Final Exam

Final Exam


Your years at the Academy for an Alternate Life have just about come to an end. All that is left is the final exam. Hope you studied; because you won't have another chance.

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You may start posting as soon as your character is accepted. However the important stuff won't start until the designated day. If you decide to start posting before the actual start date it will take place in the days before the assembly. In this time there will be no classes, and you may do as you see fit. The assembly will not actually played out in game. Keep in mind all rules still apply even if the role play has not officially started. The year in which the role play takes place can change from game to game. Keep in mind you do not have to play a combat base character. You can play support or even a mixture.

Information on Vurna
Vurna is a huge diverse world with all sorts of races, cultures, and lands. Its size is 200 times the diameter of Earth. (That is almost twice as large as our Sun!) There are four major land masses that are more or less the same general oval shape. Oceans only cover 40% of the world, and other bodies of water cover about 25% of the world. You can also find many of the same flora, fauna, races, and cultures in almost any of the four mainlands. The big differences between the different lands are the political and physical geography, weather, and the resistance of all the inhabitants. The different cultures formed depending on their original local physical geography for the most part. Since then though cultures have spread so much that they could be found almost anywhere. There are so many races in Vurna it is not uncommon for someone to not have even heard of some of them, let alone remember them all. War is extremely rare these days with most thanks attributed to the Academy for an Alternate Life and its founding. Technology is based in medieval with a small bit of steampunk.

Information on the Academy
Academy for an Alternate Life (AAL for short) was founded by the highest nobles of the four mainlands and became the turning point for a new Era; marking that point officially as year After The Academy 1, or more commonly known as ATA 1. AAL is a school that gives its students the chance to do something different from what their parents do for a living. It is the only way in this world to do this, and has been since its founding. The most notable programs the school offers is the chance to become an adventurer or soldier. It is a well known school and there are only 4 in all of Vurna; one for each mainland territory's citizens. Other than the main purpose of the school it has been used as a way to possibly move up in society as it is not uncommon for nobles to send their kids to the school.

After your years in AAL you are finally ready to graduate. All you have to do is pass the final exam. Three days before the exam is to start there is a mandatory assembly to give some information about what is to come. After everyone finds their seats many of them begin to chat with their friends. However, it was not long before the headmaster of all the schools came onto the stage. For some reason his presence was so intense the chatter stopped all at once. Some clearly found this odd as he seemed to be nothing but a normal human. His scent, looks, and ability all screamed a human with no talent; yet he was the headmaster rumored to be so strong his record in combat was all wins. Once he reached the pedestal in the center of the stage he looked over the students.

Headmaster adjusted the microphone before he started talking. "Dear students, today and the month to come is a joyous occasion for many of you." He started, his voice full of admiration, "This evening you will be finding out who you will be spending your final month with in the Academy for an Alternate Life. I can tell you now that you will not be with your friends." With that there was a few voices whispering about their concerns. "Silence!" The headmaster's voice boomed throughout the auditorium without the use of the mic. Some students able to noticed that the headmaster seemed to resemble a race whose bellowing voice was their weapon for that brief moment. "As part of your test you will be scored on teamwork as well as individual ability. You exam will be separated into four parts. Each part will take exactly one week." He continued his explanation. "Each group will be given one map at each checkpoint. All maps will have the location of the following checkpoints mark in order by number. However they will only show the best route to the next checkpoint. If you do not make it to the next checkpoint by the end of each week you may not trade in your map for the next one. When you get back to your room you will find a room number for the room you are to go to. That is where your teammates will be. Take only what you need for a long trip. You will all spend the next two days together to find out how to best survive the following month." The headmaster paused for a little bit. "Remember failing means permanent expulsion from the school and being forced to do what your parents do for a living. Have a good rest of your day and good luck." The last little bit sounded a bit ominous and left a couple puzzled faces in the crowd as the headmaster left the stage.

Everyone was released from the assembly and told to go to their dorms, prepare to leave and head up to their designated rooms to meet their new teammates. Little did they know, they could end up with people they did not like and they would also be sent to one of the other three mainlands for their exam. However they would soon find out.

Toggle Rules

1. Keep an eye on the OOC. It will play a good part in the roleplay almost all the time.
2. Post at least 3 decent non-speech sentences per post. More is always better.
3. Be nice in the OOC. Just because your character may want to rip another character apart does not mean you have to be mean in the OOC.
4. If you are going to be gone let us know in the OOC. That way you can be excused.
5. Always use RPGateway's time stamp to know where in the role play we are supposed to be. (more info in main body of the role play and OOC.)
6. If someone gets Blacklisted you are not allowed to interact with their character.
7. If you are Blacklisted do not post in the role play until you have been removed.
8. All normal role play rules still apply.
9. Doing something to go against the punishment you or someone else receives gives you one strike.
10. Ignoring your punishment will give you two strikes.
11. If someone comes in and would like to take over someone's character after the original owner hit 3 strikes they may do so. This is the only way a character may be revived after their owner has been blacklisted. If a character dies naturally in game they may not be revived.
We will be going on a three strikes and your out type of idea. Punishments can carry over to your next round.
First offence: Metaphorical slap on the hand. Your only warning before the punishments get worse.
Second offence: Your character will receive a moderate to severe wound that is not allowed/able to be healed until you reach the town at the end of an in game week.
Third offence: Your character is killed off and you are Blacklisted. If this is your first time it is only until the next time we play this. If this is your second time this will be permanent.

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