Western ProvinceLucinda Zelpher

I shall invoke love from my diety's, bringing hope and fortune into the eyes of my people.

a character in “From Ashes”, as played by Lilikins

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Name: Lucinda Zelpher

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'6"


Race: Human

Primary Deity: Typhon

Secondary Deity: Mephisto

Marks/Tattoos/Scars: None

Description: Image

Lucinda, unlike most humans is unbelievably pale, due to hiding in the shade from the heat pulsing sun. Her large blue eyes sparkle at those among her. Lucinda's body is almost permanently embedded into the dark cloak her grandfather had given her, covering her pale figure so she didn't look as much as an outcast. Light brown curls dropped over her shoulders, the sun shimmering against them. Lucinda's dog, Kiba always accompanies her in her wanderings.


Lucinda is very obedient. As she was raised to respect everyone and everything regardless of the status. Her youth draws her to be gullible, not thinking anyone could do any wrong purposely. She thinks before speaking, speaking with kindness and sincerity. She loves contact, though tends to appear nervous at most social encounters.


A large staff, which was rumored to have been blessed by Typhon himself. The staff had been passed down in her family for numerous generations, her using it based upon her being the only available warrior in her family.
Pure white Stallion Horse named Tykie.
A thick patchy blanket used as a saddle.
Blessing rocks, said to bring luck and fortune, in her cloak pockets.
A small sack containing money and food.


Lucinda was born into a highly respected family who resided in the great city of Ellan'shik. Her father being a brilliant blacksmith, and her mother being a crafter, Lucinda had lived a very comfortable life. Though with her parents busy schedules, Lucinda spent a lot of time under the observation of her grandfather, Ramah. Ramah was a very well known respectable man around Ellan'shik, said to have mastered all the elements of magic. Knowledge conquered strength in her grandfather's eyes, him being said to have trained warriors in Nalla in the past. Ramah taught Lucinda the art of magic, teaching her to control the elements to her advantage, though using it for good.

When Lucinda reached the age of 16, her grandfather passed away from some unknown fever. Sorrow plastered over the city, but just like all deaths, it had soon been forgotten. Ramah's death had driven Lucinda to become a great sorceress, her dream being able to live in Nalla, serving the army. She wished to bring great honor to her family, just as her grandfather had. Though, her dream was far off. After her grandfather's death, her parents forced her to accompany them on their travels, for protection against road robbers. With this, she had not managed to find the time to advance her magic, for always being on the road, or helping the fellow towns people.

Three years after his death, Lucinda took a position as a city guardian. She protected the city from robbers and scam's, and aided the weak with blessings. Though, this life did not please her. Lucinda wanted more, she knew almost anyone could be a city guardian. With her abilities, she wished to help out more, in some way. She felt as if something larger was out there, something she could do to bring her family the same honor her grandfather had brought them, but what?

So begins...

Lucinda Zelpher's Story