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Fractured Fairytales: Reawaken

Fractured Fairytales: Reawaken

An alt. universe involving famous Disney couples where their world is taken over by an evil enchantress when they are young. Brainwashed, the guys serve the enchantress and the girls are banished to Earth.

1817 readers have visited this universe since Zodia195 created it.
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In the world of Arendelle, there were many kingdoms ruled by good kings and queens. Each had either a prince or a princess. The princes and princesses all knew each other, but one day their whole world would change. When they were still very young (the princesses were ages from 3 to 6 and the princes were 8 to 11) an evil enchantress infiltrated the birthday party of one of the princes and killed all of the rulers and captured their children. She brainwashes all of the children before banishing the princesses to Earth and taking in the princes as her servants. Over the years she acquired the lands of the other kingdoms using her dark magic. Rebels have tried overthrowing her, but to no avail.

Meanwhile the princesses are adopted on Earth. With no memory of their original home, the princesses live out normal lives while the princes grow up being loyal to the Enchantress, who is now the new Queen of Arendelle. The only reminder the girls have of their home are pendents they wear and are never parted from them.

Years pass and the princesses are now attending High School. All currently go to the same High school too in modern times of the USA. All the princes and princesses have aliases, without knowledge of their real names. Soon though the princesses will start remembering Arendelle and will be summoned by the Good Sorceress, who is the Evil Enchantress's sister. The sorceress knows that the princesses are destined to unite with the princes and defeat her sister. And she'll do that with just a little bit of magic.


The princes are currently serving the Queen's bidding. It'll be up to ya'll to decide what their duties are. They can be a member of the royal guard, to an assassin, to anything you want. However all of them do report to the Queen at some point when she summons them. The queen herself hasn't age a day or at least hasn't appeared to have age. She uses dark magic make sure of that by having young ladies executed for any means. The princes have no memories of being royal and all believe they have served the queen all their lives.

The Good Sorceress is making preparations to unlocks the memories of the princesses. They are currently living out normal high school lives. The pendents they have are all precious stones that they wear as necklaces. Each is different and unique.


Note- Players can change their face claims, but only with my permission. Will add more couples if necessary, all current cast must be taken up first.

Name: Ivelda Evers -Role: The Evil Enchantress - Status: Taken by Zodia195 - Age: 35 but appears to be in mid to late 20s - Face Claim- Helena Bonham Carter

Name: Lilith Evers - Role: The Good Sorceress- Status: Taken by Nations - Age: 30 - Face Claim- Rachel McAdams

Alias: Jewel Malum - Real Name: Isabella Weldeck - Role: Snow White - Status: Taken by SerenityKMoon - Age: 18 - Face Claim: India Eisley - Pendent: Ruby

Alias: Aaron Wells - Real Name: Parker Remington - Role: Prince Florien - Status: Taken by the GM, Zodia195 (Still open for others) - Age: 22 - Face Claim: Tom Welling

Alias: (Name they have on Earth) - Real Name: (Birth name on Arendelle) - Role: Cinderella - Status: Open - Age: (15-18) - Face Claim: Britt Robertson- Pendent: Labradorite

Alias: Christopher Gordon - Real Name: Louis Perrault - Role: Prince Charming - Status: Taken by the GM, Zodia195 (Still open for others) - Age: 23 - Face Claim: Brant Daugherty

Alias: Dawn Henderson - Real Name: Alysia Givens - Role: Aurora - Status: Taken by Zodia195 - Age: 16 - Face Claim: Dove Cameron - Pendent: Opal

Alias: (Name they have on Earth) - Real Name: (Birth name on Arendelle) - Role: Prince Phillip - Status: Open - Age: (20-23) - Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer

Alias: Meghan Karnes - Real Name: Caroline Lewis - Role: Alice - Status: Taken by the GM, Zodia195 (Still open for others) - Age: 17 - Face Claim: Chloe Grace Moretz - Pendent: Citrine

Alias: (Name they have on Earth) - Real Name: (Birth name on Arendelle) - Role: Mad Hatter - Status: Open - Age: (20-23) - Face Claim: Cameron Monaghan

Alias: Summer Rosewood - Real Name: Ariel Trident - Role: Ariel - Status: Taken by Butterfly Effect - Age: 18 - Face Claim: Rose Leslie - Pendent: Pearl

