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They may not have forgiven you...


Two children, close friends, oblivious to the love forming between them. Their differences served to bring them closer together, balancing them out and both children filling in for whatever it was that the other lacked. XX
One of the things both children held in common was their mutual lack of social skills. The older was standoffish and quick to anger, always looking to violence as his first option. The younger was shy and awkward, unable to communicate with others effectively. Night and day, dark and light, North and South. Polar opposites, yet best friends still. The younger of the two boys, being quiet and bad with people, quickly became a popular target for bullies. He was weak, and had not the will to fight back. It wasn't long before his friend realized this, and was soon to the one to come to his rescue. And this was where it all went to hell. XXXX
One sunny spring afternoon, several particularly mean kids surrounded the two friends, beating harshly upon the younger. As the attacks grew worse, the older friend's anger grew louder, until he finally snapped. XXX
And down the bully went, straight onto the path of an incoming train. XX
'It was murder' they said. 'That boy is a monster' they said. No one could take the truth, and in a small town, the death of a person so early in youth was unfathomable. The culprit - the protector - was chased out of town, forced to part with his only friend and the only home he'd ever known. Away he went, with his mother and shattered dignity in tow. XXX
Now, a great many years later, he returns, with a new name and a new motto: 'Stay away from others, and then you can never hurt them.' XXX

...however, I most certainly have.

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VIlle.Sunfall - Posts (again...? Hope you're okay fam)

Code: Select all

[[color=red]Dialogue : Red[/color] | [color=teal]Thought : Teal[/color]][/center][/right]   
[center]It was early, far too early for Takumi. Mornings were never his thing even as a kid he's always hated mornings. It was hot and the air was always too thick for him, especially in Japan. Up before his alarm, he shut it off before it could wake his mother whose room was just a room across the hall from him. Scratching his tummy he looked out the bright window with a sleepy look on his face. Glaring at the sun he got up and headed for the shower. Getting ready for the morning seemed sort of fast for him, so it tends to have made the morning feel a lot longer.

Looking over at the clock he walked over to his mom's room waking her up for work.
[color=red]"Mum wake up, it's time for work and I have to go to class."[/color]
she mumbled and rolled over. With a sigh, Takumi grabbed her sheets and pulled them up and over tossing her on the ground.
[color=red]"Yeah hi, remember me? Your son? Well, he says it's time for work. So get up!"[/color]
Rubbing his head he left her room and headed downstairs and out the house, hearing her yelling at him.

Yawning he slung his bag over his shoulder and started to head to school on foot. Not even 5 minutes in school and the place had turned Takumi's face sour or so he wanted it too. Keeping a blank face and eyes forward, he ignored all the girls gawking and talking. It was hard to ignore that was for sure, seeing as they were louder than chickens squawking.

With fighting luck, he found his locker in the crowds of people who wouldn't stop staring. It was starting to bug him, but not like a simple oh it's just people sort of way, more like he wanted to throw them out the window way. This thought almost made him crack a smirk, but he withheld. Putting his things away he headed for class with just 2 minutes to spare before the bell rang. But sadly seeing all those people there at the door hassling the teacher had him at witts end. This causing him to snap, he couldn't take it no more, no longer.

With a deep, yet low voice he spoke through a fake smile, that almost seemed threatening. [color=red]"some of us, like myself, have class. If you don't mind,...ladies. Could you move, please? Being late on the first day would suck."[/color]
Though that wasn't true, if he could he would skip school altogether.

The girls squealed and gawked at him asking one question after another. The questions came out so fast Takumi couldn't even hear them no more. The words just jumbled into one another. Tightening his teeth he slowly moved past the sea of unwanted girls, only to finally break free as the teacher moved passed him, shoving all the girls out of his class with a loud bang of the sliding doors.

[b] BE GONE! [/b]
She huffed and sighed looking over at Takumi.
[b]"The nurse's office is just down the hall, just in case they kill you!"[/b]
Rubbing her chin she looked at the class and shoved her hand to Takumi's elbow, seeing as he was too tall to get to his shoulder.
[b]"This class is Takumi, Tastera Takumi, be sure to remember this. Ok Tastera, the sea next to Yamamoto should be fine.[/b]
Grabbing her clipboard she noted it in her seating chart.

Tastera looked to where she pointed and suddenly his stomach felt tight and his heart felt as if it had frozen in his chest. And this boy, Yamamoto made him feel like this. Not even knowing why he couldn't stop himself from staring the boy straight in the eyes that felt so familiar to him...[/center]

Code: Select all
[center]Pay attention in class? As if that would happen, how could it happen? His eyes wouldn't leave the back of Yamamoto's head. It wasn't too obvious, though, the way he was staring people would mistake him for sleeping. He had his hand on his cheek bent up and his head tilted to the side. Though his eyes weren't closed but anyone looking at him would think they were from the angle he had his head.

[color=teal]..Who is he?...[/color]
Repeating that over and over, nothing seemed the click, the eyes, though. The rare color was so familiar...why? Even though he couldn't see the boys eyes right now, it's all that was in his head that and a small tiny ounce of him was hoping he would turn around and look back at Takumi.

With a whispered sigh he looked down at his notebook, scribbling in the notes he heard the teacher mention that the class needed to take. Done, he slipped the book into his desk and leaned back in his chair waiting for the time to pass, which was much faster than he thought it would be. The teacher switched out of the classroom as fast as she could, very noticeably warning the other teacher of the crowd of girls that would attack at any given second! This made Takumi raise his eyebrow at the that overly excited female teacher that they got stuck with. Wasn't she like 34 give or take?

Time had passed in that class too, taking all the needed notes fo the upcoming tests. Worst time of the year. After Christmas everyone freaks out over all the testing, it was outrageous. If people didn't pull things off to last second they wouldn't need to cram. Takumi hated Christmas, it was the worst, especially after. A lot happens and too many expectations were needed that day and new years.

His thoughts were pulled away when he heard a few people talking to Yamamoto, to Takumi, they seemed a bit on the rag if he had to say. Sure it was wrongly put, maybe, but it was how they acted. Shaking his head he stood up at the same time Yamamoto glanced in his direction. Again his heart froze in place and it felt like a rock had just dropped to his stomach. Confused he stared back watching the boy grab his things and leaving.

Ignoring the girls Takumi did the same, following shortly behind only to turn away and get his lunch out of his locker. Making a short stopped at the nurses he noticed he/she wasn't there. Taking one of the blankets off the bed he folded it up and headed back out of the room, following the stairs up to the top he paused and stared.

Nodding at Yamamoto as if to say hi, he then glanced over to the open door, smirking he knew it, snow and a lot of it. Taking the blanket out, he placed his lunch on the top of the rail of the stairs. Stepping outside and onto the snow he tossed the blanket out and over the snow, only to come back, take his lunch and jump, back first onto the blanket covered snow, placing his bagged lunch onto his chest and using his foot to close the door back to where Yamamoto had it.

