abilities with mastered, exceptional, great, good, average, below average, poor, and weak.)
Signature move: (Your strongest OR most used attack)
Stats: (Rate just like above)
Strength: How physically strong is your mage?
Defence: How well can your mage take a hit (Physical and magical)?
Agility/Acrobatics: How fast and flexible is your mage?
Stamina: How long would you last? Reguardless of injury or no injury.
Magic: How adept is your mage in their offensive magical ability?
Supportive/defensive magic: How adept is your mage in their supportive or defensive magic
Weapon/Equipment: Weapon not neccessary, and most likely only the weapon masters will have them, so don't everyone attempt to have one. Equipment is anything you have on you on a daily basis.

Rank: C/B/A/S (C being lowest - S is rare)
Teacher: (You do not need a mentor, you can choose to have one or not, if you have one they must have similar abilities and not all guilds have certain ability mentors. Or instead, if you are a mentor list so here, you must be 21+ to be a mentor and must have been in the guild for 2+ years and are generally one of the strongest magical users.)
Group: (This is if you have a group you do jobs with, such as a team, list them here. Though it is not needed.)
Biography: (Please also include how long you have been in the guild and some of your history in it.)
Physical description:
Romantic interest:

Hunter Profile


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#, as written by Fallen
Slyphiel Asmere


The shadow crept closer and closer to the window, until its bearers hands pressed lightly upon it. Through the window for miles and miles nothing could be seen but darkness. It was something that was always a comfort for her but something she had been lost in. She wasn't home anymore, she had strayed away leaving everything behind, anything that her name had been attached to had been ripped out from under her. Her family no longer welcomed her, nor did they even dare call her their child anymore. Her red eyes almost glowed in the dark, though nothing in them but emptiness. She didn't understand the point of living, the meaning of life. There must be some higher being somewhere watching the inhabitants of earth and their misery, maybe they were even pulling strings making the puppets dance. Sylphiel stepped back from the window a bit, barely able to see her own reflection in the glass from the glow of a nearby candle. She was a mage of Fantasia now, what and all did that mean?

Sylphiel turned around and walked towards the door, she was guessing it was about midnight or so, night was such a comfortable time. Everyone was always stirring in the night. As walked out of her room - it was hard to think of it as her room, but her room it was, she looked downstairs she was greeted by nothing but darkness. She was a bit confused, wondering where all the humans were, perhaps it was a human thing - where had they all gone? It was completely silent, as if there was nothing living around at all. She walked down the stairs quietly, her eyes keen to the dark, and headed towards what was a lounge area, sitting down gently on the nearest couch. Her nightgown was sprawled out on the cushions, its semi-transparent white color unable to be seen. Her white hair stood out as much as her eyes, due to its silk and shine. Her feet were bare – as they always were, and she had a necklace around her neck. The necklace was supposed to have spare blood but this time it didn’t.

Sylphiel didn’t quite understand why she had come here, but the environment was different than that of her old guild. She didn’t understand the humans though, they were…such foreign creatures. Starting to get lost in her own boredom, she started drawing on the couch with her finger, in her mind it was the town she was currently in – of course nothing could be seen on the couch itself. When Sylphiel had asked to join this guild, she was welcomed with open arms, the chairman seeming happy to see her. It was so odd and uncomfortable, a façade clearly. It occurred to her then that perhaps she should go on a job, she had no money anymore, which was the reason she was staying at the actual guild itself, instead of having her own place to live. She felt weak having to rely on these people, she was better than this, she wanted to do it all herself. But no, she couldn't now, she didn't have a cent to her name if even any belongings.

She looked up at the second story window, seeing the moon outside, the only source of light. Her bell around her neck rang as she did so. Something that she was always unable to take off, a locked bell around her neck - like a pet. She figured nothing much could come from this guild, she started to doubt herself, putting her bare feet on the floor she rested her elbows just above her knees and pressed her hands to her cheeks putting her weight on them. She was unsure what to do with all of her time, so unfamiliar with the area, a part of her wanted to explore, as that idea echoed in her head, she stood up and walked towards the outline that she'd swear was the job board.


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Celeste Nirmand


Celeste dumped her small pack beneath an ash tree at the edge of a conveniently-placed clearing and slumped down beside it, burying her face in her hands and groaning. She plucked some bread out of her pack and ate it, irritated. It tasted like bark, and she definitely knew how that tasted like. Yuck.
How could the chase have gone so wrong? She’d tracked and followed the werewolf just right. Fingering a Zar’nath while chewing absent-mindedly, she recounted the events and tried to understand what went wrong.

