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Beatrice stands at a height of five feet six inches, a bit short, but tall compared to Lexy. She's always been toned, and a bit on the skinny side, due to her ritualistic running almost every day she can. It's sort of her way of reassuring herself, especially after a long night of partying, when she needs a reason to get her hung-over ass out of bed and... be active. She has a sort of light-olive skin tone, inherited from her father, with practically no hair on her smooth body except on her head because of waxing religiously. Her natural hair color is a chocolate brown color, but as you can see from the photo, she bleached it and cut it short. She has a sarcastic side-smile behind those full lips, and big hazel optics framed by dense but not lengthy eyelashes. She's always hated her nose, but there's nothing she can do about it.

You'll usually find her wearing something chic yet sometimes more grungy, depending on her mood. She's like Lexy in the sense that she hates looking like a slob, except when she's not feeling well, that's when she'll mope around and go all "woe-is-me" on everyone. She, even when going to bed, has to look "sexy"... whether or not she's alone. It's kind of an insecurity thing, but not really.


This twenty-four year old has always been the daring, outgoing sort of person, not knowing what the future will hold but always being excited by just that. She is driven, and determined, always aiming to get what she wants whatever that entails. This often means she can hurt others in the process, hating that fact, but never admitting it. Her heart is hard, and her shell is rather hard to crack, although she'll deny that she is difficult to get close to. The truth, however, is that from so many times she's been used and abused, she's developed a bit of a rough exterior. She loathes wearing her emotions on her sleeve, and despises crying in front of anyone, even her closest friend, Lexy.

She speaks Portuguese rather fluently, but she doesn't like to do so unless she's angry and needs to rant in a language nobody can understand.


Beatrice, named after her mother's grandmother, came into the world on April 8th, the fourth and last child born unto Daniel and Jennifer Silva, a man from Sao Paulo, Brazil and a woman from Washington, D.C. They met while she was touring Brazil for a photojournalism endeavor, and they always told their children it was simply "love at first sight".

First, they had Ana, who was nine years old when Bea was born. Then, there was Mauro, who was seven years old. Lastly, there was Jakob, who was only four at the time. Bea was the youngest, and definitely the most rowdy of the bunch. From the moment she entered the world she was a fireball, obnoxious and trouble-making. She was the one who'd pull pranks on her siblings, get into their things, and get away with it because of those big eyes and that quivering lower lip that her father never failed to fall for. Now, her mother on the other hand, was more of the disciplinarian, and you never wanted to get caught doing anything against any sort of rules around her, because unlike Daniel, she would punish you. That was something all the children learned over time.

When Beatrice entered her elementary school years, she "straightened up" a bit more, due to the fact that schools didn't allow her usual antics. Now, there were a few instances that her parents were called to the principal's office for things like fights on the playground or practical jokes, but Bea never found any wrong in it. She would just say that people didn't know how to kid around, and she was just trying to lighten things up in that dreary school. Good thing she only had to attend for a short period of time.

After Ana graduated highschool, the family decided to move back to Daniel's home town, in Brazil. It was mostly due to the fact that his father had developed pancreatic cancer and they were told he had little time to live, thus they purchased a house near his parents'. The transition wasn't too much for Bea, as she had never really made any extremely close friends in the states, but for the older siblings it was harder. They disliked their parents for a long while, especially Mauro, as the move caused him to have to separate from his girlfriend, Quinn, who he eventually ended up marrying after moving out when he left to go to college back in the states. Jakob, despite he was angry to leave his friends, just went along with it, excited to meet new girls. Typical.

After a year of living there, Daniel's father passed away, which was quite a blow to the family. Eventually, their grandmother came to live with them in the spare bedroom, due to her own health conditions. Stress wasn't uncommon in the Silva household, but everyone pushed through as best they could. Jakob moved out and into an apartment in Sao Paulo when Bea entered highschool, and started dating some girl who his parents hated. Now, Bea was the only one left, completely alone. No siblings to mess with. Needless to say, it got quiet for a while.

It had been six years they had lived there before Grandma Silva died, thus causing the family to question their reason to live there any longer. It had been a hard past couple of years, especially since Bea had started hanging out with the wrong crowd and her parents kept finding things like cigarettes in her room and would smell alcohol on her breath when she'd come home late at night after "study group". And Daniel sure didn't like catching his baby girl making out with some boy he didn't know... in their own house. After a short while, they both decided it was time to move back to the states. Bea was furious. Not a surprise. Her parents were forcing her to leave her circle of "good" friends. Any person would be angry, but she was even more so. Daniel and Jen assumed that the move would encourage Beatrice to start a new life, leave behind her old lifestyle of partying, but it only made her live it more.

When she was seventeen, she entered an abusive relationship, which was soon ended when Bea's mother figured out the bruises were not from volleyball practice. Her partying ceased for a while, until she met another guy named Carter, who dragged her down even further. She kept him a secret from her parents for a long while, even after he took her virginity, then dumped her. Her parents, though, obviously found out about it after a doctor's check up. That is what drew the line for them, and since Bea was eighteen, they decided it was time for her to move out. They couldn't handle the stress she was bringing into the house, and they told her that unless she straightened up, she had to go. Tough love, eh? She chose to leave. Now look at her, head over heels for her best friend's brother, who just happens to be in jail. Is it just me, or is there a pattern here of falling for the worst possible men? I think yes. And Bea knows it, but she's not about to give up on what she wants, and that's him.

So begins...

Beatrice Lorraine Silva's Story