Taking a deep breath he stared at the sky, good thing it was warm to him otherwise, this would have sucked. It was better it wasn't morning too. Softly he started to [url=]hum a tune[/url] he had in his head for as long as he could remember. It was a song his mom always sang to him when he was small and he has sung it since. It was always done when he didn't notice or was relaxed.

As the bell rang, Takumi ignored it, knowing damn well what class was about to start, there was no way he was going to go, not eve if he had froze to death on the roof. Well that wouldn't be so bad, at least he knew he deserved it.[/center]

Code: Select all

Sitting up from the snow, Takumi got up and moved his way to the nurses and again no one was in. It kind of made him wonder if there even was a doc around. Shrugging it off he laid down on one of the free beds and closed the curtains shut. Having himself a nap....

Takumi rubbed his eye as he sat on the ground petting a cat. A boy with soft brown hair that flowed every as he ran and eyes that no one could ever forget.
His smile was bright and blinding. The boy was running towards him as if he was to open his Christmas gifts. Just as Takumi was about to call the boys name, a loud bell rung in the background.

Eyes fluttering open to see only curtains before him and a peak of light shining through. It took him a second to remember where he was. Minutes later he got up with a sigh. It's been a while since he had that dream so why now? Shaking it off, he rubbed his neck as he grabbed his things headed to class now.

Something in the room seemed off this time. It was probably there before but Takumi didn't notice it until now when he saw Yamamoto's soaked books. Glancing around the room as he walked in he stopped by the desk to where a group of people was whispering, the same people who were giving Yamamoto a hard time. Glancing inside Takumi's textbooks he spoke in a low voice for only them to hear.

[color=red]So drowning expensive textbooks is funny to you? Well, I suppose it is funny, that is when you go into the Master's office explaining to him and your parents as to why you lot need to buy new books. Personally, I would most definitely find it amusing."[/color]
Smiling as he closed his textbook he finally looked up at them and nodded.
[color=red]"Oh pardon me"[/color]
He spoke in a normal tone now to them and so the whole class could hear.
[color=red]"I must have walked the wrong way when reading these notes."[/color]
The group he spoke to had a dark look on their face, almost as if a ghost walked passed them. His smile wasn't kind, nor did it feel warm and welcoming.

Walking off towards Yamamoto, he cleared his throat as he sat down his textbook on Yamamoto's desk. Swiftly sliding his hand over Yamamoto's books taking them for himself.
[color=red]"Sorry, but I think these are mine. Pity, I accidently took your textbook. The notes in them are very useful, thank you.[/color]
Sitting down at his desk behind him he opened the wet books to the daily page. Not bothering to look he leaned his hand on his cheek like last time but had his eyes closed this time. His chest was throbbing and he didn't understand why. Why that boy made him feel this way. It was odd.

Code: Select all
[center]The end of school was about to near and for some reason, it felt like it was the longest part of the school. The last class always felt like the time would never pass. The teacher went on and on and on and nearly half the class looked as if they'd pass out. The at least class was quiet for the most part. In the back of his mind, he was hoping that those who were bothering Yamamoto wouldn't be doing at least for a while.

His eyes shifted from the people's heads and back over to Yamamoto's.
[color=teal]Bit of bed head.[/color]
Made him smirk a bit as he shifted in his seat once again. The second that bell rang he was outta there or so he thought, the teacher had spoken to him just before the bell rang.

The bell had rung and the kids all rushed out ready for the day to end and sleep, well sleep was mostly on Takumi's mind at this point. They'd most likely party.

[b]Takumi, these are the notes that I've gathered for you from your teachers. Testing shouldn't be a problem for you with these bad boys.[/b]
Taking a moment to look over the notes he slipped them into his bag and pulled out Yamamoto's textbooks.
[color=red]"I've already written down all the notes in here, do you mind getting me a new one. I've seemed to have dropped it into the snow by mistake."[/color]
The teacher tossed the book in the trash and pulled out a new one.
[b]"Ok but don't ruin this one or you'd have to pay for it. Got it? I'll let it slide this time."[/b]
Takumi nodded and carried it with him along with the notes. Maybe if he were lucky he'd run into that boy, maybe...

Just when he hoped his nightmare was over, it wasn't. The squealing girls were a never ending story, though the movie was far better, this wasn't. Already Takumi mapped out the fastest way out of here, but before he could, he heard small feet come up behind him. Any normal person would have made a bolting dash for it, yet, some reason, his heart bolted his feet down.

Just when he had thought that the boy was holding up his textbooks to him looking as if he was a mouse standing before his slayer. His words seemed just the same too, it was a bit cute the boy didn't notice this. Listening to his words carefully, Takumi bent forward to look at this boy at eye level. Without a word he softly took the books from his hand and replaced them with new ones.

[color=red]To care about such trifle things is not on my schedule. If they want to be immature and waste their time on disliking someone, that is up to them. I'd have to care, but there is one thing I care about. The only person who could make me stop is myself. The books, though, don't worry about them...[/color]
His words trailed off, he had more to say but he couldn't. Taking a moment in silence, he stared at the boy's familiar eyes. Without thinking, without realizing, he had stepped forward, taking Yamamoto by the shoulders and pressing him into his body. Hugging him softly his arms didn't want to let go, they wanted to squeeze him tight and chain him in place. This wasn't normal, Takumi had never done this before, it was insane.
[color=red]Who are you....?[/color]
His words were faint and even hard for him to hear himself speak.

The sound of the boy's baseball team came rushing out causing a ruckus. Takumi's thoughts pulled back to reality and he had realized what he had done. Clearing his throat he let go and shifted away. His eyes looking down towards the ground there was a deep glare in them and confusion. Why had he had done that? What had come over him? Was it cause the boy was too close? Whoever he was there was only one other time he's felt this...but when.

[b]Tastera! There you are![/b]
Glancing over his shoulder he saw who it was, but the glare in his eyes didn't leave. This startled the Coach and made him choke on his words. Takumi clicked his teeth and took off. No way in hell was he going to go to that gym.
[color=red]See you tomorrow.[/color]
His words had become soft as he whispered them in Yamamoto's ear while he passed him, taking a short cut through a park.[/center]

Code: Select all
[right][img][/img][/right] Throwing his stuff inside his room, he quickly got out of his school clothes and into his dark red hood and black leather jacket, slipping on a pair of black jeans to go with and fingerless leather gloves. Making his way back downstairs he looked around to make sure his mom wasn't home. Quickly he made his escape trough the back door and out to the streets. Anything to avoid his mom and the dozens of questions about school. Even if she did have questions he had none to answer without the words, 'it was fine' or 'yeah met a lot of people'.

[b]'Oh look if it isn't the new kid.'[/b]
A tall male came out from the store Takumi was passing. He wore a black skull punked looking shirt with a sweater over slip and jeans to match. His hair was set to a spiked mess and he had pierced ears. He sort of looked familiar a bit.
[b]'We're like in the same class yo. The names Rivera and the dude in there behind me is Daves'[/b]
When he pointed behind him, there he was coming in through the door. This guy dressed nothing like the other one, in fact just the opposite. He wore sports clothing and his hair was cut short enough it spiked slightly on its own. It made Takumi wonder how in the world those two could have come to be friends, maybe they grew up together, that would explain it most.