She’d first gotten wind of the rogue werewolf while eating at a tavern, trying to get her strength back from her last chase. (It went rather successfully; she’d managed to bag a vampire for a reasonable price.) Soon after, she had gone to pay the Job Centre a quick visit, and sure enough, the job of capturing it was there, as if waiting for her. It boasted a 20,000-jewel reward, and claimed that it was weak and would be easy to kill. She didn’t hesitate, and took the job.
“Weak and easy to kill. Yeah, right,” she scoffed.
The opportunity to stake out the nonhuman presented itself to her in the form of the young man manning the counter at the Centre. She chatted him up and had the location where the werewolf was reported rogue in almost no time at all, albeit with the promise of a drink once she had returned, victorious. Right after a quick restocking of her supplies for the quick job, she’d set out for the farmhouse that the werewolf was said to be terrorising. The owner had greeted her suspiciously, and pointed her in the direction where the werewolf had been attacking his livestock. She’d known she’d arrived when she had seen the sheep-sized bloodstains on the grass, leading straight into the nearby woods. She would wait for nightfall before beginning the hunt. And she did.

That night, a lone sheep squealed loudly in pain as it was fallen and dragged away. The sound woke Celeste from her light slumber. Strapping her pack and sword more tightly onto her back to prevent herself from making excess noise, she set off after the nonhuman at an easy pace. She lost sight of the werewolf after a while, and she cursed its unnatural speed. The blood trail ceased as well, and only its tracks enabled her to keep following. But that was no deterrent to her. She’d learnt her skills well from her old master. The tracks led her deeper and deeper into the forest, but they had also slowly gotten fresher and fresher. Sensing that the nonhuman was getting close, she drew her sword and approached slowly, using the trees as a cover and hacking her way through the dense vegetation as silently as was possible.
That had been her first mistake, she reluctantly noted.
But then again, who knew the nonhuman had an affinity with the earth? She cursed the job notice for not mentioning that.

She had managed to get close enough to her target to see it. But then the stupid werewolf had been alerted of her presence almost immediately, and taken off so quickly she could have sworn it disappeared. She followed at a sprint that she was only able to keep at for about fifteen minutes. Her forte was long-distance tracking and hunting, not a fast-paced chase through a part of the forest she didn’t know! She recalled herself leaning against a tree, trying to catch her breath from running with a drawn sword.
Celeste cursed yet again. This target was making out to be quite some trouble for her. And it wasn’t helping her civilities, either. She had no choice but to continue tracking the next day. Dragging herself to her feet and shrugging on her pack again, she made her way back to her inn, hoping to catch at least a few hours of sleep before sunrise.


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#, as written by Erayu
Avalon Frost


Avalon awoke from another twisted nightmare. The walls were dark, the floor was dark, and his sight couldn't help him. Do I sleep in a cave? The air around him was thick and humid but moderately cool. It's my room, I'll keep the humidifier running if I want to. He chuckled. Using the moisture around him, Avalon guided himself to the door. His deep blue eyes absorbed the light of the hall in gasps, forcing him to shut them. Floor underfoot, he padded his way downstairs. "Who's that?" he whispered. A figure moved through, no, with the shadows in the main chamber. Well, I might as well go active. I've got nothing better to do. he thought, shuddering at the thought of suffering through another dream.

He felt right in Fantasia. After all, it was the outcast guild to him. So it seemed. All of the misfits, orphans, and troubled youths ended up smack-dab in the middle of Fantasia activity. No one fought each other here. Usually. No names were called no hurt came between Fantasia members unless it was severely provoked. Even if fights broke out, it was better than the streets. He'd known that truth from the time he was abandoned.

"Dinner was great," he yawned, patting his stomach. "I should probably learn to slow down... Gotta love the little things though." He made it to the bottom of the stairs finally opening his eyes again. They worked now, showing him the gaping maw of the main chamber. It was somewhat of a huge room with large double doors in the front and various hallways interconnecting the room with the rest of the first floor. He located the figure once more. It was a female approaching the Job Board. I wonder who it is. Avalon approached the board as well and in a quiet, friendly voice he spoke. "Are there any good jobs up yet?" He thought he knew who it was, but in this light he couldn't be sure until he saw her face.


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#, as written by Erayu
Nesiffiore Nazaam


The dark, calm night did Nesiffiore some good. He relished nights in the labyrinthine study of guild's library. Various peculiarities stood shelf-upon-shelf before him. Tomes and scrolls, notes and formulas, and the expanding range of books were all his for the time being. He'd pulled long-unused Arcane tomes out of their places, leaving dust and air to fill their positions, along with scrolls and formulas. Oddly out of place sat books on the old aristocracies of kingdoms lost and forgotten by time. "The world is such an interesting place. To think, I could've had it at one time."

