WestwoodArcalo Damanji

"... Why me?"

a character in “Fantasy High”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name(first and last please): Arcalo Damanji

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Bone Knight - People who have 'amazing' abilities, but at the cost of being bound to their armor and what they wear in general, so it's obvious that they only really wear one outfit.

Grade: 11th

Description (pic preferred): Image

Powers (If you have them): *He can do amazing feats of strength and has incredibly strong bones, but that doesn't exactly make him invincible.
*He can change any parts of his of his body that have bones into short-range weapons such as swords or axes by reforming his bones... The less detail about that the better. He doesn't have to stick to one design, as long as he can think of it he can make it, as long as he doesn't change his mind too much.
*Not really a power, but when he's cut he doesn't bleed much and can carry on longer than average people with his injuries, but it takes longer for him to recover. He can barely heal from large injuries.

Open for romance: Perhaps.

Personality: Arcalo is really quite timid and is easily pressured by others, especially those that are his friends. He doesn't like anything that's too out of the ordinary, but unfortunately he's also now on that list of being out of the ordinary. He finds it difficult to deal with too much change, especially change like this, and might find it difficult to adjust, but he somehow does... Eventually. He tends to do much better with actions rather than words, though he still tries to resort to using his voice anyways, not getting that he's much better at the other. He's quite a gentleman, even towards those that he doesn't feel very comfortable around or doesn't like in general. He also seems to have the worst luck, always being everywhere at the worst possible times, at least for him. Because of this, he often doubts everything, seeing the glass as being half-empty with a chance of tipping over. Despite his doubts he tries to please everyone, mainly those he's friends with.

Interests: Having actual friends, staying away from danger, being normal (or at least as normal as he can get).

History (why are they at Westwood High): Arcalo didn't want to be in the position he's in, he'd have never thought he'd swerve off this far. He was born to parents that, while not being filthy rich, were of the upper middle class. Arcalo didn't have a very exciting life, but that was how he liked it, being average and going on a straight, consistent path. But then his parents suddenly divorced, which was a big change for Arcalo, having never seen or sensed any conflict between his parents. His father had inherited a large sum of money from a dead relative while his mother lost all her money and had to live poorly due to being very bad with money matters. While at both of their houses, the parents often tried to win him over; His father through material items and his mother through guilt.

One day while at his father's place in the basement, he and his 'friends' found an armor set complete with a scarf. His friends dared and pressured him until he put it on, his friends being in hysterics over how big it was on him and how ridiculous it looked. But then it suddenly tightened on him and he felt an immense pain, as if it were digging into his skin and morphing into his bones. As it turned out, the armor was cursed to give extraordinary powers at the price of being forever bound. When his hand turned into a sword, as much as Arcalo would like to deny it, that was when he knew that there was going to be yet another big change, much to his distress.

Both of his parents agreed to send him to Westwood High- the first thing Arcalo saw them agree upon since he discovered the conflict- because he was having trouble at his school with being a social outcast and to have their son control his powers better, since that might take care of those awkward situations of having your hand suddenly turn into a battle axe when wanting to shake hands with someone.

So begins...

Arcalo Damanji's Story