Alias: Frederik Nielsen - Real Name: Eric Florien - Role: Prince Eric - Status: Taken by Nations - Age: 21 - Face Claim: Cesar Casier

Alias: Francesca Rowlers - Real Name: Renee Mercier - Role: Belle - Status: Taken by Nations - Age: 18 - Face Claim: Hailee Steinfeld - Pendent: Rose Quartz

Alias: Carter Mason - Real Name: Nathaniel Jameson - Role: The Beast/ Prince Adam - Status: Taken by Zodia195 - Age: 21 - Face Claim: Colton Haynes

Alias: Zaida Nejem - Real Name: Farah El-Hashem - Role: Jasmine - Status: Taken by the GM, Zodia195, but still open to others - Age: 15 - Face Claim: Rhea Chakraborty - Pendent: Aquamarine

Alias: (Name they have on Earth) - Real Name: (Birth name on Arendelle) - Role: Aladdin - Status: Open - Age: (20-23) - Face Claim: Avan Jogia

Alias: Evelyn Henriette Liu - Real Name: Qiang Junxin - Role: Mulan- Status: Taken by Korruption - Age: 15 - Face Claim: Lana Condor - Pendent: Jade

Alias: Tai Du - Real Name: Jian Zhao - Role: Li Shang - Status: Taken by the GM, Zodia195 (but anyone can still have him) - Age: 21 - Face Claim: Godfrey Gao


Name: [Real name here for Princes and Princesses]
[insert image here]
Alias: [if necessary]
Face Claim:
Pendent: [Princesses only]


Note- I did get permission of the original creator to revamp this RPG. Thanks RPGNerdette.

1. Please follow the rules of the site.
2. Please reserve your character first before creating a profile. There won't be a time limit creating the character, but please try to create it in a timely fashion. I'll be contacting you within a week if nothing is up yet. I'll accept WIPs (Works in Progress).
3. You can reserve any character now and have any number of characters. However, if you can't keep up with them, let me know please and drop the character so someone else may pick that character up.
4. Please respect me and your fellow players.
5. No godmodding. I reserve the right to auto characters if need be.
6. No word limit, but please practice proper grammar. Having gotten writer's block, I know it can be hard to write long posts.
7. Try to post in a timely fashion. If you have real life issues coming up, let me know privately or on the main OOC forum. Inactivity for long lengths of time will result in me kicking you out, but I will give you one warning.
8. If by any chance we lose players, I'll ask those who are active to take up the character(s) that have been left behind or try and fine more players.
9. Try to be active in the OOC forum. I'll be giving updates there and there will be plot discussion there.
10. Most importantly, have fun. If you have read the rules, tell me your favorite Disney movie in your reservation.

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Character Portrait: Alysia Givens Role of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jameson Prince Adam aka the Beast from Beauty and the Beast
Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Evil Enchantress, Current Queen of Arendelle
Character Portrait: Qiang Junxin no matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.
Character Portrait: Renee Mercier "a reader lives a thousand times before he dies" - george r.r. martin
Character Portrait: Eric Florien
Eric Florien played by nations
"the cure for everything is salt water -- sweat, tears, or the sea." - isak dinesen
Character Portrait: Lilith Evers
Lilith Evers played by nations
the good sorceress
Character Portrait: Parker Remington Prince Florien
Character Portrait: Jian Zhao
Jian Zhao played by Zodia195
Shang Li role
Character Portrait: Caroline Lewis Alice Role
Character Portrait: Louis Perrault Prince Charming from Cinderella
Character Portrait: Jewel Malum Snow White, no dwarfs.
Character Portrait: Farah El-Hashem Princess Jasmine role

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Earth by Zodia195

Place the princesses were banished to.


Arendelle by Zodia195

Place the Evil Enchantress rules

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#0608a1 for talking. #6d6fff for thoughts. #ff6c6c for intruding thoughts.

