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Image Name: Hizashi

Age: 22 years

Race: Human (one quarter Al Bhed, though he doesn't know it)

Class: Spellblade. Also known as mystic knights, these magic warriors are able to enchant swords with black and white magic spells; they have a natural resistance to magical attacks.

Favorite Weapon: He specialises in swords, though he can also use knives effectively. His current favourite is a short sword that once belonged to his father. It's a good but plain weapon, and he hopes to discover more powerful blades as they travel Spira.

Appearance: Hizashi is a typical Besaid Islander with a slender yet strong build. His body is fit and developed from running, swimming, playing blitzball and swordfighting, but his slender frame is more suited to quick, agile and powerful attacks than to sheer brute force. From his long hours under the beautiful Besaid sun, his hair is bleached a rich golden colour and his skin is tanned a deep golden brown. His face is handsome, with high cheek bones, cheeky, laughing eyes of an emerald hue and a mouth that is always stretched in a playful grin. When he smiles his whole face lights up and seems to shine with a captivating radiance. There is a small flaw in the shape of his right iris, but no one would notice unless they were looking for it.

Personality: Hizashi is known throughout Besaid Island as something of a character. From the moment he was old enough to crawl, he was roaming the island and getting himself into mischief. Stealing treats from the sweet-sellers, climbing palm trees and throwing spiky fruit at the priests, wandering out into the jungle to 'play' with fiends, wrapping himself in an old fur coat and jumping on the little kids, pretending to be an unsent until they went screaming to their parents, sneaking into the cloister of trials and trying to break into the chamber of the fayth to see what really went on in there, it seemed there was no limit to the trouble he got up to. His despairing mother tried to control him, but he was a free spirit who resisted any form of discipline, preferring to spend his time running around and having as much fun as possible.

He has always been a happy-go-lucky, cheerful, friendly and fun kind of boy. Whatever the situation, he has a loud opinion, comment, or supposedly funny remark. He likes being the center of attention and will do anything to make people notice him. When his antics are ignored, it makes him angry and he only tries harder to do whatever it takes to gain their attention.

Growing older, he began to develop a new interest: girls. Being something of a conceited pretty boy with a high opinion of himself, he began to chase after all the available girls on the island, and some of the unavailable ones as well. He can't imagine why most of the island girls think he's a self-absorbed narcissist. As far as he's concerned he's the whole package: handsome, smart, funny, likeable, fun-loving and modest. What's not to like? Unfortunately most of the girls he meets don't share this opinion, though that doesn't stop him from trying. His irrepressible cheerfulness and optimism will keep him going even after being rejected a hundred times. He considers himself to be the ultimate ladies man and tries his luck with almost every female he meets. Vain and proud of his looks, he spends a lot of time on his appearance, fixing his hair, styling his clothes and being the prettiest boy in town. His friends tease him, saying that he spends more time on his looks than girls do.

A turning point in his life came when he discovered that his best friend Edge was determined to become a summoner. He secretly hates the idea, because he believes that Edge can succeed at anything, which means that Edge will eventually call the Final Aeon, and Hizashi doesn't want his best buddy to die. He loves Edge almost more than life itself, and if Edge were a girl, Hizashi would have asked for his hand in marriage a long time ago. Although angry and sad at his friend's decision, he didn't want to burden Edge by standing in the way of his pilgrimage. He decided to dedicate himself to training with the aim of becoming Edge's guardian. He is determined to keep Edge's spirits up and make their pilgrimage a happy, cheerful one, right until the very end. He doesn't really know how to express his sadness, so he channels it into frustration that he spends on killing fiends rather than examining his emotions. Although he seems an uncomplicated guy, behind his always sunny exterior is a troubled soul. He doesn't know what he'll do if Edge dies and leaves him behind in the world. Although he loves life and can't get enough of it, part of him hopes that he will be killed at the end of Edge's pilgrimage so that he doesn't have to face up to the grief of living without his friend.

