Arhk'morinaFaust Szevn

"I was born under an evil star. Its nightly glow haunts my days; its iridescence, my nights."

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Name: Faust Szevn

Age: 25


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 155 lbs.

Race: Human

Primary Deity: Typhon

Secondary Deity: Cernunnos

Marks/Tattoos/Scars: A long scar on the right side of his face.

Description: His hair is jet black and unkempt, usually hanging down to his neck - though it is never too long. It hides the long, wicked scar reaching almost to the center of his right cheek. His eyes are an eery mix of silver and black, giving them a pale, dead look. His skin is lightly tanned, though paler than most humans'. At one time he wore the uniform of the army of Nalla, but now he wears the thick cloth, leather, and furs that humans in the north wear. His vest is thick leather, and he wears a fur coat wrapped around his chest, back, and shoulders. A large leather belt holds a battle hatchet on either side and a tomahawk on the back. A knee-length kilt of thick cloth hangs from his belt over leather pants tucked into knee-high leather boots. A dagger is sheathed on the side of each boot, and leather bracers cover bandaged forearms. His dual-bladed battle axe hangs on his back from a strap going diagonally across his chest.
Image (The one with the Scar)


Faust is mostly a silent person. He has a serious streak, but not like the Djinni or the Saetesh. Though he was trained as a soldier, and is not unfamiliar with combat, he does not enjoy violence or fighting. He believes that one should only fight to defend one's country or to kill those who would harm the innocent. He enjoys the solitude and wonders of nature, but prefers the cold and dark of the north. He never much cared for the heat of the west.



A double-edged Battle Axe
Two Battle Hatchets
Two Daggers
Pouch of Money and Dried Provisions


Faust was born in the east in the city Nalla. His father and mother were both career soldiers, as were many of his ancestors. He felt pressured to join the army, and did so in an attempt to keep from shaming his family. After years of training he eventually lost both his parents, and his whole life seemed to be filled with unfortunate events. Worried, he consulted a priest of Typhon who examined charts showing the positions of the stars throughout the years. The priest informed him that he had been born on the night of the year that an "evil star" shined brightest. He had been born under its power.

Faust - grief stricken over the fact that it was his fault his parents had died - fled Nalla and the east in shame. He went to the north and joined the crew of a langskip. A few years at sea helped him to deal with his grief, and hardened him even more than the training in Nalla had. In one particularly nasty fight with a crew of pirates he received a near-fatal wound to his face. He managed to survive - much to the surprise of the crew and himself. He stayed on the ship for another year before leaving, as he wanted to see more of the north than being on the langskip allowed.

So begins...

Faust Szevn's Story