MidgarEsia Nocturne

SOLDIER 2nd Class

a character in “Final Fantasy VII Fall of an Angel”, as played by Everscale

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Flowing silver-white hair that almost seems to shine blue in the sunlight, and sparkling green-blue eyes. She is tall and slender, graceful and strong, like all the best fighters. Her skin is pale, but not so pale that it is not clear she spends a lot of time outside. She simply does not tan.


She is level-headed and friendly, though she does often tease other SOLDIERS about their crazy ambitions. She does want to be 1st Class, but she is happy with 2nd. She is more concerned with protecting the people of her world, which is why she joined SOLDIER to begin with. She is a very protective person, by nature, and can be a bit irritating with the level to which she takes protecting her friends. She also reacts with extreme levels of irritation to anyone who suggests that she can not fight as well, because she is a girl.


Esia fights with twin swords, each one black with red silk on the hilt, and each one decorated with a string of tiny golden bells. She likes the sound they make when she goes into battle, and it has become her signature.


She was raised in Midgar, but joined SOLDIER because she did not like civilian life.

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Esia Nocturne's Story