Daves nodded in silence as he shuffled his hand through is bag pulling out his ice cream.
[b]'So it's lucky we ran into, we wanted to know if you wanted to hang with us. After what you did to that pain in the ass group of kids, it was just too funny to pass you up. You scared the shit outta them! Didn't he Daves.'[/b]
Rivera boomed with laughter elbowing Daves a few times. Dave looked at me and nodded again agreeing with his ice cream in his mouth.
[b]'So whatcha say?[/b]
Rivera's cheeky grin and out shifted hand towards Takumi sort of made him shake the guy's hand.
[color=red]"Sure I don't mind. I could use something to do in this hick town."[/color]

Rivera laughed again and leaned against Daves
[b]'That's for damn sure. I wish there was things to do, the most Daves and I got is a handout, but that's pretty much it. Or we could always cause trouble with the Queen.'[/b]
Dave's glanced at Rivera and Rivera smiled shifting Takumi in the direction to walk, his hands held onto his shoulders as he shifted him the rest of the way.
[b]'Trust me you'd like her. She's great and it might be a small town, but it's the only place to chill. Not most people know about it, so that's always great. Also, it's my house.'[/b]

[right][img][/img][/right]Once they reached the location, the place was a bit run down, but still stood. There was a sign above the door that led down under the building. It read 'Queen Bee's Bar'.
[color=red]'Bar, huh?'[/color]
River smiled and lead them down the steps. Daves opened the door and spoke in a deep husky voice.
[b]Hey mom we're home.[/b]
The voice sounded husky, older and with a girlish tone to it. The person came out from behind the bar, giving Daves the hug of his life. A man, without a doubt a man in woman's clothing. Takumi couldn't find himself to bring any expression to his face, nor any thought to his head, the shock of it hit him hard, but in a way, he didn't seem to mind it.

[b]Oh my who is this son?[/b]
Speaking to Rivera now, the man headed towards Takumi. The man smiled and eyes Takumi up and down. With an impressed look on his face, he smiled.
[b]Oh now I can see why you are here, very very handsome you are. Almost like a Prince!'[/b]
He squealed and hugged Takumi. Takumi always hated to be compared to a Prince, he was nothing like one.

[b]"Mom this is Testera Takumi. We're in the same class. I thought he'd do some good here.[/b]
Rivera smirked as Daves sat down at the bar, pulling out his ice cream stick from his mouth.
[b]'My room's up the steps over here, we can chill up there.[/b]

Doing just that, it had become a long night. Takumi stayed until River passed out playing video games. Daves put him to bed and headed out with Takumi.
[color=red] Don't like to talk much do you?'[/color]
Daves took a moment to think about it.
[color=teal]He was actually thinking about it, odd.[/color]
[b]'I talk, but Riv seems to speak enough for both of us and normally he says what I feel a good percent of the time. So I let him.'[/b]
[color=red]Welp, I guess I get it. Alright good to know, you're more about body language.'[/color]
They both laughed. Looking around Takumi shifted right.
[color=red]'Later Daves, I go this way.[/color]

Leaving, Takumi headed back home. Checking the time it was late, which was good, his mom should be in bed. Quietly he successfully got into his room and didn't bother changing as he tossed himself into the bed. Staring at his hand his mind wonder to Yamamoto.
[color=teal]What's wrong with me...[/color]
Wasn't too long before he drifted to a deep sleep.

Code: Select all
[right][img][/img][/right] Takumi's morning wasn't going anywhere fast. His father got a bright idea of coming over to spend time with him and his mother. No way in hell was he going to do that. Slamming his palms on the table in the middle of his dad's sentence he got up and walked out the door without a word. Slamming the door shut after grabbing his bag he had left the house headed for school.

Catching sight of the Coach, luckily he saw him for otherwise Takumi wouldn't have been able to dodge him so easily. Ducking into the bushes he waited a good 3 minutes before peeking out and looking around. The window down from him had been open, so he took his shot. Climbing in through the window that leads into a random classroom. They guys eyed him and the girls squealed for him. Squinting his face a bit, he had dodged a girl who wanted to hang onto his arm.

[color=red]Sorry but I'm late.[/color]
Taking off he cut out the classroom and down the hall, shortly after reaching the room he paused by the door to the sound of Rivera's voice. Wasn't long after his snickering Yamamoto replied back to him. Glancing into the room still hidden he saw Yamamoto standing onto a chair writing on the blackboard. Itching the side of his neck he finally walked into the classroom.

[b]Yo Taku! Sup man![/b]
Rivera hugged him and patted his shoulder. Daves nodded at him and stood by their side.
[b]Going to hang with us again right bro?[/b]
Takumi grimaced remembering this morning.
[color=red]Nah I can't, maybe tomorrow, though.[/color]
His voice was a bit off as his eyes slightly glanced at Yamamoto. It wasn't safe standing on the chair like that. It sort of bothered him, but he ignored it as best he could. Headed towards his seat Rivera and Daves sat on the seats across from his desk, but Takumi paused, his eyes noticing the faded red markings across Yamamoto's desk. Touching the letters, his fist then balled up and slammed against the desk causing the class to go quietly.
[color=red] Insults, really? What are you 10?[/color]
Eyes shifting to the class, they weren't a glare but warnings.
[color=red] List, you can do whatever you like. Don't let me stop you, but.[/color]
His hand slammed onto the desktop to the letters.
[color=red]If I see this crap being done to my friends again and I catch you do it. Trust me when I say, you won't like me, but your medical doctor would. Boy or girl, I don't tolerate this crap."[/color]
Taking a deep breath as he pinched the bridge of his nose he mumbled almost growled his next words.
[color=red]Don't make me warn you again about this, I'm far from the mood to put on fake smiles and being kind.[/color]

Daves got up and placed a hand on Takumi's back looking at him with soft eyes. Takumi nodded and they both left the classroom. Taking him down the hall they both sat on a bench near the vending machines. Daves got them some energy drinks to sip on, but instead, Tamuki sat there bent over rubbing his temples. Still not saying a word Daves sat down and relaxed with is head tilted back looking up at the sky.
[color=red]Thanks for the drink.[/color]
Glancing at Takumi, Daves shrugged.
[b]It's cheap, no big deal.[/b]
[color=red]Won't Rivera miss you?[/color]
Running his hand through his short hair he shrugged again.
[b]He'll be waiting like a lost puppy when I get back or he'll come get me. Trust me, it's fine.[/b]

The small talk was great and all, but the fired up pit in his stomach wouldn't go away. His old man had a lot of nerve. After all, that was done and said, he'd wished he could just disappear.
[b]I don't know what has happened to you, but I do know that whatever it is, sometimes, things are better if you just let it go.[/b]
[color=red]It's nothing that could be let go. It's something that just sticks with you, sticks with you no matter what you do, no matter how much you push it away. It always comes back, making you remember."[/color]

Re: Forgiveness

Ville.Sunfall - Posts

Code: Select all
[u][i]Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
Mother's singing voice rang through the crack of his door as he slept. Once he had no answer, she barged right in and pounced on him.

