The Holy GrailEmmett Ian Falterbridge

"Aren't we humans so laughable, so hilariously pathetic? ...Yet sometimes I wonder if I'm the most laughable of all"

a character in “Fate/Heaven and Earth”, as played by RomanesqueMarionette

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Full Name: Emmett Ian Falterbridge.

Age: 35, prior to his death.

Gender: N/A now, formerly male.

Appearance: Currently... a pack of tarot cards: ... &id=126225

Face Claim: Tarot representations of the Tsukihime cast.

Character Theme: ... re=related


Personality: Emmett holds humanity in very low regard. Believing his magical powers grant him superiority above the rest of them yet also very analytical about human nature (as per his initial fascination with tarot cards), Emmett mainly enjoys manipulating and deceiving them just so he can watch the creatures he cares so little for trip themselves up, because of him pushing them in the wrong direction.

That said, Emmett will rarely try to directly confront anyone. When he was a human his physical capabilities were very low, and with his spirit now trapped within a pack of tarot cards he's even more vulnerable.

Emmett enjoys turning situations to his own advantage, however in this Holy Grail War he is slowly becoming aware that if anyone's pulling all the strings here, it may very well not be him.

Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Definitely chaotic, but while he does enjoy mainipulating others there is a limit to the things he will do, shying away from anything truly unforgivable. Plus, right now he's too motivated by self-interest to be activately evil)

Motivation: A rather straightforward case, Emmett simply wants to use the Grail to restore himself back to human form, regardless of any greater good that could be accomplished with it.


Magic Element: Aether - considered a very rare element to be naturally born with, though also a rather specific one.

Spells: Emmett's abilities are primarily based around souls, whether the art of manipulating and dividing them as he did with his own, or the art of reading them and seeing their path, telepathy and divination in layman's terms.
However, due to the difficulty of keeping himself composed in his new form, he has either lost access to or proficiency in several of his abilities, for example his ability to read minds has been reduced to merely reading emotions.

As per his abilities of fortune-telling, Emmett also has interest in the magical properties of things such as stars and crystal balls. He also has the power conjure minor illusions and deceptive images.

Equipment: He literally is his equipment, a set of tarot cards. But also around his current abode he does keep many other magical objects, such as various spellbooks and divinatory items.

Magic Level: Very high even when he was originally a human, only boosted upon transferring his consciousness into a magical artifact set.

This is a good thing, because in his current condition Emmett practically needs this magic capability to survive. As a human consciousness trapped inside and spread over a pack of cards, Emmett is forced to constantly expend his magical energy to protect himself (cards surprisingly don't have high endurance), move around from place to place or even talk, along with the usual Master role of providing energy to his Servant. This can leave very little room for even the simplest of spellcasting.


History: Emmett was born in the poorer district of London, to a family that wasn't even aware they had magical ability. As a person growing up in bad conditions, Emmett lost almost all respect for humanity at a very early age, seeing them as both stupid and violent.

He very slowly came upon his magical powers, as he gradually began to be able to suspiciously hear and feel the thoughts and feelings of anyone nearby. This only made his disdian for humanity worse, as now he felt for certain that humans' hearts were truly filled with darkness or ignorance. Yet priding himself once he discovered the full extent of his supernatural powers, Emmett started searching for any information he could find on the occult, and eventually began to use his manipulative powers to get his revenge on people, leading them down the paths of deception, tragedy and ultimately ruin.

Emmett never stayed in one place for long, always scurrying about so that his trickery wouldn't catch up with him. However, just after arriving in Ciel-Etoile, Emmett was finally conronted by a mages who had been following him, believing that his activities were skirting the boundary between the magic and mundane worlds. Emmett was killed in the resulting dilemma, or at least his human form was...

Just before that incident Emmett had achieved what for many mages would be impossible, in separating his own soul and placing it in another object, allowing his consciousness to continue in this world even after being killed. But existing as a pack of tarot cards is proving very difficult for him, now desperately needing the Grail to return to a more suitable form.

Starting Location: His current base of operations, a small fortune teller's shop in Ciel-Etoile, closed to the public at the moment.

So begins...

Emmett Ian Falterbridge's Story