Shadow was a silent guild at this time. It was hardly before dawn after all. The library was downstairs and away from the commons and the living arrangements. This meant no disturbances for Nesiffiore or his fellow guildsmen -though they weren't considered “fellow” to him. In fact, he didn't care for them at all. They were only involved in his life because they had a common goal: attain power. Some had inferiority complexes; some had anger issues; it was all the same. The only person to which Nesiffiore had a modest respect for was the Guild Chairman, Carwin. Now there was a leader.

Regardless of his position, Nesiffiore was a strike away from being junctioned from the guild or worse. He'd tried to manipulate members of Shadow at one point and further back got reprimanded for disturbing the guild to berate some of the higher ranked members. Those were old disturbances now. He'd settled himself down for several months and now saw himself as a finer example of Shadow. He was currently looking for a position on the board -a group that represents guild movements and discusses guild matters with the chairman directly. Unfortunately, his record wasn't a firm foundation. Sure he'd changed, but the files still held evidence of his recklessness. He hoped to use them as examples of his ability to lead; but what good could that do? The books that he misplaced now were not for his reading. He was looking for something. "Here it is."

For the first time in months, Nesiffiore had found the guild's history. Record upon record sat in this tome -though the origional documents sat in a safer place. "Time to brush up on an infernal history lesson." Guild history, page nine hundred fourty-seven, section thirteen; in other words, right were he'd left off. This section was about the guild's previous aquisitions of power. Mainly the guild take over by the previous chairman. He'd died of unknown causes, but that is another story. This story in particular was about his rise. In this chapter sat his murdering of the Chairman before him, the junctioning of the entire board, the disappearances of members who suspected something, and the final acceptance of his leadership. It was a truely brilliant story, and it was from here that he'd continue his reading.

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Re: Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Is anyone still interested in this roleplay? I see good things coming, but we sort of derailed after four posts.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

It might have something to do with the GM disappearing for two weeks without notice.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Awesome o3o
Oh it just me or did we lose someone in the character section D:

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:D good to see some life here.
I'll post later tonight, or tomorrow. :3

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Is anyone going to post,
or is everyone deciding to drop this roleplay?
Either or, I would like to know.

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Im sorry I took forever, I have posted, you can all post c:
My post is crappy but just to get things started XD..

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Um, Fallen?

Registration will probably only open in about a few weeks, so once the character sheet is perfected, I'll create the character under my account until my friend can create her own account, at which I will abandon that character for her?
That okay?

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Yes we are,

I know there is one person with three characters, but I allowed that since one was a guild leader and they said they wouldn't be using them all too much.

Note: Waiting for that last character to be turned in and then I'll start c:.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

I actually have a question about the rule stating that a person can only have a maximum number of two characters, and I was wondering whether or not we're still holding to that one?

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Okay, I'll go check with her, because I'm not sure if she's registered an account yet. Sankyuu!

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

I'm assuming she wants to be a wizard then. Well, I am always iffy when it comes to time, and it would depend exactly what she wanted to do with it. Just have her submit her character and let me read over it c:.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Oh, oh, my friend would like to join this RP (basically she's just stalking me...but don't tell her I said that). She's new, so she's creating an account, but unfortunately registration is down for the moment due to...uh... maintenance, I believe. She has her skelly done on Word, and she'd like me to ask if having the power to control Time (not too much, otherwise that would be rather god-mode) is all right. I am assuming she understands that having too powerful characters will hurt the system, that is.

Her character will likely be starting off at the lower ranks, being only just recruited. She mentioned something about manipulating time so she has more time to paperwork... But that's pretty off-topic.

Is it okay for this character? I could get her to email her skelly to me, and I'll PM it to you once I get it.

Sankyuu! ^^"'

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Hey everyone, sorry I have seemed probably gone for some time, I will need to read over all the posts you all made in OCC o_O', I tried to quickly read and accept characters as they were finished, but I still have a few to look over. I was a bit annoyed with the amount of S class characters we got; I wouldn't have been had there been more lower ranks. I do understand chairmen and mentors need to be strong, but it's still irking me. Even my character as a royal whom was supposed to be stronger than the average vampire was an A rank. Though I'll probably be redoing her skills and be more creative OTL (no comments please lol). After I read over and reply to whatever was posted in the OOC, I'll get back to you all and start the RP c:. As of the moment, I have to go for a bit.