[b]"Don't ignore me Takumi Testera!"[/b]

She pouted and yanked the covers off of his head.

[b]"Mommy dearest, needs you to get to the store with her. I know you are tired after helping moving in everything, but we need dinner don't we? Plus I need you to shop for hardware supplies like nails for the pictures and light bulbs and maybe some new furniture while we are at it. Come come get up now."[/b]
She got up from on top of him and took his covers with her as she walked out of his room and hung his blanket up on a bar line for futons to be aired out outside.  He laid there in bed for a moment with his eyes staring at the wall and half of his face smothered into his pillow.

[color=teal][i][b]"Be nice to have a normal mother once in a while."[/b][/i][/color]

Glaring a bit with irritation in his eyebrows he got up and got ready to go. Wasn't long before they were on the road in his mom's jeep that she adored so much. Out of all the other cars she could have gotten, it had to be the jeep of all things. As he sat there staring out the window, his mother sang to random songs as she bobbed her head to the beat of each one. She kind of reminded him of a cartoon character, her personality, the way she was always way too happy about everything and her colorful clothes. Today though, it was a simple sundress, white with teal and blue flower stains.

By the time they reached the store, he was regretting ongoing. First he had to wake up early on a weekend and now he had to go through that?


He glared as he looked at the crowd of people. It was insane how much people enjoyed cheap sales. He was just about to turn around and get back into until he mother caught hold of his shirt and shoved him right into the crowd of people.

[b]"Sorry Takki, mommy needs you to be her shield as she pushes these people outta her way!"[/b]

There was really no bother to do that, one look at Taku's face and people were moving fast enough. His glare was like daggers and his face had a cold expression on it. That was until someone had ran right into him, that made his last string of restraint snap. He clenched his teeth and felt almost about to hit the person, but his mom was holding onto the sides of his arms, still using him as a shield, so he couldn't do much without hurting her first. He was so pissed he managed to completely ignoring this person's apology.

[i]"Taku...whoa, you're tall. I guess my growth spurt wasn't as awesome as yours...anyway, I've missed you. You sort of disappeared for nine years without a word, what the heck happened? You never even told me anything..."[/i]

He didn't say anything at first, he was too busy trying to not snap in front of the whole store. It was a bit hot and there were too many people, he had to get up early and to top it off he ran into the one person he didn't want to see yet. It was a bad morning.

[color=red][b]"Oi bean sprout, listen carefully. I'm only going to say this once. Don't call me Taku, it's Testera."[/b][/color]

His voice was a bit cold, it matched his irritation quite well on his face. At this point, he couldn't help his words spill out of his mouth before it even was on his mind.

[color=red][b]"I'm not sure if you have the right person, besides, you're in the way, can you move? It's too hot to be bothered with a conversation."[/b][/color]
It was less of a question and more of a do it now as he grabbed onto Kei's shoulders lightly, moving him out of the way in a gentle way. Sure he was pissed, but Kei was like a girl and that was one of the things he wouldn't treat violently.

[color=red][b]"If you want we can play next time."[/b][/color]

He smirked and tapped Kei's lips with his index finger in a flirting way.[/center]

Code: Select all
[u][i]Yamaguchi High
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center] 
Taku watched as Kei started to blush and look confused. It was rather cute how he acted just now, but Taku felt he had to push him away before they got close again. To have the past happen for a second time, would be horrid. It'll be easier to have Kei hate him than to relive the past once more. So if he had to act like a stranger or a douche than so be it. In an odd way though, it was nice to see him again and to see he hasn't changed too much from his memory of him.

The several people who looked and caught Kei's attention had no effect on Taku what so ever. He was used to it, so caring now what people thought would be a waste of time. By the time, Kei grabbed his things and left quickly Taku's mom was already questioning him on what had just happened. It was a long way home that's for sure, with what her jabbering on how it was wrong of him to act that way in public.

Dinner passed with a phone call from his father that seemed to set him on edge. All they did was bicker and he ended up hanging up on his old man. The fact he wanted nothing to do with him or his mom for the past 8 years was one thing, but to now want him to be apart of his life, just pissed him off. His mom and he ended up finishing all the house work and unpacking, so that was an easy distraction of things. He didn't have to think of Kei or his dad for a little while. That was until that night when he suddenly had that nightmare again of the past.

The school was something he didn't want to do either, but with what his mom and all, he was up and out of bed and done with his morning things in about 30 or so minutes. There was really no point in taking a car to school, but his mom thought it would be best seeing as she had worked along the way. So, she ended up dropping him off a bit early.

Taking his time walking inside the school, he had to pause at the foot locker room where students changed from their outdoor shoes to indoor. It took him a moment to look for his name and just when he found it, there were a bunch of girls chatting away about their personal lives.

[b]"Yeah so Kimmy, did you hear? I guess we are getting a new kid. Isn't that odd? I mean we live a crappy place like this and we get a new kid? I wonder what he's like..."[/b]

A blonde spoke in a catty tone as she texted away on her pink glamoured up phone. The Burnett she spoke to was about average and looked a bit plane. You could easily tell the blonde was only friends with her out of pity or just to talk. The Burnett hesitated on what she was about to say and after a long while, she couldn't think of anything.

[b]"Maybe he's some nerdy fat slob with glasses too big for his face."[/b]   

The blonde started to laugh obnoxiously, holding her stomach in tears. The Burnett giggled softly as she watched.

[color=red][b]"Excuse me."[/b][/color]

Taku said while leaning down at the Burnett's level, up close near her face.

[color=red][b]"Can you two move? You're in the way of a nerdy fat slob with glasses that are too big for my face."[/b][/color]

He stared at the two with a blank look on his face and even though that comment pissed him off, he rather not start anything in school. The Burnett waved her hands backing up as she said sorry and the blonde looked at him shocked and flushed red as she took her friend and ran off some place.

Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck while opening up his locker door with his free hand. He just wanted to hurry up and get out of the hall before he runs into Kei. Bending over to take off his shoes to switch them with his indoor pair.   

[b]"You must be Takumi Testera. I'm Coach Jurder, it's nice to meet you. I hear you like sports, that's good, come join the basketball team, we could use your height."[/b]

Jurder offered his hand for a shake but...

[color=red][b]"I doubt I would have time for that. Maybe you heard wrong."[/b][/color]

Taku said bluntly and turned his back, heading down the hall. Speaking to teachers was always such a drag to him and the Coaches were the worst of all to handle. It's always his height one thing or his size the other. It never ended.

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[u][i]Yamaguchi High 
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size]
[b]"So you must be the new kid."[/b]
Two male students stopped Taku in front of Kei's class. One was tall and slightly on the thin side, brown hair and a piercing in his lip. The other wore his clothes loosely and his black hair was in a mess, no piercings, but he wore a necklace with some weird design on it. It didn't take a genius to realize that these were the type of guys no one wanted a part of, no one but Taku.

Smirking Taku leaned against the wall. He glanced over to a few girls who were staring at them as they walked by.

