Feelings, Deprivation & Circumstances

Feelings, Deprivation & Circumstances

It's Avengers roleplay for me and ThaliaMoore, nobody else is allowed. Thank you!

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Set in 2016, the damage of Sokovia has been minimized in the game.

There was a change, a change in everyone since battles happened. They face it, what could the Avengers do? They are scattered, only six of the team members are the protectors of the New York state, and whatever comes in their way.

Still, things aren't easy for the group, resembling from small, childish bickers and onto violent fights that bring them back to their past. But...however things turn out, they are a team, trying to stay together, and nothing can stop them from doing to right thing. Some of them closer than the others, set aside the observing Natasha Romanoff and the silent scientist, Bruce Banner.

No matter what, they fight and keep going on. Is there anything that can bring them to the edge?


This is a RP between two people, going from long posts with many words, to small chit-chat types that are there every now and then.

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There are no rules, really. NOTE AGAIN: This is only for ThaliaMoore and me, please do not enter!

Thanks, Y'all!

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#, as written by ThaliaMoore
Camari was up for a while, she didn't leave her room as she had things to do. Yet, now, the girl wanted to visit Marcus in the infirmary. She trailed out of her quarters, heading to the elevator and looking around. She stepped in, pressing the button for the wanted floor and patiently waiting.

As for Clint, he was awake, remembering what happened last night. He didn't know how could it happen, it was not good. Did he really want that?

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