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Fractured Fairytales: Reawaken


a part of Fractured Fairytales: Reawaken, by Zodia195.

Place the Evil Enchantress rules

Zodia195 holds sovereignty over Arendelle, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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no link available, but this based on a previous rpg. original was closed unfortunately.

Arendelle is a part of Fractured Fairytales: Reawaken.

There are no Places in Arendelle.

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This land used to be divided up into multiple kingdoms, but ever since the Evil Enchantress took over, it's become one kingdom.


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In the kingdom of Arendelle, Queen Ivelda ruled. And she ruled it with with an iron fist for the past 11 years. Very few would ever raise their voice against so, in fear of retaliation for the queen had eyes and ears everywhere. Rebels had tried overthrowing her over the years but were always dealt with.

The central region of Arendelle was where the queen lived. Looking at her now one wouldn't think she was an evil enchantress. She was in her private quarters at the moment admiring herself through a floor length mirror.

"Beautiful. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful before?" Ivelda said, eying one of her servants from the reflection.

That person was her personal bodyguard, Aaron Wells. The dark brunette looked at her with his faded hazel eyes and replied blandly, "You are the fairest in the land my queen."

"Oh aren't you the sweetest, Aaron! Now as much as I'd love to admire myself, duty calls. Christopher is right outside my room, can you summon him please?" the queen asked, referring to her butler.

Nodding, Aaron went to the door and opened it to that the butler was there.

"Her majesty requires your attendance." he said simply.

Inwardly, Christopher Gordon groaned, but kept his expression as emotionless as Aaron's. Entering the room, he immediately bowed.

"You summon me your majesty?" he asked.

"Indeed. I shall be busy with something important today, but that means I'll have to miss today's execution. Have another servant go fetch Lord Carter since I can't be there. Oh and while you're at it, make sure that Damon is ready for today's execution. Hopefully he's awake by this time." Ivelda requested.

"Anything else, your majesty?" he asked.

Ivelda thought for a few minutes and nodded, "Yes. Have Captain Tai meet me in the main audience chamber. That is all Christopher, you are dismissed. You can return to your regular duties after doing these."

Nodding, Christopher left the room and first went to the stables before having a messenger fetch Carter, who was one of few who lived outside the castle that directly serve the queen.

The man himself eating breakfast in his manor house when the messenger arrived and informed him of his duty. Carter frowned but acknowledged it.

"I'll be there within the hour." he replied.

Her personally hated executions. They were probably the worst part of his job as the Queen's emissary. It took all of his control to never unleash the beast hidden within him. However, an order was an order. Finishing his breakfast, he got ready to leave for the palace.

During this time, Christopher went to go summon Captain Tai, who was inspecting his soldiers. The oriental looking man was in the middle of his duty when he got his summons. Normally he hated being interrupted, but since this was the queen, he hid his irritation.

"Very well. I'll head there immediately. Franz, continue inspection. I'll be back." he told his 2nd-in-command before leaving.

Christopher had deliberately decided to seek out Damon last. The man was a nutcase in his opinion and didn't like interacting with him at all. Since executions were a common thing, the executioner was required to live within the castle. Reaching Damon's quarters, Christopher knocks on the door.


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Madison Madoc

Damon Gilroy
Damon was in a daze when there came a knock on his door. "Oh, no, no, no, no, NO," he mumbled, at first, but snapped so loud at the end that it echoed within his nearly empty chambers. "What's...the password?" he half hissed, half drawled from where he hung upside down in front of the door. "What comes down, but never goes up?"

After a few seconds to solve the riddle, Damon swung his cane at the door a few times to get it to open without coming down from the bar where he hung. His face was as dreary as the dank room he lived in, eyes dull and sunken, as he looked at Cristopher - though not really at him, more like past him, through him - like the man who stood before him was nothing but a mirage, a ghost, and he scarcely wanted to admit he was there. "Gordon, Gorgon, Gordon. How odd to see you. Here... Hmm. You haven't come for yourself, have you? How boring. Unless!" Damon's eyes lit up. "Oooh, you've come for her. And that means," a laugh built in his throat, "there must be an execution!"