[color=red][b]"That'll be me, but I don't have time for chit chat. Maybe we can do something later."[/b][/color]

His eyes slowly returned to the guys that were no looking at each other. The tall one laughed and hung his arm on his friend's shoulder and waved his hands at the girls who now looked away blushing.

[b]"Girls in this school are so worth it."[/b]

He said, licking his lip and then looking over at Taku.

[b]"You got good taste, my friend. The name's Rivera, the shorty next to me is Daves.[/b]

Before Daves could say something the teacher from Kei's class interrupted him.

[b]"Yes yes, now you all know each other. Get to class now."[/b]

[color=red][b]"Come on Teacher, be nice now. They were just being friendly. After all, I am new."[/b][/color]

He gave her a charming smile as his face became gentle. Rivera smiled as he flung his arm around Taku's shoulder.

[b]"Of course, we were just about to help him to class. After all, how often do we get new kids here?"[/b]

[b]"Maybe showing him around is better than detention aye teach?"[/b]

Dave muttered as he shifted his weight on the door frame. Taku eyed the teacher and nodded as if saying he doesn't mind.

[b]"Actually, no sorry, but I have Keiji to do it, I don't trust you two alone with him. You cause enough troubles as it is. You and Keiji can do it at lunch."[/b]

She stepped back and placed her hand on Keiji's desk and smiled as if there was no other choice. Both the boys mutter damn and Taku just didn't bother with it further, instead he smiled and took a step forward.

[color=red][b]It's good to meet you again. I go by Takumi Testera. And wow...[/b][/color]

He walked up to the Kei's desk and leaned forward without touching it and keeping his hands in his pocket. Just deciding to tease him a bit.

[color=red][b]"Yep, I was right, you really are cute. Just my type."[/b][/color]

The teacher blushed a bit as she cleared her throat, but the tension in the room felt off. The reason being was the two who ran into Taku started to glare, cold hard and heavy. Paying no mind to it Taku smirked and leaned his hand on the desk as he whispered into Keiji's ear.

[color=red][b]"Keep me a secret. Otherwise, I'd know who to come to if others find out."[/b][/color]

Feeling a tightness in his chest after his words, he found no choice but to say them. He didn't want what happened long ago to be surfaced again, he didn't want the two to become close. Maybe with this, he'll keep quiet and not say a word. When he pulled back, he made eye contact with Kei. He stared at him and nothing more before the teacher turned and introduced Taku to the class. For a moment as he looked away, he let his emotions slip in his eyes and he narrowed them to hide it the pain he felt. It was hard to be back and see an old friend, it was harder to do what had to be done on top of that.

He let his face go blank as he bowed his head, with a slight hey after that. Going to his seat at the back row, Rivera leaned back in his chair and started to chat to him quietly as the teacher went on and taught, once in a while you'd see Daves's nod or mutter something, he sat on the left side of Taku.

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[u][i]Yamaguchi High   
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center] 
Classes ended and lunch came up close. After lunch seemed to be Gym for Taku, the worst class ever. Sure when he was young, sports was all he loved to do, that and protect his best friend, but now that he is older and things have changed, sports are nothing but a reminder of the past.

Rivera was, of course, the chatty one of the bunch, though no matter what he said, he'd never run out of topics. It was a bit understanding why a guy of so few words, Daves, would hang around him. They fitted together perfectly if they were a couple, they'd make a cute one, but for all he knows they could be an item already. It's hard to be best friends with someone for so long and not at least develop some sort of feelings that way. At least one of them had to have felt that way.

[b]"Rivera, we should head to detention, otherwise we won't have our summer. Didn't you want to go to the beach, outside of these mountains?"[/b]

Daves stood up with his hands stuffed away in his pockets with his eyes closed, then looked out the window where the snow was sticking around the frame and frost was being collected afterward.

Rivera reached inside the neck of his shirt and rubbed his shoulder muscle as he thought. Daves's eyes glanced at Rivera's bare skin for a lingering moment and then he turned his back but stopped once Keiji started walking towards us. There it was, Taku figured one of them at least felt like more than just friends. It was obvious it would have been Daves, why else would he put up with a chatter box? Taku chuckled softly and shifted his weight in his seat.

[b]"Oh it seems the small fry isn't afraid to come near us. How brave."[/b]

Rivera mumbled to him quietly. Taku smirked slightly, unsure if he was pissed about that or not.

[color=red][b]"I beg to differ."[/b][/color]

Taku crossed his legs and leaned forward with his elbow on the desk and his chin resting in his palm. His eyes watched Keiji as he slowly made his way over with a nervous smile. This irritated him more than it should.

[color=teal][b][i]"What kid, who use to be bullied all the time, would just come up to a bunch of guys who look like delinquents as if it were nearly no problem at all? Even if the teacher insisted! Is this kid an idiot right? He must be."[/i][/b][/color]   

Breaking his thoughts away, he felt a ping in his chest, he wasn't sure if it was because he was happy that his old friend was coming over, or if he was really pissed about it. But he did stare, watching him carefully as he stumbled over his words as if trying to choose them correctly. Thankfully Rivera didn't say anything because Daves decided to catch his attention instead. Standing next to him with a gentle expression on his face.

[color=brown][b]"Um, I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot so...I'm Keiji Yamamoto. Nice to meet do you want to start?"[/b][/color]

Rivera started to laugh and brought his attention back to Keiji. Taku said nothing as Daves moved over to sit on top of the desk that Rivera was at.

[b]"You're one brave kitten, I give you that Yama. But don't think you can just come over here just because you're cute. Otherwise, you'll end up behind closed doors with one of us and I doubt you'd like it very much.[/b]

He laughed again, but this time nudged Taku.

[b]"After all Takumi didn't seem to hide his attraction for you! He might be the first one to eat you up."[/b]

Daves said nothing as if the conversation wasn't even happening, in his own little world he took a bite of an apple that a girl had given him just a moment ago. It bothered Taku, not Daves, but Rivera's comment and how he said his first name and not last. Pressing his fingers into his lips he put on a stern smile.


Taku whispered the name softly and leaned back to rub his neck. Then he outstretched his hands in front of his, crossing his fingers together and cracking them all at once, showing a dark expression on his face.

[color=red][b]"Sure, I don't mind going with you, as long as you can put up with it."[/b][/color]

He rose to his feet, using the desk as support to get out of such a small space. He stood tall, feeling the eyes of others stare at him as he ignored it, closing his eyes as he walked out the door with a hand in his pocket.

[color=red][b]"Hurry up kid! I don't want to do this forever!"[/b][/color]

His words were sharp-tongued and slightly cold. He wasn't mad with Keiji, but letting it out on him was easier than letting it out on Rivera. That was part of the reason why he was holding his left punching hand in his pocket. Taku was left handed for a lot of things he did but right handed for writing. It was an odd trait. When he was a kid doing sports, a lot of the coaches always had troubles with him, because they didn't know how to train him. Whenever he was alone, he'd always goof around with his left hand, he never liked favoring his right, it would always go back to his left. He did it without noticing himself, until Keiji spotted it out one day, ever since then, he boomed at sports. And who would have thought it was his friend to thank for that. But, he ended up using his talent for more than just sports, he used it for violence and used it to kill a kid. It was the worst. He never used it again after that and started to favor his right hand.