Note: Please refrain for bitching at each other in the OOC. I will not be responding to any of that whatsoever.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

You both come with some nice ideas. I will think about it and come up with a spell that is a S-rank mage worthy. The reason I haven't given him the teleportation ability is actually because I thought that with this RPs setup only the wizards would be able to posses a magical ability like that and mages could only control a sertain element and nothing more. Thats why I tried to give him something else that was more light based, if ya know what I mean ;D

Anyway I am going to make something where he enhances his body with light of some kind without deconstructing his own bodyparts :)

By the way, I really enjoy the fact that there is so many looking at my character xD

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

Black, you do know they have a instant teleportation spell in fairy tail right? I don't think it has a set type of mage who can use it so... If you really want to teleport why not give him that spell and then just teleport instantly. (would be a good skill for both defense and attack)

Also converting his body into light isn't a dumb spell at all or OP, if you think about it. It can actually be used against him seeing as even if he was moving at the speed of light if someone was to use gravity magic or worse a black hole (I'm talking a small black hole, not one big enough to suck in the entire plant, just some rocks, trees, and unsuspecting citizens.) He would be done for. Then again who wouldn't be done for against gravity magic that crushes with extreme force.

Oh and this is just me thinking, but if he could slow himself down enough to cause destruction, but not destroy the entire planet. He could use that power to pretty much blow his enemies away.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

-Comments, yet tries not to start a 'discussion'-

There's nothing wrong with turning him into a form of energy that looks like light, may be considered a type of light, it's not the object, it's the speed. I've got nothing against people turning into light at all, hell a character I have in a different RP wraps her body in a second skin of light that acts as a shield.
And the transportation sounds pretty cool, Instant Transmission style. :3

Something like possibly changing his body into 'light', errr like deconstructing his body, in exchange for said light,(More or less), but an intangible form, and then reconstructing himself somewhere near almost simultaneously, or allowing a bit of a delay for the reconstruction would be sexy.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

I have just rewritten the spell a bit to show you what I ment when I made it:

Radiance Domain: The caster engulf an area in light, in this light the caster is able to convert his body between physical state and light, making the caster able to travel at the speed of light, when his body is converted. Others that have seen this ability would describe it as a teleportation ability limited to the area that the caster has surrounded with light.

Actually I was trying to give him a form of teleportation, and then giving it meaning why he would be able to teleport.

I get what you all are saying and next time I'll update my character I'll delete that skill, I just wanted to tell you what my point of this skill actually is. Since he converts his body into light he will get the same aspects as light itself (which sounds dumb if we weren't talking magic). I hate to use the same statement as I did earlier but since this is a world based on Fairy Tail I just want to say that there actually is a character in Fairy Tail that has the ability to turn his body into light, though we have only seen him use that ability in the manga and not in the anima (don't ask me why). So basically I thought that since my character could learn to convert his body into light, why not be able to use that to teleport? So I made a spell where he could teleport but limited it to an area that he has filled with light which he is able to control.

I am not looking for a discussion I just wanted to state what I was thinking when making the spell, but I'll delete it next time I edit my character, instead I might give him another spell that doesn't have anything with converting his body into light since that is a bit OP and dumb. :)

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

The speed we're talking about, as I'm sure you all know is 299,792,458 meters/second, 186,000 miles per second.
It goes from the Moon to Earth in about 1.3seconds. Seconds.[For perspective.]

@The friction moving at such speeds: Wouldn't only set things on fire...It would fucking incinerate them.
And for being able to control his movements, he would (literally) need reflexes that surpass the speed of light, and the ability to actually keep up with the world around him at such a speed.

And @ The Force Generation(If he didn't loss all mass): All I have to say is, assuming Hagen was 6 feet tall, and roughly 190lbs, planet cracking made easy.

As for slowing his body: My physics are rusty to, but something tells me the amount of force it would take to stop even 1kg traveling at 299,792,458 m/s, would have devastating effects of its own.

A lot of people have miss conceptions of the speed of light, and all it's implications(No, actually not accusing anyone, just stating) due to anime/manga/Hollywood/ect.
Let's face it, anything other than light, traveling at the speed of light, is not only illogical, it's just...Really kinda dumb. Or at least I fell it is.

Re: [OOC] Fantasia: Guilds of Magic

So you've agreed to the latter, that it's a massive balancing issue, because you can't refute one without confirming the other.

And there really isn't anyway to get rid of that issue and keep the ability as it is.