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a character in “Final Exam”, as played by Hodgic


This is here so I can do to the OOC what I need to be able to do. I will mainly be the NPCs and creatures you interact and fight with along the way. Also I will decide various other aspects of the game as well. Things like prices for items (witch might be able to be haggled down), items you find, the location descriptions, and various other things.
Also I will be the headmaster and decide how well you do. Based on that I will decide if you get to play again right away or if you are changed out for someone on the waiting list. If you are changed out you will be placed in the waiting list based on how well you did in your last game. Someone that has yet to play will take priority based on when they asked to join. Later I will also add a character sheet for the headmaster so you can know more about him.

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