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[u][i]Yamaguchi High   
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
[color=red][b]"Who gives a crap about the gym. I won't be going there, ever."[/b][/color]

Just thinking about it set him on edge. He couldn't help but show it on his face, clenching his teeth and nearly glaring as he walked down the hall, but his hair was hiding most of his eyes. Sighing mentally in his head once Keiji said he was sorry, but he had nothing to be sorry about, he'd done nothing wrong. It was Taku who was the one who needed to be forgiven, but didn't want it mainly because he deserved it. Or so he thought.

Taku stopped walking and stared down what was left of the hall, just about to say something, he turned to face Kei with his mouth open a bit and his hand about to touch his cheek. Rejecting what he was about to say and do the moment he noticed a girl crash right into Kei's back amd say what she did. Looking down for a moment Taku put his left hand back into his pocket.

[color=teal][b][i]"What was I going to say? Don't be sorry with me? Is everything okay? It's not your fault and blame me?"[/i][/b][/color]

Blame him? For what, the past or now? He had no right to touch Kei, so he felt inside. Then when Kei gave him the look he used to long ago whenever he was in danger or desperate, it almost made Taku forget everything and do so. Like a dog would do whenever his master called him and command him. It took almost everything he had to just stare right back and not do a thing. He almost felt un angered and normal again. His deep red eyes glanced over to the girl and he clicked his tongue.

[color=red][b]"Tch. The name's Testera, not new kid."[/b][/color]

Turning away, he started to walk down the hall, not caring whether or not he was seen, he lifted his right hand, keeping his left tucked away and hit the side of his fit against the wall making a loud 'bang' noise. He let his hand drop and kept walking off until he was out of sight. Eventually he found himself on the roof of the school, staring down at the school's gym field. People were running around the track field, looked like practice during winter. They were even wearing their winter gym gear.

Lifting his hands onto the fence that surrounded the edge of the roof he leaned his head against it and closed his eyes. The coolness of the air relaxed him a bit and the icy feel of the metal relaxed his mind from going on edge. Opening his eyes slowly, he thought a bit on why he ever agreed to come back. It was mostly his mom who wanted this, not him. If he could, he'd avoid this place forever and never think of it again until the day he died.To be in isolation would have been just fine with him, maybe if he were lucky, he'd be killed by a Yakuza. Maybe though, he did hang out with them, but he didn't say anything to put himself in that position. He'd just figure maybe he'd be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The bell rang, but he ignored it. There was no way in hell he'd go to the gym. The Coach was already at his throat.

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[center][i]Nope still alive Lol[/i][/center] 
[u][i]The Pier. Flora's Flowers (Shop) 
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
Taku didn't really go to the gym or the field, but he did pass by it on his way to ditch the rest of school. He paused by the gates of the field and listened to everyone play cricket outside in their winter gym clothes. A few boys were on the sidelines waiting for the turn as they chat to each other. One of them were slightly bothered by Kei's lack of joining the others and getting away with it by running. Either it pissed him off that Kei wasn't joining the game, or it pissed him off that he couldn't play with Kei in order to hit on him or show off. Whichever the case was, Taku didn't like it one bit and with what was being said, he felt as if he could break the guys neck.

[b]"Oi isn't that the new kid, Harley? He's glaring at you, man."[/b]

Harley's friend nudged him as he noticed Taku's stare. Once Harley looked over he stiffed up and quickly looked away.

[b]"Dude what did you do? I hear he is hanging with Rivera and Daves. You better watch out. He might be a pretty face, but if he is hanging with those two, you know he's gotta be tough."[/b]

[b]"The hell if I know. it's the first I seen him!"[/b]

Taku thought of ways to beat the guys face in until he saw Kei come his way. Not really his way, more like just running along the track and heading this way. He could just picture it now. If things were the same as they used to be, Taku would have marched right up to Harley and already start to pummel him. While the whole time, Kei would be trying to stop it and tell him that it wasn't a big deal. But he was wrong, it was always a big deal to Taku. He didn't like it and over time he had to make it known by his fists.

Narrowing his eyes, he turned away from the field and started to walk off. Honestly at this point, he felt no right to think of Kei what so ever.  Surprisingly there were a lot of people out and about near the pier. Little kids not yet starting school were goofing around, the boy of the two even had the guts to kiss his male friend. The mom saw and panicked.

[b]"Boys shouldn't kiss boys, Nini-chan."[/b]

[b]"But momma! Shia-chan is a girl and she's my bride!"[/b]

He started to cry out for Shia. After a while, his mom gave up and let the kids be. Taku almost chuckled at it all. Back when he was younger at that age, he thought Kei was a girl too. He didn't say he wanted to marry him out loud. Back then Taku was shy with his feelings.

[b]"Excuse me, Mister. It is alright if you give me a hand? My back isn't what it use to be."[/b]

An elder woman was hunched over with a soft smile on her face as she asked Taku for help. He looked over at the shop where she came from and gave her a nod. It was a Flower shop next to the pier. The only one in town from what he's seen or noticed. The lady laughed softly and led the way. She pointed at a few pots that she wanted up on the top shelf of a glass fridge to keep the flowers fresh. There were quite a few to put away and help around. Seeing as he had nothing else to do, he just finished helping out with anything else she needed. As they worked she spoke about how her husband uses to be the one to do everything. She even mentioned that he looked a bit like Taku, except he had black hair and green eyes when he was younger. He didn't say anything or ask questioned, he just let her talk as much as she liked.

When they were done she stopped him from leaving by catching him by his uniform sweater. 

[b]"Won't you let me thank you for all your help?"[/b]

[color=red][b]"There's no point. I did it because I felt like it, not because I wanted anything in return."[/b][/color] He looked over his shoulder a bit in her direction but didn't show her his full face.


She giggled softly and let go, wiggling her way in between the door frame and Taku.

[b]"Well then, if you feel like it, you can work here. I won't mind having you around, besides, I can use a man to help out with all the heavy stuff or days that I can't make it in. Think about it and let me know."[/b]

She patted his arm softly and walked off back into her shop whistling to herself.

He sighed and started to walk off. He was about to look for a job soon, to think it found him. Though it's a flower shop. Looking at the sky it was a bit of an orange color, at this point he didn't know what time it was, or even if his mother was freaking out by now. But the water was nice and it looked as if it were on fire.

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[center][i]Nope still alive Lol[/i][/center] 
[u][i]The Bay 
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]

He felt his body pause himself right where he was walking. Why did he stop? Because no matter how much he wanted to keep walking and ignore his name being called and no matter how much he wanted to seem like he didn't hear it and ignore it. There was always that one person who made him do differently. Kei. He could try avoiding him or not talk to him, but he could never full ignore him no matter what. In a way, it was a pain in the ass, especially when he's been trying to push him away, but in the other way, it felt nice having him close.

Just standing there, not bothering to look, he felt himself waiting with his hands stuffed away in his pant pockets and his head staring up at that fire sky that started to change to a dark night color.

