Ii'hmaDom Draegg Amon

"He who laughs last thinks slowest. He who thinks slowest dies quickest."

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Name: Dom Draegg Amon

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 162

Race: Djinn

Primary Deity: Mephisto

Secondary Deity: Skadi

Marks/Tattoos/Scars: His shoulder, chest, neck, back, and the right side of his face are covered in the elaborate black tattoos of a Djinni warrior.

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Dom, like most Djinni, is very tall and tan. His eyes are narrow slits, and his fingers end in wicked claws. As a warrior he is well built physically, and his chest, back, neck, shoulders, and the left side of his face all bear the tattoos of a Djinni warrior. Many scars from burns, blade, and beast mar his body. His hair is inky black and kept short, though most of it is usually hidden beneath an old, short, white turban he wears on his head, which is knotted in the back, and the tail hangs down to almost the middle of his back. A golden loop earring is worn in his left ear. He wears a thin leather breastplate and white cloth pants. His hands, wrists, and forearms are wrapped with bandages, and those are then hidden by thick leather gloves and cuffs with crystal spokes. A large leather belt with cloth attachments and tassels encircles his waist. His boots are steel and leather, and a long white bolt of cloth is wrapped around his neck and shoulder, hanging down to his knees like a cape. As a warrior he once wore the armor of the western army, but has never worn it since leaving service.


Personality: Dom is usually very quiet, and quite serious. He thinks logically like a warrior, and his mind is able to move quickly in the heat of battle. He prefers solitude to the company of others, which is one of the reasons he wanders alone. He trusts few people he does not know, and it takes quite a bit to earn his trust.


Two Large Steel Scimitars(sheathed on back of belt)
Battle Axe(single blade; carried on saddle)
Longbow and Quiver(both carried on saddle)
Steel Dagger(sheathed in right boot)
Leather Breastplate
Desert Horse


Dom was born in one of the many camps in the west to his father and mother Draegg and Liss'istara Amon. Because of his home, he was around an equal number of Saetesh and Djinni as he grew up. Life in the west was harsh and cruel, and Dom was working from a young age to help with crops and water, and fighting to keep the camp safe from animals. Luckily a combination of Saetesh and Djinni - two very powerful magical races - made it easy to turn away or kill the larger desert beasts. Dom began hunting at a young age, too. Livestock did not always bring in enough meat, so he joined the hunting parties in order to hone his skills with the bow and make himself more useful to the camp. He learned to value Skadi more than the other two deities as he found that he both enjoyed - and was quite good at - hunting. Life in his small, close-knit community made him appreciate that life was hard but taught him to be strong and to work with all those around him in order to achieve what must be done.

When Dom was fifteen a scout from Keep came to his camp, asking if any of the villagers wanted to join the western army. Dom sought counsel from his father and the village elder - and old Saetesh - and both encouraged him to take this step. He and six others from his camp left with the scout and traveled with him for a few days, going to a number of other camps. After the scout had covered as many camps in the area he could, he returned to Keep so that they could begin their training. He was trained further in combat with a sword, battle axe, and the longbow. At seventeen Dom received his tattoos, a sign of his acceptance into the western army. He participated in a number of battles and attacks on raiders as well as packs of wild animals that threatened camps and other cities.

Ten years after he was officially accepted into the army, Dom had the sudden urge to leave the service. Not knowing where exactly this urge came from, he could only interpret it as a sign or message from Mephisto or one of the other deities. And so, he resigned his position in the army and left. He was allowed to take a horse, provisions, clothing, and what money and weapons he had in payment for his years of service, and went off on his own - with absolutely no idea of what he was supposed to do next.

So begins...

Dom Draegg Amon's Story