Just like that, his entire demeanor changed. He did a back-flip off the bar he'd been hanging from, and thrust his arms out dramatically. A boisterous laugh bubbled from him, crashing into the walls and booming out the door. "Let the games begin!" he cheered, and practically skipped out into the corridor, whistling a toon from years ago.


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Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jameson Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Character Portrait: Jian Zhao Character Portrait: Madison Madoc Character Portrait: Louis Perrault
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Christopher shook his head at Damon's antics. A part of him couldn't help but wonder what caused him to be that way. None of the other of the Queen's 'men' acted like that. Seeing the executioner go to attend to his duties, Christopher went about his main chores for the time being until the Queen summoned him again.


Ivelda was on her thrown room watching all of her 'boys' through a magic hand mirror. This was how she kept her eyes on them when they weren't around. She laughed at Damon's behavior. He wasn't acting like a kid in a candy store. It amazed her how much she was able to change him once she broke his spirit. But she knew better then to relax her guard completely. Several times a year she reinforced her 'hold' on all the princes through her potions and mind control abilities. Only one of them did she do so the most, and he was standing right next to her. This being the castle that Aaron grown up in, she took extreme measures to make sure he couldn't remember a thing.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a servant announced that her captain of the guard had arrived.

"Excellent, let him in." she replied.

Captain Tai approached the thrown and immediately knelt.

"You summon me, your majesty?" he asked.

"Yes, Captain. I've just gotten word from Kenneth, that there seems to be another little uprising to the area south of us in Walson. It's not too much, but take a legion with you and take care of that please, after you inspect your troops of course."

"At once your majesty." Tai replied, leaving immediately.


Carter ended up riding his fastest horse to the castle, wanting to get the situation done and over with. Already he was on his way to the gallows where he knew the executioner would be. The man himself was an odd one for sure. When he got to the palace he had a servant take care of his horse before heading for his destination. No surprise, Damon was there already waiting for him.

"Good morning Damon, it seems the queen wants me to stand in for her today, so can we just get this done and over with please?"

This was a routine for him and he forced his emotions all the way down, hoping to be someone else at that moment.

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Damon grinned. "Adieu to you, Butt Butler." His face fell. "Oh, no, that's not right. Au revoir, cheerio, sayonara," he sang, spinning until he leapt toward Carter. "Howdy hey, bonjour Monsieur Mason; that's the one!" He stared at the Enchantress's stand in with wide, wild eyes for a few moments, and slowly tilted his head to one side. "Cheer up, little monster. It's execution day." He bopped him on the nose with one finger before skipping onto the gallows, one hand pulling his mask over his face while the other did jazz hands through the air. Whether or not the mask itself was scarier than the executioner's actual face was a matter of debate.


Kenneth stood in the back corner of the throne room, hidden amongst the shadows while the Enchantress went about her ruling. He'd ridden in during the night to bring his report after nearly a week infiltrating the south. In the time since, his mind once again wandered. His Queen's words floated through the air like background music, while his thoughts strayed to his family, and the nightmares that plagued him. Tonight, he decided; tonight, when he left to fulfill the Enchantress's latest assignment, he would investigate the recurring events of his worst dreams.


Abdul-Aziz woke with a start - though anyone watching would not have noticed. While his heart felt as though it was attempting to jump-rope right up his throat, on the outside, he merely opened his eyes. With a stiff back, he sat up and slid his feet to the cold, stone floor. He'd been dreaming about something... Something important, he thought, but he could no longer remember. When he close his eyes, he saw blood; and when he breathed, the air didn't smell like it belonged in his chambers within the Enchantress's castle. The more he focused on the familiar scene in his mind, the more it blurred, until finally it faded into nothingness and he was left as empty as the bare-bones room around him.

He dressed in a timely fashion, then strode toward the throne room with sure steps and a face of stone.

When he arrived, he knelt in front of his Queen, one arm propped across his bent knee and the other hand pressed to the ground. His dark eyes refused to focus, but he hung his head and looked toward her feet all the same. "Your Majesty," he greeted, and awaited his orders.