[color=brown][b]"Um, sorry to yell, I didn't want to miss you...actually, I don't know why I even called you out. Impulse, I guess."[/b][/color]
[color=teal][b][i]" don't have to lie."[/i][/b][/color] 

He thought to himself but still didn't move. Not saying a word, he wasn't too sure if he would say something wrong and ruin things... Clicked his tongue as he tilted it down and rubbed the back of his head.

[color=teal][b][i]"What am I doing? Why should I care if I chase him off or not?"[/i][/b][/color]

As Kei was saying his goodbye, Taku's mind went blank of everything else and before he realized it, the hand that was on his head was already making him turn around. He could feel his other hand reach out as well. He wanted to hug Kei and keep him from walking way, to stop him from leaving and not let go, but...

Looking at his friend walk away he dropped his hands and balled them up into fists. This pissed him off so much. Why did everything have to turn out this way? Wasn't Kei suppose to hate Taku for what he's done in the past? Maybe he had forgotten, it was after all so long ago, but who could forget something like that?

With a sigh, he didn't really feel like going home at this point. In the back of his mind, he was hoping his mom wouldn't be home. And he still wanted just a bit more time with Kei.

[color=red][b]"Oi! Yamamoto."[/b][/color]

He caught up to him in no time, in a way he was thankful being so tall. When he caught up, he caught hold of Kei's arm but didn't grab on hard enough to hurt or yank him. I guess it was hard enough to cause the kids back bump right into his chest. Though, Taku didn't take a step back or even back to let go. Maybe it was more like he couldn't bring himself to do it. Tilting his head down a little, his lips were nearly at Kei's ear once again, instead, Taku's chin barely touched to the top of Kei's head.

[color=red][b]"Give up."[/b][/color]

He said it, but he wasn't so sure he meant it, did he really want him to just walk away from his life? Could he honestly put up with it again. When he spoke again, his deep voice was almost a whisper.

[color=red][b]"You shouldn't get involved with me. You wouldn't like it. Nothing's the same."[/b][/color]

His hand slide up Kei's elbow, slowly trailing up his arm, he paused at his shoulder. Letting his fingers long linger on his collar bone.

[color=red][b]"I've done nothing good for you to just waltz right up to me as if nothing's happened. You don't know what I would do to you now."[/b][/color] 

Taku glanced in front of them a few girls walked by and started to stare. Without another word, he let go and walked off in the direction of his house. He could feel his fingers tingle and the softness of Kei's hair still lingered on his chin. His hair felt like silk like it use to. In a way, touching him felt comfortable.

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[u][i]Testera House Hold     
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
Taku kept hushed as he listened to ever word that his friend was saying. It sounded like he was pissed, sure, but it also sounded like he wanted to cry. Taku closed his eyes as he kept his back towards his friend. Hate him? That wasn't possible and neither was fully ignoring him.

Forgave him? It was almost too simple to believe that, but Kei wasn't one for lying, least not to Taku. Yet, it's been years, who's to say he hasn't changed? It's probably pity at this point.

[color=red][b]"How can someone be so ignorant? So damn clueless. Are you an idiot?"[/b][/color]

Taku looked around, people were staring because Kei was yelling everything out in the open. He glared at Kei and walked right up to him, snatching him by his wrist and dragging him along. He said nothing until they reached Taku's house. It was pretty much the only thing around here that was close enough to privacy as they could get. It was good his mom wasn't home yet, or that would have been too troublesome.

Once they were inside, Taku thud his feet against the steps, almost in a stomping way. He was still pissed off and didn't feel like bringing anything up in front of people. As they reached his bedroom door, he jerked Kei inside his room and finally let go of his hand, but now taking his shoulders and leading the way past the bedroom bathroom that had glass walls and over to a few more steps that led to couch and his bed. Finally, he let god and walked back up the little steps.

[color=red][b]"Anything to drink?"[/b][/color]

He paused at the door and sighed, tossing his bag into a corner and tripping out of his tie and sweater.

[color=red][b]"Sit where ever you like."[/b][/color]

He walked out the room and got the drinks. But instead of making it to the room right away, he quietly stepped outside and checked if his mom's car was here. Oddly enough, it wasn't. Taku didn't own a phone so it wasn't like he could text her. He itched his chest a bit and looked up at the house. Kei was inside, waiting for him to explain everything or we'll finish their conversation. Why the hell did he bring him here? Of all places. The real idiot here might just be Taku.

Shaking his head he went back inside and grabbed the drinks. Going back into his room and placing them on his coffee table. He huffed as he plopped himself down on the red sofa and cracking his soda open.

[color=red][b]"If you're going to yell crap like that in the middle of the street. I'd rather your dumbass do it in a private location. It'll be nice if I can go on living here without people realizing who the hell I am. I mean, the name change was a pain in the ass as it is.[/b][/color]

He glanced at Kei but then looked away, taking his pack of cigs off the table top.

[color=red][b]"If it'll shut you up, come here whenever you want to yell at me. But I refuse to bring up any more of the damned past, you hear me brat? Why the hell do you want to stay friends anyway? It's not like it'll make a difference."[/b][/color]

He got up and walked up the little steps and over to his balcony, stepping outside and lighting his cig, taking in a long drag to relax himself. He didn't smoke, but he did whenever he felt too overwhelmed or too pissed to focus. The cigs were more, just there whenever he really wanted one.

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[u][i]Testera House Hold     
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
Taku breathed a laugh to himself, of course, were Kei was he couldn't hear it. Itching the side of his nose, he pulled the cig from his lips.

[color=red][b]"How about, you try killing a man and then tell me how you'd feel and act after."[/b][/color]

He stared at the sky, a few clouds rolled in and started to cover the now night blue sky. The air started to feel a bit chilled, but it seemed to relax Taku more. He licked his lips and rubbed his thumb on the filter of the cig. Only having took a few puffs, he smashed it and tossed it into the trash that was on the balcony. Coming back in his washed his hands and swished mouthwash in his mouth.

[color=red][b]"If I let you down so much, why bother? It's not like I am going to change overnight, or just because you want it. It's who I am now."[/b][/color]

He walked over to where Kei was and plopped down on the bed, sitting at the edge.

[color=red][b]"Waiting for things, isn't always such a good thing.[/b]][/color]

Staring at the glass around the bathroom, he started to glare just remembering things. He waited to see Kei too. Even if they weren't going to be friends, even if he were to be hated by Kei. He still waited for the day to see him. It would have been better if he were hated. Yelled at for doing such a terrible thing. Smacked or punched. Something. Something for the wrong he had done, anything.

Everything just felt like it was piling up higher and higher to the point, it has become a solid wall that he can't break down. No matter how hard he punches or yells at it. It won't tumble down. Kei would be the little sun that he'd get to see peek over the wall and fade away. Sometimes he'd see Kei reach out to him, other times he'd smile and ask Taku what he is doing over there.

Those were just dreams, though. In reality, Kei wasn't there, for nine years. How could he have been? They were the ones who had left all the mess behind.