Her gaze flickered to each of the girls crowded around her. They all seemed to know each other, possibly good friends, always having grown up together. There was a cliche at work, she knew that, but just as she was eying the pendants, Francesca answered her. Her attention moved back to the girl, and she nodded with a smile at the thanks she was given for the tarts. "It wasn't a problem and it was nice to use the new kitchen since we just moved in. We've been basically living on pizza the last few nights." She laughed at the thought, her mind filling with memories of her mother - the woman who had cooked every single night her entire life - completely worn out, draped dramatically over the counter as she gave into the pizza ordering. She had sworn it would be the first and last time in this town they'd do it.

Then they ordered out twice more.

At the mention of handing out the tarts with the awards, Jewel's cheeks prickled with heat and color as pale flesh turned a vibrant crimson. Of course she didn't have to, no. But.... Had her tarts earned such a reputation all the way to this tiny town? The thought was humbling and confidence surged through Jewel. It was an instant change, her posture straightened, a smile spread and her eyes glittered with excitement. "That could be fun. I never thought of my tarts as part of winnings, but I appreciate the compliment quite a bit! I've spent the last three years perfecting them. I'd love to."

What once started out as a shy girl, was now a babbling mess all over baking. It didn't take long for Jewel to catch herself and she silenced, laughing a bit and blaming pastry being her life for the reason of over excitement. It was then a light flicked on in her mind and she looked at the group around her. "I made quite a few tarts, more than there are winners. Would you like to try one?" Her head canted to the side, fingers ready to pry the plastic lid off of the top if anyone wanted one.

IF someone would want to take a tart, she would smile and introduce herself first before grasping the edge of the plastic lid and tugging back. As soon as the lid was slid back, the scent of fresh apples, cinnamon and a buttery crust filled the air around her. Almost magical it seemed. Each tart was individually wrapped in a wax paper package, a beautiful red ribbon tied around the middle while an apple shaped sticker sealed it on the back. With each person around her that had wanted one, she'd close the lid and wait for them to try. It was nerve wracking to wait to see if the people around her would enjoy her tarts as much as most did and she reached up without thinking to touch her pendant.

(Sorry for tagging a few extra. Not sure how to remove them from my characters present area)


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Dawn Henderson
Text Color- #4D4DFF

Zaida Nejem
Text Color- #008B8B

Dawn was happy to see the Oriental looking girl find her friend. And was relieved when Francesca helped out the new girl Jewel. She was pleasantly surprised with the girl's transformation from being shy to outgoing. Well, why Dawn wasn't shy, she certainly wasn't all that talkative either. She just sometimes would prefer watching others and only said something when she felt the need to. She tried one of the tarts. They were really good.

"Mmmm, these are really good. You have a talent for it." she told Jewel.

It was at this moment that Zaida showed up. She had already won a few prizes and now was just exploring the entire grounds. She sees several girls, include someone she knew, Evelyn Liu. Well, they were acquaintances at best. They just had a few classes together since both were the same age and Oakwood's school system wasn't big, it recently reached 3A a few years ago. She didn't know what drew her towards their direction, but she did see someone offering free foot. It was a good thing Zaida had high metabolism, for she had a huge sugar tooth.

"Hi, are these for free?" she asked.

Dawn turn towards the new arrival and recognized her for being on the Freshmen volleyball team. She couldn't remember her name though.

"Well, most of them are for the winners of the talent contest, but I think there's enough for several more I think, right Jewel?" Dawn asked the girl.


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Mrs. Denvia eyed Meghan for a few moments before she stated "Ok..just don't break anything... I'm trusting you to watch your friend Miss Rosewood..."

With that Mrs. Denvia left leaving the tent to Meghan and Summer. As soon as Mrs. Denvia was out of earshot Summer whispered "And that is why we swim girl call her the old sea witch..." Summer sighed. "Sorry i didn't warn you"

Summer quickly got dressed in her Pirate get up and as soon as Meghan was ready the two headed out. The gig was pretty simple just act like a pirate and try to lure in money for the swim team.

Lucky for Meghan she was known now as Summer's friend which made her pretty much the whole teams friend at least for tonight..

As things died down the swim team and their stowaway where dismissed just in time for the big closing show. "Your heading to the show right?" Aaron asked as Summer and Meghan came out of the tent.

"Wouldn't miss it." answered Summer who then turned to Meghan "You can come with us if you want."

"Yeah Meghan you're Piratey enough to hang with us" Aaron added with a playful grin.

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