History: Hizashi's father, Badar, was a Besaid Islander who joined the Crusaders and went off to fight Sin. After a crushing defeat on the Djose shoreline, Badar's body was washed out to sea with hundreds of his dead comrades. He would have joined them, were it not for the fact that he was picked up by an Al Bhed cruiser and taken to the Al Bhed Home. Although the Al Bhed nursed him to health, he was horrified to be surrounded by traitors and machina-users. Badar had been taught all his life that the machina-using Al Bhed were responsible for bringing Sin by flouting the creed of Yevon. Eventually, however, his attitude to his saviours began to soften, and he even fell in love with a Al Bhed girl called Surya. They married and had a child before moving back to Badar's hometown of Besaid.

Eventually Badar went off to fight Sin again, and this time he would not come back. The distraught Surya raised her son Hizashi as best she could on her own, but the boy would have been an impossible handful even if both his parents were alive. The boy showed no interest in following in his father's footsteps. The young Hizashi was a carefree, wild soul, who loved to spend his days out in the tropical lagoons, jungles and shores of Besaid, exploring and playing. He had no time for the boring, strict discipline of the Crusaders.

He soon discovered that he had a natural talent for magic. Although he lacked the mental discipline to cast fully formed spells, he could redirect minor amounts of magic into objects, a gift that allowed him to have a great time at the expense of the other islanders. He would sneak into the Crusaders' tent and channel a Fire spell into an unguarded sword. When the Crusaders came marching in all serious, one unfortunate man would pick up the enchanted sword and shout in surprise as it burned his hand, causing Hizashi to roll around laughing hysterically. In the middle of a blitzball game he would Ice the ball and pass it to the other team, making the oppsing blitzballer's hand freeze up in mid-game as he caught the ball. Once he volunteered to help in the temple, carrying a holy book of Yevon for a priestess. While she was speaking to congregation, he charged it with Lightning, and when he passed the book to her she screamed and dropped it as it gave her an electric shock.

At last the other islanders got tired of him, and insisted that his mother do something about his childishness. She enrolled him in the local chapter of the Crusaders, where he was forced to mindlessly follow orders and go through boring repetitive training exercises. He hated the soul-crushing conformity of the Crusaders, although it did give him greater control over his sword and spells. He began to experiment with combining the two, infusing magic into his blade to deliver special magical attacks. After three months of good behaviour, he was allowed to leave the Crusaders on the condition that he would not let his pranks and immature behaviour get out of hand. He kept his promise as best he could, hunting fiends in the jungle and taking them out using his newly polished fighting skills, as well as playing blitzball to keep in shape.

Eventually he learned that his closest friend, Edge, had become a summoner, and then it was time for Hizashi to give up his childish, carefree life, and fulfil his duty to his friend.

Likes: Girls, blitzball, fighting, girls, adventure, action, his reflection, music, girls, dancing, stories, the Besaid Aurochs, girls, sweets, food, good company, humour, romance, girls, stylish clothes, awesome swords, spending time with Edge, being the centre of attention, did I mention girls?

Dislikes: Discipline, doing what he's told, being responsible, planning ahead, thinking things through, exploring his emotions

Hobbies: Blitzball, swordfighting, hunting fiends, listening to stories of faraway lands, pranks, jokes, exploring, swimming, hanging out with pretty girls and fun-loving guys

Fears: Being disliked, death, being unworthy, losing Edge, feeling sad, being weak, losing his friends, wasting his life

Weaknesses: He lacks patience, discipline and focus. Living in the moment, he rarely plans for the future, preferring to make decisions as they come. He is somewhat lazy, taking life easy, and is averse to hard work.

Life Goal: To experience wonderful new things, drink in all the sights, be the best that he can be and have a fantastic time while doing it all. To spend time with Edge and support him in his heavy duty.

Theme Song: Romantic Piano Music #3 - James Onohan

Almost forgot! Ieyui nobomeno renmiri yojuyogo hasatakanae kutamae.

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