~Dinggggg Doooong~

Taku looked up at his door.

[color=red][b]"Probably my mom. You can either stay or leave, up to you. The T.V and computer work so, do whatever you like. I'll be back. If she knew you were here, she'd want you to stay for dinner. So you should get comfy. Or just come and say hi."[/b][/color]

He got up and left his door open for Kei to make up his mind. Walking down the steps he paused at the near end. His mom danced her way inside the house and waved at Taku.

[b]"Takki Chan! You're back! I thought something happened to you! So I went out and got you a Cell. Next time let me know!"[/b]

She pouted and handed him the cell phone. It already had her cell and the house number as the first two on his list. Then there was a number on the list he wanted no part of.

[color=red][b]"Why's his number there?"[/b][/color]

Taku nearly growled the words as he was just to deleted it.

[b]"If you delete it, I will grow you Takumi Testera!"[/b]

[color=red][b]"Old hag."[/b][/color]

He muttered to himself, leaving the phone at the coffee table in the living room. Like he'd ever use it.

[color=red][b]"Erm, mom. Yamamoto, is here."[/b][/color]


She asked while getting out things for dinner.

[color=red][b]"Keiji, mom."[/b][/color]

He said it slowly to her as if she were stupid. So she reached over and whacked him on the head with a wooden spoon.

[b]"I will beat you, boy! Oh, KeKe-Chan! The little boy you thought was a girl! Aw how cute! I remember him, he was so shy and every time I saw him I couldn't help but cuddle him. Is he still small and cute? He always had such pretty eyes."[/b]

[color=red][b]"You can judge that, but yeah, still short. Bean sprout."[/b][/color] 

[b]"Tell him he's staying to chow down with us! I'm making cheese bread with tomato sauce!"[/b]

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[u][i]Testera House Hold     
Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
[color=red][b]"That damn old hag!"[/b][/color] He hit his hand against the door as he took it and closed it shut. For a moment, he had forgot that Kei was there, because when he looked to see him, he almost felt ashamed.

[color=red][b]"So you stayed. Beware of the witch.[/b][/color]

He took his phone and chucked it onto the desktop to where his computer was.

[color=red][b]"Don't even know why I have to carry that around now."[/b][/color]

He looked up at his two computer screens that were bolted into the wall. One of them were flashing red and the other show blue letters and numbers on the screen. Ignoring it, he shut them off and grabbed the t.v remote. Walking over to Kei he handed it to him.

[color=red][b]"It'll be a while, if it's too late, you can stay over. Besides, it's going to snow and the roads are bad. As much as we are in a tight spot. I rather not have another death on my hands."[/b][/color]

He started to unbutton his shirt. Hitting a few numbers on the wall, the glass window walls turned tended black, now showing a thing through it.

[color=red][b]"You can bathe with me or after, up to you. Everything easy to figure out. Clothes that will fit you are most likely on the bottom drawer. Shorts and Shirts."[/b][/color]

He sighed and slipped off his shirt. There were scars on his back from when he was little, that night he pushed the kid off into a train. The sparks from the train stopping ended up getting Taku as he protected Kei. The scars were like purple-ish burnt marks that lifted up like an explosion on his back. A few of them were blackish blue that were at the bottom half of his back, the closer it got to his neck, it faded. It wasn't that bad, just lightly tented on his back, almost like a faded tattoo.

Lifting his arm, his back shifted and he popped his shoulder. The worst was going to happen. Water hurts and laying on his back too long always seems to bother him. It seems after the accident, he had his skin burn off and now his back nerves are exposed in some areas.

Opening the drawer he pointed to them.

[color=red][b]"My stuff is here. Find anything. I'll be out soon."[/b][/color]

It's been so long, he had nearly forgotten that he had scars in the first place. So standing there shirtless while Kei was in the room, he paid no mind to it. It also was probably Kei's first time seeing them. During the accident, Taku so used to being hit that the burn marks didn't hurt and he was so high on adrenaline he didn't notice it, until after.

Taking a town from the drawer closest to the bathroom, he walked in and shut the door leaving it cracked slightly, he wasn't use to closing it at all. After all it was only him and his mother for a long time, even in the other house, they had no closed doors or locked ones.

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Yamaguchi, Japan[/i][/u][/size][/right][/center]
After the shower, to Taku, it was no surprise that he didn't find Kei still there. If it were him, he'd do the same. Truthfully, though, he has done the same with a few woman in the past. But Kei wasn't a woman, no was he really a friend anymore. It was only natural that he left, especially after what happened in the past. He was probably too scared to stay. Breathing a soft laugh, he dried his hair after slipping on a shirt and PJ pants. Resting the towel on his head he headed downstairs. During that time, he'd made up his mind. His mind to cut all ties to his past was best.

[color=red][b]"Ah, right mom, Yamamoto had to go. Sorry about that. Also, if you could, if he ever comes here, tell him to just go back home."[/b][/color]

He reached over her and put away the third plate that she had just taken out. She looked at him confused.

[b]"Why would you want me to do that? I thought you were friends."[/b]

Taku smiled, but it wasn't happy or mad one. He just smiled softly.

[color=red][b]"Things change. I think the only way for everything to get better, we are just going to have to let go of the past. Right? Isn't that what you've told me before?"[/b][/color]

She pressed her lips together as she looked at him. She wasn't sure whether or not she should be happy that he remembered what she said or lecture him on how he is just giving up. She took a deep breath and patted his chest.

[b]"Ok Takki. I'll let you handle things your own way. After all, who am I to keep babying you forever, yeah?"[/b]

She took the plates and dinner was quite apart from the T.V show that his mom always recorded and watched while she ate or found the time.

The next day at school, Rivera and Daves were waiting for Taku at the gate. Rivera smiled with a hand on his hip and Daves leaned against the gate with his eyes closed as if he were trying to hear everything around him, or well mostly just listen to Rivera talk nonstop.

[b]"You look like shit today Takumi. Did you sleep at all?"[/b]

Rivera checked his forehead and laughed as Taku pushed his hand away.

[b]Don't be such a sour sport! You'll never get laid that way."[/b]

Taku smirked and walked past them as they followed.

[color=red][b]"Getting laid isn't my problem. It's this town."[/b][/color]

[b]"This town and then some."[/b]

Daves mumbled as he switched to his indoor shoes. Rivera laughed and did the same.

[b]"Yeah no kidding. I'm sick of how everyone is in everyone's business. Makes me sick. Oh yeah! Takumi, want to join Daves and I after school? It's a gōkon."[/b]

Rivera threw his arm over Daves as they all walked to class.

[color=red][b]"Sure I guess I could, but I won't make it until maybe an hour after school. I have something to do."[/b][/color]

Rivera cheered as Daves moved out of the way to sit down away from Rivera's flying hands up in the air.

[b]"That's perfect! Awesome. We thought you were going to say hell no. Haha."[/b]

He sat down too and started to text a bunch of people or so it seemed that way. Taku took his seat a little after they did, but said nothing more after that. His mind did flutter about, though. He was going to stop by the train tracks where the 'accident' took place. To end everything and leave it all behind.


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